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Pyke Build Guide by Axkuru

Support [11.7] 360k Support Pyke Guide

Support [11.7] 360k Support Pyke Guide

Updated on April 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axkuru Build Guide By Axkuru 1,836 Views 0 Comments
1,836 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Axkuru Pyke Build Guide By Axkuru Updated on April 20, 2021
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Runes: Normal Pyke rune

1 2 3 4
Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Most Common
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role Ranked #31 in
Support Role
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Champion Build Guide

[11.7] 360k Support Pyke Guide

By Axkuru
The Beginning

Hey my name is Axkuruand im a 360k+ Pyke
experience with Pyke to other ​Players who are either new to the game or new to the Champ.Im not a High Elo Pyke OTP so this Full Guide will most of the time aim to complete new Pyke Players who want to improve their mechanics or just want to learn the champ.
Pyke Skins
Pyke Passive

P: Gift of the Drowned Ones

Pyke's health cannot be improved except through growth (per level). Instead, he gains (7.145% bonus health) bonus attack damage.

Pyke also stores 10% (+0.25% per 1 lethality) of the damage he takes from enemy champions as Grey Health on his health bar, increased to 35% (+0.5% per 1 lethality) if there are two or more enemy champions nearby and up to a maximum of 80 (+8.0 per bonus attack damage), with an upper cap of 60% of his maximum health.

Pyke also converts his bonus health into bonus attack damage instead.

✦ When Pyke is unseen by enemies, he rapidly consumes his Grey Health to heal for the same amount.

Pyke Q

Q: Bone Skewer

✦ Tap: Pyke stabs and giving slowness to all enemies in front of him.

✦Hold: Pyke readies his harpoon and then throws it impailing the first enemy pulling them towards him.

Pyke W

W: Ghostwater Dive

Pyke enters camouflaged and gains increasing to his movement speed while using the ability.

Pyke can be seen by Control Ward
Pyke E

E: Phantom Undertow

Pyke dashes leaving behind himself as phantom when he drowned. After the short delay, the phantom comes back to Pyke, damaging and stunning enemies.
Pyke R

R: Death From Below

Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area, blinking to the enemy and executing them from a certain amount of health. If the enemies are not executed in the X area, they will take normal damage.

✦ If Pyke executes an enemy, the last ally to assist gains full kill gold, and Pyke's Ultimate can be used again for a short period of time.

Death from Below ignores shields.

Flash Flash: This Summoner Spell is a must have.

Ignite Ignite: Every Assasin takes Ignite with him also because you're a Support and your 2v2 is stronger.

Exhaust Exhaust Exhaust is a good pick for Champion who you play against who can burst you or especially your team.

Teleport Teleport: I ususally never take this but if you feel comfortable with a teleport roam to your top laner go for it.
Now this right here you see the most common ward place spots for Support Pyke.
The picture is showing you the Ward Spots for Both Team-Sides.
Last Words

Pyke is Riot's first "Support Assassin" in the true sense of the meaning.
Champions like Brand or Zyrawho already exist as Support Champions even by dealing an massive amount of damage in lane found without really supporting their team (shielding allies or healing them etc). Zyra and Brand are Champions who got designed to be mid but found their home in bot lane. Pyke is an absurdly fun champion to play and has so many mechanics to learn (Thats why he's a "easy to learn-hard to master Champ"). Pyke just has that incredible Playstyle no Champion really has in the game.

Good Pyke's will easily stand out with their incredible combo potential from using their Q/W/E to create picks the enemy team won't expect. Plus getting multi-kills is always an amazing feeling, and Pyke is designed to do so.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Axkuru
Axkuru Pyke Guide
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[11.7] 360k Support Pyke Guide

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