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Pantheon Build Guide by Ward The Sky

Top [11.8] Muramantheon, how to become a scaling hyper-carry

Top [11.8] Muramantheon, how to become a scaling hyper-carry

Updated on April 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ward The Sky Build Guide By Ward The Sky 5 4 3,983 Views 0 Comments
5 4 3,983 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ward The Sky Pantheon Build Guide By Ward The Sky Updated on April 22, 2021
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Runes: Standard Runes

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane Ranked #66 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.8] Muramantheon, how to become a scaling hyper-carry

By Ward The Sky
Intro to Muramantheon
Why Muramana you ask? Isn't BoRK better top lane or mid? What about Essence Reaver? If you are asking any of these questions then this build is for you. You enjoy pantheon, you like blowing up everyone, including tanks. Well this is how you do it and scale into a late game hyper carry.

Hyper carries in early seasons were champions like Jax or Irelia. They scaled so hard back then, that if the game went on past the 30 min mark, there was no stopping them. This build comes close to that status. Pantheon by default is not a hyper carry, does not scale well into late game, and usually falls off hard due to lackluster meta builds. I'm looking at you Sterak's.

So before you jump to conclusions and cry about meta items and why BoRK is so good vs tanks yata yata... Try this build in some normal games please, I want other pantheon player's to experience this level of power.

So you might wonder who I am or why I talk with confidence in this guide. I've played since late December of 2010. I picked up pantheon during the "Dominion Days" of league, a game mode which favors champs that can control capture points. Pantheon quickly became a favorite champion of mine since then.

At first I mained him in the jungle and reached Plat every season with it. Until his re-work and rito decided to absolutely gut jungle panth. So I was forced back into my other favorite role, top lane. Pantheon top lane is very similar to panth mid lane. You can tell this by his meta builds being nearly identical for both roles. So this guide is for both top and mid. I don't list any mid matchups, because I'm mostly top.

I peaked at Plat 2 with old pantheon top and jungle, have 1.864.877 mastery on him, almost at the 2 Mil club, and enjoy him top lane since his very first kit in earlier seasons. Since then I fell out of Platinum due to his horrendous re-work. It took me a long time to adapt to this new champion and at times I felt hopeless with my favorite champ.

Fast forward to Season 11, holy smokes time flys, now I had to re-learn everything I once knew and had down to muscle memory. Not being able to execute enemies with my passive really messed with my head. But now I'm starting to get my groove back. Muramana has saved this champion for me. It gives me a taste of old panth which I miss very much. It provides that one-shot burst and raw damage that I crave. I've played nearly every single possible item build on this champion, from full tank to support to even full AP and crit, EVERYTHING lol.

Then I came across a user on the pantheonmains sub reddit. SoupRyze. He inspired me with his item theory and I tried them in game. Out of 18 games I played, I won 16 and lost 2 with this build. I feel I can carry again, even late game vs tanks and OP assassins. I credit and thank SoupRyze for the idea to this build, but I put some of my own spin on it as well.

If you're willing to try something new, and want to carry your games as Pantheon, I suggest you give this a try. I'm sorry if you get addicted to the build like I have. The meta build doesn't allow for this kind of power sadly, which leads many to think Pantheon is past his glory days. But I am convinced otherwise now. Good luck and have fun out there!
Summoner Spells
Flash is a must have on most champs, so yeah. Ignite works well with panth because he already has a teleport with his R, so we can cheat and go more damage here.
Standard Full Build Runes:
Conqueror is great vs juggernauts and many more top lane. If you're going mid, maybe go PTA vs a squishier enemy team. Conq also gives ramping AD the more stacks you have, that's the main reason why it is superior in most cases, not for the heal.

Triumph is one of the best runes in the game, we don't need PoM because we have Muramana. Alacrity helps win 1v1s a lot. If you want Tenacity, go for it, I'm not a huge fan of it though. If the enemy has heavy CC, just get Mercs, no need for more Tenacity here.

Finally Cut the Grass is last, you could opt for Last Stand, but since we are focusing on that burst potential, we go the latter. As for the Domination tree, we really don't need more utility with free potions and all that junk. Instead going for Sudden Impact to be a bit stronger vs tanks and everything else makes more sense. Ravenous healing via Omnivamp + Eclipse is a very strong sustain combo we cannot pass up.

Lastly go double damage and your choice of either Armor or Magic Resist based on the matchup.

For the Ultimate Build Runes, click on Page 2 of the Runes tab. Pretty much the same as above with Conq tree (can also go PTA). But now instead of Domination secondary, we take Sorcery with Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm. This allows us to just stack even more raw damage and helps scale into late even more.

Note: You can use the Electrocute Runes as well, or your own preference, Muramana allows more creative freedom than most builds do imo. The damage from the items will work with multiple Rune pages and still be viable to your playstyle.
Skill Order
Standard stuff here. Spear at level one > Shield Vault. You're not a support, you shouldn't take W first. We are focusing on poke/burst so Spear is must have early game. Remember to Q tap more instead of Q throw, due to the tap being a much lower CD than the throw. Also great for farming and stacking Tear.
Starting Items
We start Tear of the Goddess + 2 Health Potions. First item Tear allows you to harass the enemy constantly, and also farm more easily with tapping your Q on minions for last hits. You also fully stack tear by the time you have the gold to purchase Muramana.

Mid game when are you able to purchase Far Sight vision at level 9, do so. Now this is preference but Far Sight combos with Panth's R imo. So it's a no-brainer and provides far vision as the name implies.
Full Build Path
Rush Eclipse, then T1 boots, followed by Muramana. By the time you purchase Manamune, it'll be fully stacked at 360 bonus mana already. So you get an insane 2 item power spike that out rivals most other champion's powerspikes.

Next decide on your choice of boots, Ninja Tabi's or Mercs are the only two options here. The build lacks Tenacity, but makes up for it with extreme burst damage, so not going Mercs isn't the end of the world. Guardian Angel is next because it flows with Panth's kit perfectly and provides more aggressive gameplay via tower dives and more reckless R's into team fights without much worry while it's active is up.

EoN is built now, it provides one of the best utility spell shields in the game. Especially as Pantheon, when you ult into a fight you aren't immediately CC'd hard. Serpent's Fang is our last item in the build. It destroys the current shield meta we are experiencing: Shieldbow, champion abilities, supports, mountain dragon soul, etc..

Lastly at either a full build or right before you finish up Serpent's Fang, you should always buy an Elixir of Wrath while you can. Buying this before a Baron fight is essential, if your team gets Baron buff, you could also recall and buy this elixir for even more of an advantage and secured victory.

If the game persists a very long time or you are super fed, it's a very good idea to actually sell boots for Youmuu's Ghostblade. It gives some movespeed back with its passive and active, so it benefits very well in that aspect. As well as spiking your Eclipse passive to 20% bonus armor pen instead of 16%. You will literally one shot everyone, tanks will still get mega bursted down by your abilities.
Ultimate 1-Shot Build
For those who like to live on the wild side. Click on Page 2 of the Runes tab to view its specific Runes. This build is super fun and very satisfying once you get your 3rd item (Serylda's Grudge). You will basically 100-0 any carry you want to when you want to. In team fights, your goal is to take out the enemy ADC and Mid laner first. Since we literally delete them from the game the fastest.

This build makes more sense Mid lane, however, if you get good (pun intended) you can try it Top lane. Some people will argue that it's too squishy for Top, but this isn't bruiser panth. My response to that is what about Fiora, she can literally go full AD Top and nobody cares? If a build works for you and you carry with it, people won't really question it much, because they enjoy being on the winning team.

Most importantly, have fun with it. A lot of times I feel like I'm cheating using this in games, but I also cannot stop laughing at how ridonkulous the DPS is.
Not the snack but still just as tasty, these are how you use your abilities to their full potential.

4 Fury W > Empowered Q Tap - This is used mostly in early game as an easy harass and back off tool. You should immediately run away after you Q tap and go back to farming after it.

4 Fury W > Empowered Q Tap > E, E Slam - Same thing as the above combo, but this adds the E shield to prevent any incoming damage and a quick E slam by reactivating it. This is used if you're against an enemy that is either a bigger threat than most or for playing safer early game. The downside is E shield has a long CD, generally you want to save E for escapes.

Empowered W > Q Tap > Auto > E, E Slam > Auto > Emp Q Tap for the kill - This takes a little practice but generally is easy to pull off. Full 5 stack W stun an enemy and do this combo. Watch their HP bar disappear and grab a free kill. This is panth's strongest combo and is best used either on a carry or an enemy that you poked down a bit prior to using.

Tip: If you're being ganked, try to get an Empowered E shield and reactivate it to gain bonus movespeed to run away safely. You can also hop to an enemy minion with W as a form of escape/chase as well.

These are the super basic combo's, there are more and maybe I'll add them over time. But they are kind of self explanatory tbh. If you play enough of Panth, you will figure them out on your own. Such as using an empowered E shield at the end of a combo to gain movespeed in a team fight, etc..
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ward The Sky
Ward The Sky Pantheon Guide
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[11.8] Muramantheon, how to become a scaling hyper-carry

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