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Udyr Build Guide by ChaseMorePlz

Jungle (12.15) This Udyr DOES NOT FLINCH! GODYR Jungle Guide (S12)

Jungle (12.15) This Udyr DOES NOT FLINCH! GODYR Jungle Guide (S12)

Updated on August 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseMorePlz Build Guide By ChaseMorePlz 448 61 5,215,521 Views 29 Comments
448 61 5,215,521 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseMorePlz Udyr Build Guide By ChaseMorePlz Updated on August 19, 2022
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Runes: My current go-to setup!

Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Great summoners for avoiding death
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order You don't need turtle stance !

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

(12.15) This Udyr DOES NOT FLINCH! GODYR Jungle Guide (S12)

By ChaseMorePlz
Introduction: The Ultimate Udyr Guide
Hello everyone! Today you will learn how to dominate and destroy your opponents inside and out of the jungle with Udyr. I'm an experienced Platinum II Udyr main with over 1,000 ranked games and 1.2m+ mastery points on this champion known as Black Halo. I have been playing Udyr for a very long time now (Season 4), and he's a very fun and strong champion to pick up! After soaking up the knowledge in this guide & learning how to build situation-ally, you will gain elo and carry games! (A lot of build information is in the notes) I have also created a variety of YouTube videos explaining how I play Udyr and theorycraft builds when you get tired of reading haha!
Very Informative, Enjoy :)
Runes Reforged! SEASON 10 Is Upon US :D

Season 10 Udyr


Runes Reforged

has caused a lot of champions do a significant amount of increased damage compared to the previous season. Due to the fact that the Preseason is upon us, I have crafted some NEW GODYR Runes In order to carry teams in Solo Queue! RAIDBOSS STATUS! I recommend the Precision tree as a primary and the Sorcery tree as a secondary option when maxing Wilding Claw first. When you're ahead this is a good build to snowball your lead further and scale. For the record, I prefer Wilding Claw over Wingborne Storm for PreSeason 10 and I think they are both viable options to the max. My builds will be most up to date on my Youtube videos!

So there's even more information on how I play with these builds, matchups & insight that will help you improve in your own Ranked games below~!



So there's even more information on how I play with these builds, matchups & insight that will help you improve in your own Ranked games below~!





Udyr is great at invading solo, especially when compared to other junglers. Focus on learning how to gank by identifying your win condition early on in the game.
/league-of-legends/reforged-rune/aftershock-12 Subscribe to my channel if you're interested in daily Udyr videos! Combining this guide with these videos will help you tremendously learning how to play and win games with Udyr! :)
Ability Explanation!

All abilities cost the same amount of mana and have the same base cooldown. Keeping this in mind, knowing what stances to use at what times, and managing your mana AND stance cooldowns are all key to playing Udyr effectively. Learning how to switch stances is also important. Of course knowing what your passive and abilities do helps learn as well, soo that's what's below :)

Monkey's Agility

Passive: Udyr can level any ability at any time, and they all have active and persistent effects. Using an ability prevents him from using another for 2 seconds. Udyr gains movement speed and bonus attack speed for 5 seconds every time he uses an ability, stacking up to 3 times.

Tiger Stance

Active: Grants Udyr bonus attack speed for 5 seconds, refreshes your dot count to 3.
Persistent: Udyr’s first and every third basic attack after that while in Tiger Stance are Tiger Strikes, applying the stance’s damage over time effect as physical damage (30/60/90/120/150 over 2 seconds). Successive Tiger Strikes against the same target will instantly deal all remaining damage of the previous instance in addition to applying a new one.

Turtle Stance

Active: Grants Udyr a shield for 5 seconds, amount scales off of his ability power.
Persistent: Udyr’s first and every third basic attack while in Turtle Stance heal him for 2.5% of his maximum health, increasing to up to 5% based on Udyr’s missing health

Bear Stance

Active: The most broken ability he has, in a nutshell. Gives him a burst of movespeed, and during so he ignores unit collision.
Persistent: Auto attacking a target stuns them for one second, however the same target can only be stunned each every 5 seconds.

Phoenix Stance

Active: Activating Phoenix Stance releases flames around him which damages enemies around him over 5 seconds.
Persistent: Every third basic attack sends out a cone of flame in front of Udyr. Activating this automatically enables this "cone" to be available again; basically an empowered auto attack. Scales off of ability power.

Keep in mind that unfortunately you are only able to achieve 18 levels in a game, and each ability requires 5 levels to max. That is why it is best to max either Wingborne Storm or Wilding Claw first on Udyr, then max Iron Mantle and Blazing Stampede last. Throwing a few leftover points into either Q or R is the most optimal option, when you have decided what stance/ability you are going to max first.
Stances: Choosing, Using and Maxing Them!

Make the Decision: Maxing or !~

Both Wilding Claw and Wingborne Storm are amazing options, neither is "better" than the other, there are just better choices for different situations. However when choosing to max either Q or R, there is a different playstyle you need to adapt to when choosing. Tiger stance is the best way to pressure an early lead similar to what Lee Sin and Vi provide while ganking/snowballing, so building the Warrior jungle enchantment is very effective when going tiger stance. Runic Echoes is a nice choice as well for Wingborne Storm when you know what you're doing. Cinderhulk is a fine option for both; allows you to become very tanky for your team and is the best option to choose when behind. Just keep in mind that Wilding Claw scales off of Attack Damage, and Wingborne Storm scales off of Ability Power.

Maxing and + When To get Q!~

Maxing Iron Mantle second is the most optimal in situations when you face a lot of damage, this allows you to tank more and have options to peel for your team. Maxing Blazing Stampede second is great when you play a lot of games on Udyr: this is due to the fact that you learn how much damage you can soak up at different points in the game and when to abuse your power spikes. Throwing your few leftover points (levels 14, 16 or 18) into either Q or R is the most optimal option, after you decide what stance/ability you are going to max first. When playing Wingborne Storm, throwing an early point into Wilding Claw for the attack speed and extra physical damage can be worth it to delay maxing Iron Mantle or Blazing Stampede completely, but that is something you will definitely get a feel for and learn over time. Learning how to efficiently switch stances takes practice, but doesn't take forever! It also depends a lot on your Udyr playstyle and the champions you face:

For example with Wilding Claw I prioritize Blazing Stampede as of now because of the huge burst of movement speed to catch up to targets and dip out of sticky situations, however, while doing this I would lose out on the extra sustain.
Alrighty, now it's time to get more in-depth into the playstyles, item builds, and jungle items!
Every Single Udyr Matchup (WIP)





Nunu & Willump:

Lee Sin:


UdyrVersus Rammus Again: ("I'm not the biggest fan of season 8.")

Versus Rengar:

Shyvana versus Udyr

Shyvana versus Udyr (Again)


Vi (Again):

Vi Yet Again

Xin Zhao:

Xin Zhao game 2:

Udyr's Pros And Cons
- Really fun champion overall, adaptive playstyle.
- Strong in every phase of the game; early, mid and late; doesn't fall off depending on your build.
- Great objective control and rotation potential.
- AMAZING Build Paths. Check the notes in this guide to check out great itemization options & explanation!
- Insane clear speed, which makes jungling/counter jungling a breeze
- Great dueling potential especially with Wilding Claw
- Amazing waveclear with Wingborne Storm
- Fast as hell, Blazing Stampede offers him a lot of movement speed and a good stun
- Great scaling shield with Iron Mantle, allows him to be a tanky DPS champion
- Has VERY high sustain, probably one of the best in terms of junglers in the game; can clear camps easily and stay very healthy in the jungle in most cases
- Not hard to pick up and play, takes time to master completely
-Also, the Godyr's most underrated skill..


- Keeping your mana pool up can be difficult, especially when new to Udyr
- Getting early ganks off can prove to be difficult versus champions who have reliable escapes
- Udyr has no dedicated escape or dash; so he can get kited VERY easily
- A good jungler can abuse his "weak" early game (not the strongest compared to other junglers) when starting Phoenix, when he gets outpressured early on by champions like Lee Sin or Elise, it can be a bit difficult for him depending on the players' knowledge
- As I said before he can get kited easily, so champions with multiple dashes and escapes are a bit tougher to gank and catch up to, usually I avoid putting myself in these situations when ganking lanes.
How To Build Udyr Effectively
Great build for beginners new to Udyr! Opt for a Glacial Buckler into a Frozen Heart depending on how much extra armor you may need (Against a LOT of AD Damage). Decide whether or not you need Mercury Treads or Plated Steelcaps before you even load into the game ( Mercury Treads for Tenacity & Plated Steelcaps for multiple/heavy auto attackers). Choose Spirit Visage if you need extra Magic Resistance & Cooldown Reduction ( Ability Haste, which makes your abilities available quicker.

2020 AP Udyr Jungle Gameplay

Be sure to read the notes at the top of the guide, I explain how to build Udyr and itemize efficiently.

When your team is behind and you are ahead, having your jungle item and building tanky stats or even a Dead Man's Plate will ensure that you can get through the early game, and the fed *** enemy team will not be able to 100-0 you at crucial times (dragon fights, counter ganks while sieging for towers, etc). When you aim to snowball your lead, building damage early on is a good choice. That's why Wilding Claw is a very good way of doing that; having a, Trinity Force & Sterak's Gage is a LOT of damage early on. When maxing Wingborne Storm, prioritizing early Towers, Dragons and Rift Skuttlers are very important.

Here is an example of good itemization, this build literally made the enemy team FF every game! A subscriber of mine also asked me a few questions and I decided to cover it all in this video~
My Preferred Jungle Routes
Udyr can start at nearly any camp and be successful. I have quite a few personal favorite routes that I take:

1. Full Clear:

I start Blue, and then clear the entire blue side of the jungle; Gromp and Wolves, then I begin to clear my bot side jungle. Udyr is one of the few junglers who can do this with ease so that's why I just rush my levels. Depending on the difficulty of the matchup, you can clear the entire jungle with proper vision, just be aware to gank overextending lane opponents.

2. Committing to Early Ganking Pressure; VERY EFFICIENT & FAST! I do A LOT of routes on my channel, check it out! :D

What Smite Do You Choose?
There are two different smite choices that you should consider taking when playing Udyr. Hailblade is never a bad option for either Wilding Claw or Wingborne Storm, offers an extra slow when you smite 5 times offers a very good slow for ganking and helps gap close. Once you are comfortable and experienced farming the jungle with Udyr and switching his stances, Emberknife is also a very good option for either stance as well, which is very good when playing this champion. It's good when maxing Wilding Claw; use this smite and add it with your DOT to increase your damage dealt to enemy champions tremendously.
Teamfighting and Splitpushing
For the most part, Udyr can do both very well. Aim to splitpush to pressure the map and gain dominance over specific objectives, never put yourself in a position that you're gaining nothing and losing an objective (trust me your team will do it for you), such as splitting for no reason and giving up a baron or a free, crucial tower. A lot is situational while playing Udyr; you also need to learn to adapt to different playstyles while being in said situations. Teamfighting is optimal when fighting over objectives, vision, map and buff control with the proper build. Practice makes perfect, Ranked is one of your best teachers. When you learn to get ahead and snowball early advantages and create leads, you will begin to win games with ease! If you ever struggle (or your team) buying a ZZ'Rot can be very beneficial; here's why:
Every Single Interesting S9 Udyr Matchup
UDYR VS YI: (Don't get COCKY, end the game! LOL)
In conclusion, Udyr is and always will be a very viable pick in the meta. He can provide a lot of pressure due to his great wave clear. Also can turn out to be a very durable tank for your team with an optimal build and combined with Iron Mantle, he can turn out to be a very powerful front line. Scales well with an insane movement speed steroid from Blazing Stampede, as well as great damage sources from both Wingborne Storm and Wilding Claw. Have fun destroying your opponents on the Rift! :D

WEELL, this is the end! If you enjoyed this guide and would like to check out more entertaining content, consider Subscribing to my YouTube Channel to stay updated with new videos and informational guide & videos! This is THE BEST Udyr guide on Mobafire (seriously), it's a lot more helpful, entertaining content and quality content here and on my Twitch as well.
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