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Soraka Build Guide by Lugos

Support [12.21] ✔️How to play Soraka like an OTP to gain elo ♛🌙

Support [12.21] ✔️How to play Soraka like an OTP to gain elo ♛🌙

Updated on November 14, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lugos Build Guide By Lugos 56 3 94,263 Views 10 Comments
56 3 94,263 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lugos Soraka Build Guide By Lugos Updated on November 14, 2022
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Runes: General runes

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Bone Plating

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flash and heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.21] ✔️How to play Soraka like an OTP to gain elo ♛🌙

By Lugos

Śoraka player introduction

Hello, my summoner name is Śoraka.

As the name suggests I mostly play Soraka as support and I aim to climb challenger with it!

I started playing around 2021 September, closed S11 in Platinum I. but in S12, I reached Diamond IV in 150 games, playing 99% Soraka with a nice 62% win rate and started climbing up to Masters.

Win ratio and ranklist

More importantly I played 80% of my games solo, which makes my winrate and accomplishments a bit more serious.

I try a lot of variations of builds and runes so I usually make a unique set of runes and items every game, depending on the circumstances and the given team compositions and matchups.

Performance summary compared to Masters
Pros / Cons
+ Early lane dominance if played well
+ Strongest healing sustain support in the game!
+ Global ultimate to help your team wherever you are
+ Easy to play
+ Kinda slippery with the QE combo and bonus ms

Soraka does also blend in well almost any type of team and does well against any enemy setup. This is due to the fact that health is vital to every champion, so basically every champion benefits from the heals she gives. Same with the bonus movement speed from Rejuvenation and last but not least Equinox is a very powerful tool in her kit, you can use it for cc chain, cancel enemy spells, summoners, casting zoning etc.
- You are the number one kill priority for the enemy team
- Enemy tend to build anti-healing item ASAP
- Squishy
- Limited engage and disengage possibilities- Kind of skillshot reliant with Q

In some cases picking Soraka can lead to lack of cc, tanks, or engages. Make sure to communicate with your team in champion select, always pre-show what you want to play and aim to set up a good composition. If you are playing Soraka you must know that the enemy team will most likely to focus you down so try to play accordingly. Safe when you need to, aggressive when you can!


Summon Aery is a generally good keystone on Soraka which deals some extra damage on poking, while gives bonus shield on ally healing/shielding. Since it is for both offense and defense it is best utilized if you can harass the enemy early. Guardian is an optional keystone in case you are playing in a match up where you are the one being harassed for example when the enemy has higher range ( Xerath, Lux, Ashe). This rune is often paired with Nullifying Orb in the secondary path and Relic Shield as your support item since you should try to avoid trades and then Relic is a better/more reliable source of income while granting you more HP to stay in lane.

Sorcery path

Nimbus Cloak This rune is kinda viable against Ashe support since she has higher range but mostly AD dmg.
Manaflow Band I use this item most of the time since I play the early games as aggressve as possible.
Nullifying Orb This rune is great if you have to face a higher range AP support like Xerath Lux or Vel'Koz.

Transcendence The absolute only choice from this row. The ability haste is very strong you.
Celerity Works with your passive and Q hit movement speed bonus, but I dont think it would be enough to take this over Transcendence.
Absolute Focus You will rarely be over 70% hp since your heals take away your health as well as the enemy teams number one priority is to kill you. It isnt worth to take this rune.

Scorch Great rune to give more early game dominance. I recommend taking this if you and your ADC can dominate the early game.
Waterwalking You generally dont want to roam a lot. You cant do it as efficient as a Bard so even if you do roam 2-3 times its still not worth taking this rune.
Gathering Storm Amazing scaling into lategame. If you have scaling ADC or hard matchup I recommend to use this rune.

Resolve Path

Demolish Not the best option for Soraka in this row, but if you are sure you will stomp bot lane go ahead.
Font of Life Your Q's and E root proc this rune there this is the best rune in this row for you. However if you chose resolve
Shield Bash There is no need for this rune.

Conditioning You dont build enough resistances to benefit enough from this rune.
Second Wind If the enemy team rather likes to poke than burst you, you actually benefit better from second wind to sustain the damage.
Bone Plating Great rune to make it harder to oneshot you. This rune is best if the enemy has some burst damage.

Overgrowth While HP is good for you, its not better than Revitalize.
Revitalize Hands down best rune in this row. It gives you even greater healing and saves lives.
Unflinching Well you cant utilize this rune since you get oneshot without cc.

Inspiration Path (only as secondary)

Perfect Timing The whole concept of Inspiration secondary path is to get Perfect Timing and build it into Zhonya's Hourglass because the enemy have strong assasins that will most likely try to kill you.
Cosmic Insight Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic are good too but in my opinion it is better to get the summoner spell and item haste to have more opportunities to escape the assassins.
Starting items.


Spellthief's Edge is your general support item since Soraka is very strong in the early game and you can easily stack it giving you some advantage. It also gives you more AP and less HP then Relic Shield and mana regen. Relic Shield is a great item if you dont want to trade in the laning phase, for example if you get outranged ( Xerath, Lux). Thise item gives you less AP, but more HP and bonus HP regen to survive the lane harassment and a passive gold income. Former rank 1 Soraka player called Śobaka build Relic Shield every single game.
Mythic item options


Moonstone is the strongest healing item option. The longer you are in battle the stronger your heals are, making you a monster of teamfights. If your team has enough mobility/engage I suggest you rushing Moonstone. Shurelya is a great option in case your team needs some mobility ( Darius, Cassiopeia, Udyr, etc.) I would prefer going Shurelya's since the active you and your heals also give your teammates movement speed, and the bonus CDR it gives you from legendary items is also good on Soraka.

Honorable mentions

Locket of the Iron Solari I dont really use this item. Personally dont think you benefit enough from the bonus armor and MR and the active shield is quite weak for the 90s CD.

Imperial Mandate You can easily proc the passive with your Q's but I think the other Mythics are more useful on Soraka, your heals are the biggest weapons to carry your team. In lower elo your team cant make enough use of the bonus damage, in high elo your heals worth more than that bonus damage.
Legendary item options

Chemtech Putrifier Since there are many champions with built in heal ( Nasus, Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Yuumi etc.) and also healing items becoming popular ( Immortal Shieldbow, Death's Dance, etc) most of the times you benefit from building anti-heal since you can easily proc the Putrifier with your heals while this item is also great for CDR.

Redemption Very useful item since it gives you CDR, Health, Mana regen, healing and shielding power, and an active that can easily change the tides of a teamfight. Using this item, combined with your ultimate you can burst heal your whole team. I buy this item every game.

Zhonya's Hourglass Used to be one of my core items but since the cost increase it isnt built that often any more. As a support you dont have that much gold to spare when you are already fighting for barons and you still dont have the Zhonya completed and it also makes you get other items much later as well. Since the cost increase you most likely need Perfect Timing to efficiently build this item.

Watchful Wardstone Important item to keep up the vision around the map. Mostly useful if the game goes on for long in to the late game and you dont see it ending very soon. This item is also more and more useful as you climb higher on the elo ladder. The The stats are all useful to you as well so this is also a common pick in my late game build.

Staff of Flowing Water Mostly in lower elo when I dont feel in danger or in cases my team is heavily AP I choose to play this wonderful item, gives you a ton of AP and CDR which heavily buffs your team and you as well. Great for snowballing.

Ardent Censer Ardent was a very big item back in time, however its not really the case now. Even if I dont feel the need of Health items like Redemption I would still prefer Staff of Flowing Water except if my team has like 2-3 auto-attack champion, which are preferably fed. The reason is because your team might benefit from this item, but you do not make good use of attack speed.

Anathema's Chains Very good item in case there is one ultra strong enemy who likes to focus you out. (typical examples: AP Twitch, Qiyana, etc) The stats are fine as well, but the active makes it OP against the selected enemy. If this guy still wants to burst you down but instead he finds himself against you using Anathema's on him, he can easily find himself useless and even dying for that greedy move, winning you the game!

Mikael's Blessing There are circumstances when this item is OP but most of the times its not. Since this item doesnt work on suppressions anymore, I would choose to buy this item against multiple CC including dangerous ones like Skarner ultimate.

Banshee's Veil In case the enemy is heavily AP and has assassins as well, then building a Zhonya's Hourglass would be a waste since you dont benefit much from the armor, then you still have the option to build Banshee's Veil granting you a spellshield, MR, AP and CDR, all stats are very useful for you.

Warmog's Armor The hype around this item is kinda weird to me. It gives you ton of Health, HP regen and some CDR. But the item cost is 3000g. I usually get Redemption and Watchful Wardstone when I need HP and dont bother spending that much money on this item.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Best boots for Soraka. Its very cheap and grants a lot of CDR early on so you can spam your abilities. I use this item 99% of the games.

Mercury's Treads ONLY against full AP. (bonus if they have a lot of CC too)

Plated Steelcaps ONLY against full AD. (bonus if they have a lot of auto-attackers too)

Rest of the boots arent worth a mention here. They arent enough useful for you.
Early game

You arent as good as a Nautilus in terms of invade capability, but your Qs do a lot of damage, slow and sustain you as well OR you can choose to level E first if your team can land a CC and this guarantees another root as well as silence.


I usually try to fight the enemy bot lane level 1. A really good method is to buy Sweeping Lens and wait the enemy in tribush/river bush.
Keep in mind that you usually cant kill them as you are close to the enemy jungler but you can chunk them down and dominate the lane since now you have control over the lane until they are forced to back.


Early game is where you shine and win the lane so try to dominate it and snowball the game - this is why I put 3 points in Q before I start to max W, to utilize my early game dominance and apply pressure on the enemy.
If you have easy matchup go ahead and harass the enemy early game - keep in mind that your falls off as you go later in to the game so try to play safer as the game progresses.

I would say lvl 1-6 is your playground after that you are getting outdamaged by most supports, or if you have dominated you can expect enemy jungler showing up really soon.

After lvl 6 always check the other lanes in case somebody need your ultimate. A good ult can change the outcome of fights and win your ally the lane.
Keep in mind that helping your team with your ultimate has the cost that now you can hardly win 2v2.
Also around level 6 you can roam to mid or even top if you think it would be benefital and your adc wont suffer your abscence.

Try to help your jungler when he is near with scuttle fights, counter-jungling or river skirmishes.
Even some wards around the river can help a lot for your jungler and mid laner.


Mid game
Well you are gonna start putting points in W now, so you are losing on damage, but gaining healing powers.

Mid game is already more about macro.
Try to predict the path of the enemy jungler, play around objectives and dont let the enemy take any objectives for free. Even if your team is heavily scaling at least try to push or farm as much as possible if they group up for an objective.

If there are 2 objectives up and you cant fight the enemy take one of them while they are taking the other.

It is your responsibility to make and maintain vision around objectives so your team wont run into a trap. It is really hard for the enemy to contest any objectives without vision.

You should also show up mid and top quite few times now as towers start to demolish, make your presence where your team need it the most.
Keep in mind, wherever you are your ult can still help any ally globally.
Late game
Late game is all about vision, objectives and teamfight.
Continue to make the right decisions in terms of macro. Set up the vision before engaging any objective.

Be VERY aware of enemy traps, when warding or travelling from A to B.
One small mistake can lead to your death and the end of the game.

Try to stick to your team and play for your carries.
Tips and tricks
Tips & tricks:
-If your Q hits more opponents you do not gain more HoT but after every incoming Rejuvenation the HoT gets reset. This means it will last a very little bit longer than it is with 1 target.
-HoT from Q applies after the rejuvenation reaches Soraka, but if you use W before the rejuvenation reached you, your ally still gets the HoT.
-Aery apples shield to only 1 ally who is either the lowest health or the first player on the tab list (often times top laner).
-Soraka R is instant. It heals everyone instantly, and then the animation happens.
-Soraka gain rejuvenation from Q even if it was blocked with a spellshield.
-When trying to run away from enemies you have to place your E in front of them so that it stuns them right when they walk in it. It takes practice because the faster the opponent the further you have to place it in front of them, they might just see it and go around. Use your Q to help yourself, when doing a QE combo, Q on enemy, and place E where you expect him to be. You can use this to disengage (when being chased) or to engage(when you chase the enemy).
Use your W mostly after hitting a Q, it is better because it will apply a HoT but also if you have Moonstone it will deal a greater heal.
-Appearently your E does not stop the enemy from smiting and doesnt affect Olaf in his ultimate.
Patch changes affecting Soraka

The title is already a link to the fandom wiki, but heres a short summary of the recent patches:
Soraka was nerfed ⬇ since the end of Season 11 due to continuous and heavy Astral Infusion and enchanter item nerfs but in my opinion Soraka is still at least A tier if not S tier support right now.

12.17 ⬇

Official patch notes havent been released yet but it already dropped on PBE, launching a change on Zhonya's Hourglass increasing 400g in price, 5 in ability haste and 15 in AP.

12.16 -

Not affecting Soraka at all.

12.15 -

Not affecting Soraka at all.

12.14 ⬇

+ Scorch damage increased

- All enchanter items healing and shielding decreased
- Bone Plating CD increased
- Exhaust damage reduction decreased
- Second Wind regeneration decreased
- Guardian early CD increased

12.13 -

+ Wish healing increased
- Wish no longer removes Grievous Wounds

12.12 ⬆

+ Grievous Wounds healing cut decreased

12.10 ⬇

+ Durability patch lets you live longer
+ Grievous Wounds heal cut decreased
+ Shard of True Ice Baase mana regen increased

- Astral Infusion healing decreased
- Wish healing decreased
- Summon Aery shield decreased
- Guardian shield decreased
- Heal healing decreased
- Locket of the Iron Solari shield decreased
- Mikael's Blessing healing decreased
- Moonstone Renewer healing decreased
- Nullifying Orb shield decreased
- Redemption heal decreased
Item cost efficiency analysis
- coming soon -

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