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Ashe Build Guide by King Turtle

Middle [12.8] Menace To LoL Ashe

Middle [12.8] Menace To LoL Ashe

Updated on April 26, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 17 3 81,092 Views 1 Comments
17 3 81,092 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Ashe Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on April 26, 2022
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Chad Mid Enjoyer
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[12.8] Menace To LoL Ashe

By King Turtle
Build Intro
This build is going to be for people who want to be the most annoying people in the game without being absolutely useless in the process. You'll be slinging Ultimates constantly at people and with a bit of good aim, and an incomprehensible amount of luck, you too can stun people from across the map for no reason. This build is meant to be played in the Mid Lane but works in Top and Bot as well. Now let's get into the items.
Pros And Cons
Great Poke: As ashe you already have good poke, but with the ability haste build you can poke people so much that they have to sit under tower to avoid getting filled with arrows.

Insane Ability Haste: This build gets you to around 180 ability haste, putting your W at 1.4 seconds, and your R at around 19.5 seconds. Add on Axiom Arc passive for each takedown(about a 5 second reduction) and you can have your R up in as little as 14.5 seconds. That's shorter than some normal abilities.

Iffy Early Mana: One big issue with Ashe as a whole is her mana costs. She suffers pretty greatly from having poor early mana and while I wanted to put a mana item on her I decided it would be better to just full send the ability haste and use pots and runes to band-aid the early problems. It isn't a complete fix but it should make early game more bearable.

No Mobility: Another issue with ashe is that she has no mobility outside of flash. This means assassins and high mobility champions can get to you easily and unless you know how to properly kite, can make your laning experience feel terrible.

  • Comet is fitting in this build as we can spam W and get consistent hits from comet, and whenever it's on cooldown we can reduce its cooldown every time we hit someone with an ability. It turns us into a huge spam poking machine.

  • Manaflow Band gives us permanent mana when we land an abilty on someone and regens a little mana after we hit the max amount of mana gained permanently.

  • Transcendence gives us an additional 10 ability haste and at level 11 will reduce our basic ability cooldowns by 20% per takedown we get.

  • Gathering storm will help us keep our power in check so we dont fall behind and become irrelavent as the game progresses.

  • Since we're going to be doing a TON of slowing and stunning with this build, cheap shot will be one of our most commonly active runes and should help with damage throughout the match.

  • Ultimate Hunter gives another boost to our cooldown reduction as her ultimate cooldown decreases for each takedown you get up to a total of 5 times. It's one of the most important runes for this build.
Trinity Force
Trinity Force is the perfect balance of Ability Haste and useful stats for Ashe. At full build Trinity Force gives 32 Ability Haste and still gives attack speed, and some AD. The health is also a nice bonus so you aren't getting blown up as quick in fights up to late game. Finally, Trinity Force gives you Sheen proc which is always a helpful item for champs that can activate it with relative ease.
Axiom Arc
Axiom Arc is a great damage item for ashe and is another source of cooldown reduction on her Ultimate so obviously we're going to run it on her. This item is the best AD item for this build and is a must purchase for ultimate fun. You fire an R, get a kill, fire another R in 10 seconds, and watch as the enemy team loses their minds.
Ionian Boots
now usually I would be going berserker grieves to make up for the missing attack speed, but the objective of this build is to have the lowest cooldowns while still having good damage, so Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the best fit, giving 20 ability haste and being one of the cheapest boots which makes earning the full build easier.
Cosmic Drive
With the new Cosmic Drive we no longer need to have a specific amount of ap to gain more ability haste, meaning now we can get 30 flat, and be able to run another solid ability haste item instead of needing an ap item to get the 40 total and losing out on ability haste elsewhere. At its current state cosmic drive is entirely worth the purchase, especially with Ashe's high base damage on her Ultimate.
Black Cleaver
Black Cleaver is another high Ability Haste item that works well with Ashe because each single arrow in her W can add a stack of Black Cleaver shred, meaning with the right placement you can max the armor shred stacks with a single W. Even with just a point blank R you can max the stats as well and then use that armor shred to run the enemy down or kite them to death depending on what they decide to try to do. Finally, it also gives HP which is going to make you slightly better at living mid to late game.
Navori Quickblades
Navori Flickerblade is a great item on ashe as it is. It's even better with this build because you get 30 ability haste and still get some damage in the late game phase. Definitely a worthy pickup to match the rest of the build.
Alternative Build
The Alternative Build will be replacing Trinity Force with Duskblade of Draktharr because duskblade gives more ability haste over time and has more initial damage but sacrifices attack speed and generally feels worse to play on ashe. This build is meant for those who want to go ALL IN on ability haste and dont really care about speed.
Build Conclusion- Main Build
At full build with maxed out runes your Ultimate Cooldown comes down to 19.29 Seconds and 21.40 without maxed runes. Your W comes down to 1.4 seconds as well. Your total ability Haste comes out to 180 while still giving you 335 AD and 3k HP. Cosmic adds up to make your R deal 675 Magic Damage. You gain plenty of stats from this build and if you gain even a slight lead early you can bully people. The only downside of this build is that we aren't getting a mana item, so our only mana gain is Manaflow Band. This means you'll have to choose your Ws wisely up to mid game and adapt to the mana crunch. Hopefully this build works out for you as well as it did for me, excited to introduce this one to yall. GLHF!
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