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Twitch Build Guide by LewisTheRat

ADC [13.24] Twitch's Guide + Matchup sheets

ADC [13.24] Twitch's Guide + Matchup sheets

Updated on December 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LewisTheRat Build Guide By LewisTheRat 58 4 266,514 Views 0 Comments
58 4 266,514 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LewisTheRat Twitch Build Guide By LewisTheRat Updated on December 22, 2023
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Runes: Standard rune page

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



starting items
starting items (free lane (enchanter support))
starting items (engage support)
starting items (if 2 ranged)
first items (if ahead / you scale harder than enemy's adc)
sixth item (replace boots)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.24] Twitch's Guide + Matchup sheets

By LewisTheRat
This is a key component of twitch. He's all about angles.

His R lets you shoot through people, gaining bonus AD. Coupled with his Q, it's a strong ganking tool letting you flip teamfights for the better.

I have said it over and over. In order to win teamfights, you need a good angle.
But what exactly is a good angle ?
An angle for me is a placement on the map from where you can shoot people OR not be right besides your teammates when the enemy team has strong aoe damage/cc. In this guide, I've talked mainly about angles as the placement you need to shoot the more enemy champs possible.

As an example, let's imagine you're adc. You just backed and are ready to go back to your lane. The enemy is caitlyn and brand, shooting the tower. They haven't seen you yet. You use Q and are getting ready to shoot them. If you are standing beside tower, you will only shoot one of them and your bolts won't be as efficient. Furthermore, Caitlyn will be able to kite you and they will be ready to react, quickly bursting you down. Now, same scenario. You approach their side and if we draw a line on the screen, you are making a straight line. You are under Q of course. You use R, one AA then W behind them to slow them, you have your heal / exhaust ready (I'd recommend using exhaust early in that case) and they will hardly be able to escape if they choose to, giving them no others choices than fighting. They were shooting your tower so they are now stuck. This is one of my favorites way of getting kills and is especially easy against low elo players. It's riskier further down the lane as you won't have tower to help but depending on your / their support, it's one of the best way to quickly engage and burst them down.

Now, what's a good angle ?
Getting an angle is all about shooting the more people you can. For me, a good angle is all about shooting the more dangerous people you can. Let's say their frontline is Dr. mundo, Xin zhao and lee sin. You got an angle on them. You are all like "yO dUdE tHIs tHe SicKEsT aNgLe EvER I cAN ShOoT 3 pEoPLe" Then you open fire and get absolutely bursted as you can't through xin zhao's ult, lee sin quickly jumps onto you and mundo is unkillable. Getting a good angle is about shredding the more carries (sometimes tanks) you can the faster you can, without letting them have an opportunity to lock you down and kill you. This is why staying under Q is super important until you have a critic angle.

Then, it's open fire.
Early game
*For the first wave, starting Q will give you the time to aa the 3 soldiers*

Twitch's early game is quite weak. He's really Q dependant when engaging in skirmishes and will rarely ever have the time to E his opponent at full stack, lacks mobility / cc to protects himself from enemy engages and is scared of big supports.

Don't trade with the enemy ADC without your Q's AS active in the early game. I never engage without my Q and I won't start a fight if the enemy support can easily cc me and my support can't peel for me from where he is. I'll just wait out my Q and replace or aa 2-3 times then quickly back. (If you do this, you have to be sure they can't make an all-in on you from where you are. Try to place your W to slow them. Don't do this against strong, bursty matchups such as Lucian.)

You'll get your first powerspike when hitting 6. I'll usually have noonquiver by then. It's the good moment to get an angle on enemy adc - support and exhaust the adc then start firing. If they have a strong peel support, DON'T DO THIS. YOU'LL DIE. I like to do this when I just came back from lane and they aren't expecting me.

Try to get the most cs you can. You should aim at 75 cs by the 10 min mark. Twitch scales and if you lack the kills, you can make up by cs'ing. Remember it's the most reliable way to win games.
Mid game
Mid game is this time of the game that will separate the weak from the strong. At this point, there's 3 things possible.

1- You stomped their ***, gave them a good beating and are ready to say "ff?" in all chat every 2 minutes knowing well they won't.
2- You are pretty even in kills/deaths.
3- You got stomped, you are flaming your support even thought it was 100% your fault (unless he's taking cs (supports taking cs when you are twitch are a physical representation of the devil on earth.))

If 1 happened, good job, you can keep on snowballing by taking towers, denying opponent's cs and trying to force fights at dragon / herald / baron. Keep in mind if you do force fights, you need a strong peel if your team got stomped. Build runaan second unless enemy adc gets a huge mid-game powerspike, then build BORK so you can keep on stomping him.

If 2 happened, you need to look at the matchup to know in which order you are gonna build your items. If the enemy's adc also scales strong and you couldn't get a lead, it's time to start thinking about building BORK. This item steals MS, gives lifesteal and passively deal a % of enemy's health as magic damage, making it a strong duelist item that can shred tanks. If you outscales hard, runaan's hurricane is a good choice as second item so you'll be ready for teamfights. Remember your strenght is teamfights and you might be the best late game teamfighting adc but some adcs are stronger duelists.

If 3 happened, this is where it gets interesting. This is what makes the difference between good and great. There's 2 thing you can do, depending on matchup and state of game. Here are your options.
3.1 - The enemy adc scales harder (Vayne, Kog'maw, Tristana). Then you'll be looking for easy takedowns on mid / enemy jungle. Don't fight without numeric advantage unless you have a strong (fed) mid / jungle. This is super important in order to come back.
3.2 The enemy adc was a strong bully but doesn't scale well into late game (Lucian, Caitlyn). Then, we'll be looking to farm cs. If they rotate mid, send your support to match and keep cs'ing. Whenever the wave is shoved, you need to know where they are to know what you'll do. You see mid, adc, support araming midlane, try to get tower. Keep a ward in bush to see where the enemy jungle is. If enemy jungle can close the gap quick (vi, nocturne) or if you don't know where they are. It's time to back. If you do know where they are and might represent a threat to you, it's time to Q and get some kills with the help of your mid / jungle. The comeback is most likely to happen at this time when a dragon is up, you are under Q and they aren't mindful of you. If they stay in lane, depending on your support / enemy's support, you can try to take them downs. Use Q, get an angle, if you have an Nami it's especially easy with her R to engage whilst they are knocked.
Late game and teamfights
The late game is where twitch dominates. However, you have to be mindful of who can kill you or hard cc you. You need to know where your help is at all time. Always use your blue ward if you want to get picks to know if he's really alone. Be smart, if the enemy's an excellent duelist, don't engage. Even if you get the kill, a 1 for 1 trade isn't worth as you can wreck havoc during teamfights.

How to teamfight as twitch.
You need to get a good angle. Twitch is all about angles.
You can either
1. Flank their carries then shreds through the tanks
2. Stay back behind your peel then start shooting at the closest carries there is.
Both options requires that you stay under invi until enemy wasted most of his abilities / can't react quickly enough to stop you from killing them.
Option 1. is better if they don't have a strong cc'er / lockdown champ who can quickly dash to you and you can kill the enemy carries faster than they can.
Option 2. is better if there's a strong cc'er / lockdown champs or the carries are better dueler than you are and can kill you before you can.
YOU DON'T NEED TO START FIRING RIGHT AWAY, STAYING UNDER Q AND GETTING AN ANGLE IS BETTER IN 99% OF THE CASES. Only case it isn't better is if your team has no tanks, no bruisers or they got stomped.
His combos are quite simple. They almost always starts with Q as it gives less time to your opponent to react and gives you AS.

You shouldn't use your W too often as it's not cheap in mana. When you do use it, I personally use it to kill the CS early before an engage to have wave advantage (rarely), zone my opponents away (common) or behind my opponents if I know I win the skirmishe without E to stop them from escaping (common)

E is a simple spell to understand, stacks through W / AA then wait until max stacks and E. The only time I do it before this is when I know I'm gonna die before my E go off or the enemy is escaping and I'm 100% certain It'll kill him.

What I like to do is walk up to them using Q then - AA - W - AA.
95% of the time start with Kraken Slayer as your first item. I've found it to be far more efficient against teams than Galeforce as it's stronger on bursty champs who needs the active to efficiently close. If you are against a strong duelist / strong support (tristana, kog'maw, nautilus, leona), I'd recommend building Blade of the Ruined King second as it puts you on a level similar to their and lets you shreds through them better with the MS steal and passive from BORK. The extra lifesteal gives you sustain as you want to fight with high hp against them. I'd also recommend taking it if you fell behind as runaan's hurricane isn't that strong in a 2v2 lane and I see it more as a snowballing item rather than a strong item in itself.
Twitch's laning phase isn't impacted much by the enemy adc. He's a champ that relies heavily on his support to go through laning phase and matchups are gonna be favorable to you based on your support and the enemy's support. Matchups i'd consider unfavorables are those with engage / cc supports on the enemy's side and mage on your side. If that's the case, wait until 6 and try to look for an opportunity to pick on them and punish their mistakes if they didn't recall when they should have. The only adcs who i'd say can flip the fight for the enemy are tristana and lucian, both really bursty, tristana jumping onto you and lucian comboing you really makes it hard to fight against them. Twitch gets countered by high mobility champs at least early and combined with a tanky, strong peel, is almost a guaranteed lost/even laning phase. Play for late in that case.
Skin Tier list
As everybody knows, skins are super important in order to win the psychological battle between you and your opponent so here are my personal favorites.

- Gangster twitch (like ratirl, I believe he's a quite good twitch main)
- Ice King twitch : Pretty cool aa animation, cool W
- Dragonslayer twitch : different from what we usually see on twitch
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LewisTheRat
LewisTheRat Twitch Guide
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[13.24] Twitch's Guide + Matchup sheets

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