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Zeri Build Guide by Sniper w0lf

ADC [13.7] Mathematically Correct Zeri - EZ GG

ADC [13.7] Mathematically Correct Zeri - EZ GG

Updated on April 8, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sniper w0lf Build Guide By Sniper w0lf 9 17 38,234 Views 0 Comments
9 17 38,234 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sniper w0lf Zeri Build Guide By Sniper w0lf Updated on April 8, 2023
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Champion Build Guide

[13.7] Mathematically Correct Zeri - EZ GG

By Sniper w0lf
Advanced Zeri
***SUPER IMPORTANT*** - Zeri's Q basic attack does +8 physical damage and 110% of base ad at level 1 and you need to go about your positioning like Kalista player in a fight, always ready to kite forward ahead of your target. TBH you might want to master Kalista first, then go play Zeri to learn how to kite in a circle around an enemy lol. Another critical thing is that Zeri is a long mouse click champ not a short click champ, she doesn't require a mouse click every millisecond. Click a long distance ( like the length of a bot lane bush) and spam Q the whole way there, it actually makes the Q spam faster. GLIDE TO YOUR LOCATION WHILE SPAMMING Q THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE KEY I'M 98% SURE YOU'RE MISSING. [12.11] - Go ham with your W now. **General ADC advice** - As per usual, position yourself on the lane wall opposite the enemy Support. [12.15] - Try really hard not to fully charge zap minions at all, as soon as you get into lane only fully charge zap the enemy adc or support right away to assert dominance, then repeat over and over until they are primed for an all in with abilities. When you get a fully charged zap try to follow up with a Q if possible.

**If you can get everything I listed in green down perfectly you will never lose a Zeri lane. Everything listed in green can be hard to grasp good luck.**

-Rules to playing her you pick up after 578 ranked games-

I. When you get a fully charged basic attack zap...ULTI

II. When you hit a W...ULTI

III. Spam that Q button before it comes off cooldown

IV. E will reset your Q

V. This build makes you pretty very durable, but not too durable to get bursted.

VI. Use your W to push but not when you expect a fight unless you are full charge, because those slows are essential for hitting your Q attack while in your ulti

VII. When laning if your minions are 60% of the way up the lane on your enemy laner's side stop hitting minions with fully charged Zap and use it to poke support or adc. When poking remember to e through the minions to chip away at enemy champs along with full charge zap poke.

VIII. When attacking kite forward Kalista style in the early game at melee range like you're stuck to your enemy by their butt or hip and trying to run ahead of them or run through them. Your rune setup makes this possible, there should be no getting away from you. You may occasionally (quite often actually) have no choice but to run past them and attack in front of them.

IX. Your zap is an execute, in a teamfight you should get your kills to snowball no matter what.

X. Zeri has the lowest base armor in the game and this rune setup makes you tough but don't forget she is still an adc that can get assassinated quick.

XI. The millisecond you have full charge zap you should be using it on something!!! ANYTHING if you can't follow this rule STOP playing Zeri.

XII. You can switch up take guardian if needed to protect your support and yourself from poke, your opponents know zeri has horrible base defense stats and will do everything they can to burst you or your support. You cannot dash through minions every 2 seconds like graves so occasionally you will get most of your damage minion blocked for a second when trying to defend your support even though you are right next to them. This is why you might take guardian.
XIII. You need to get super close like Graves to be effective when chasing down opponents, except Graves has 25 more base health, 13 more armor and a passive that gives him extra armor, but you have none of that and and will be deleted for trying to pop off that close... What do you do to compensate for that difference? I just told you above^ fix your rune page dummy, you don't need trinity force.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sniper w0lf
Sniper w0lf Zeri Guide
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