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Samira Build Guide by IKeepItTaco

ADC [14.4] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Samira guide - Season 14

ADC [14.4] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Samira guide - Season 14

Updated on February 29, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Build Guide By IKeepItTaco 2468 89 5,219,340 Views 45 Comments
2468 89 5,219,340 Views 45 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Samira Build Guide By IKeepItTaco Updated on February 29, 2024
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Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Meta Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Champion Build Guide

[14.4] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Samira guide - Season 14

By IKeepItTaco
Table of Contents

I'm I Keep It Taco, a Grand Master Jhin player
(peaked 450 LP) and streamer.

I'm also known as Jordanian Sniper, Lejhind, or Jhin Marston on other accounts. I dislike traditional auto-attack only carries and enjoy playing champions that mix auto-attacks with spell combos like Jhin, Aphelios, Senna, Yasuo, Ezreal and now Samira!
Naturally, seeing as to how Samira is a very combo-relient champion with mixing in abilities and auto-attacks you can probably guess that I enjoy playing her a lot and writing this guide using what I've learned with her so far.

Samira is yet another champion branching out from the typical “right-click only” theme that used to be the core for ADCs. If I had to summarize her playstyle and kit, she is the creation if you were to combine Katarina with Yasuo and turn them into an ADC champion.

Disclaimer: Samira is a new champion and this guide is by no means perfect. On release, I plan to continue playing her and will update the guide (builds mostly) whenever I learn more and improve.
Primary Precision
Keystone Option

Press the Attack

Lethal Tempo

Fleet Footwork
Conqueror: Samira is a combo master and you'll be using your abilities a lot alongside your auto-attacks whether it's small trades, long trades, or all-ins. You will get 2 stacks per ability that damages an enemy and 1 stack per auto-attack. When you start ramping up your stacks that is when you should be trading more aggressively and be brave. The more stacks you have the better 1v1/2v2 you will have. Note: Samira's ultimate will fully stack Conqueror.
Rune Tier 1 Option


Presence of Mind
Presence of Mind: Because you'll be weaving in Q's with your autos throughout the laning phase as well as trying to ramp up stacks with abilities to be aggressive or all-in when 6. You'll want to have mana ready for whenever you find the chance to fight and because you don't build any mana regen items this rune will be very important so that you don't run out of it in the laning phase! It also gives you mana on takedown so once you get a kill you can keep fighting and continuing as you get resets.

(Optional) Triumph: If you want to invest fully into aggression then Triumph is a good alternative to get some healing on each takedown you get in fights. You'll have to be more conservative with mana though if you decide to go this route. The extra 20 gold per kill from Triumph when combined with The Collector 25 gold bonus allows for even more snowballing.
Rune Tier 2 Option

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline: Legend: Bloodline is important on Samira because you won't benefit that much from attack speed since your kit is not focused on it. Same goes for Tenacity where one cc for any kind can ruin your ult and Tenacity will not change that. Legend: Bloodline will keep you healthy and healing throughout the fights and your Q and Ultimate apply lifesteal!
Rune Tier 3 Option

Coup De grace

Cut Down
Last Sstand
Last Stand: This rune gives you 5-11% extra damage when you reach below 60% and reaching max damage at 30% or below. You'll be going in hard in fights, soaking up damage, dishing out damage, and healing through all of this through different sources so it's VERY common than you end up going up and down the 60-30% hp range which means this rune is very useful to you. This rune synergizes well with Samira's entire playstyle.
Secondary Domination
Secondary Option
Cheap Shot

Taste Of Blood

Sudden Impact

Zombie Ward

Ghost Poro

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Ingenious Hunter

Relentless Hunter

Ultimate Hunter
Taste of Blood: This is a pretty simple rune where you will heal 18-35 (based on level) with +20% bonus ad. It has a 20 second cooldown and it will just be an afterthough for when you're trading in lane you will occasionally heal and keep your HP up through this rune. It's just extra hp regen.

Ravenous Hunter: You'll gain 1.5% omnivamp per stack up to a max of 7.5% at 5 stacks. Again, it's just more regen through the form of omnivamp (lifesteal but for abilities, autos, magic or physical). You'll be playing to snowball with kills so you will often reach the max stacks as well!
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
It will be mandatory. It is self-explanatory. It is valuable as a tool to make plays, chase down, kite away, escape, ruin a gank, etc....
This is the rune I've been taking a majority of the time for ADC. They buffed it by increasing it from 2.5 > 3 seconds. The biggest reason why we take it on ADCs is because of the fact that almost everything in the game this season will one shot you. So, having Exhaust and helping you 1v1, kite, escape, or even kill the enemy assassins/bruisers/etc is invaluable.
This is a rare summoner spell which you'll take if there's CC in the botlane that cannot be avoided with just side-stepping. Good examples would be Leona, Cassiopeia, Veigar, Ashe (because of R), etc...
If the enemy lacks burst ( Exhaust) and don't have very threatening CC then you can opt for Heal which will benefit you more than the other two.
Skill Order
> >
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Daredevil Impulse
INNATE - STYLE: Damaging basic attacks and abilities against at least one enemy champion different from the previous damaging hit made against them grants Samira a Style stack for 6 seconds, up to 6 stacks, refreshing on damaging attacks and abilities against enemy champions. The stack count is represented by the grades E, D, C, B, A, S to the left of her health bar for Samira herself, and a stack counter underneath the bar that is visible to all units.

Samira gains 0% − 21% (based on Style grade) bonus movement speed.

INNATE: Samira's basic attacks against targets in 200 range use her blade, becoming Projectile non-projectile. Basic attacks on-hit within this range and Blade Whirl, Wild Rush, and the slash and explosives of Flair deal 2 − 19 (based on level) (+ 10% bonus AD) bonus magic damage, increased by 0% − 100% (based on target's missing health).

Additionally, Samira's basic attacks against immobilized enemies deal the attack's damage over 6 rapid attacks and knock up the target for 0.5 seconds. This causes her basic attack timer to reset and the attack to become unstoppable. If the target is not within attack range, Samira will dash into it from a certain distance and then attack. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 10 seconds.

The empowered attack can critically strike. On-hit effects are only applied once.

ACTIVE: Samira fires a shot in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits.

If a targetable enemy is in front of Samira, she will slash with her blade instead, dealing the same damage to all enemies hit in a cone.

Casting Flair during Wild Rush will cause Samira to deploy explosives along her path which detonate upon the end of the dash, dealing the same damage to enemies within the covered distance. This can be done while performing Blade Whirl and Inferno Trigger.

Both the shot and slash can critically strike for (25% + 25% IE) bonus physical damage and apply life steal at full effectiveness.
Blade Whirl
ACTIVE: Samira slashes around herself twice over 1.25 seconds, the first slash occurring immediately and the second being performed 0.25 seconds before the duration ends, each one dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

Samira destroys all hostile non-turret projectiles that enter or are in her vicinity during this time.

Samira cannot attack nor cast Flair during Blade Whirl. Casting Inferno Trigger will end Blade Whirl early without performing the second slash.
Wild Rush
ACTIVE: Samira dashes in the direction of the target allied or enemy unit and slashes all enemies in her path, dealing magic damage and gaining bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.

Takedowns on enemy champions reset Wild Rush's cooldown.
Inferno Trigger
ACTIVE: Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, rapidly shooting at all nearby enemies every 0.2 seconds over 2 seconds, slowing herself by 25% and dealing physical damage with each shot, reduced by 75% against minions.

Each shot can critically strike for (100% + 25% IE) bonus physical damage and applies life steal at full effectiveness.

Inferno Trigger cannot be cast unless the Style cost is satisfied, and will reset the grade back to 0 stacks when the effect ends.

Samira cannot attack nor cast Flair or Blade Whirl during Inferno Trigger, but she is still able to move. Inferno Trigger will end prematurely by all forms of interrupting crowd control.
Starting Items
The starting items for ADCs these days are pretty set-in stone. You'll be going Doran's blade for the most part and in some cases Doran's shield. It is important to understand that Samira is a 500 range ADC and the only other champions that share this are Lucian and Sivir. So, there will be lanes where you'll get abused hard in terms of range + poke and will want to opt for Doran's shield!
Doran's blade + 1 Potion
Doran's Blade is pretty standard on most botlaners these days and that includes Samira! It provides a good balance of AD, health, and lifesteal to help in trading, fighting, and all-ing.
Doran's Shield + 1 Potion
Considering you're 500 range and will run into match-ups that will be hard for you to fight back or stay alive in. Take Doran's Shield when they have a heavy poke lane and you want to be able to farm and scale up for level 6 so you can fight back and take control of the lane.
Core Build
Samira is a short ranged all-in ADC with an assassin's playstyle and because of this you'll be building items that help you with this playstyle while also making sure you're not easy to shutdown or kill. The core build is 3 items which starts with Immortal Shieldbow, The Collector (can be replaced by LDR vs tank comps), and lastly Infinity Edge. Almost every ADC prefers to go their mythic items first and it's because Riot designed them to be the 1-item powerspike that is core for most of the champions in the game because of how gold efficient they are!

First off, we start with Immortal Shieldbow, the reason why this is great is because it gives your AD, Attack Speed, Crit, and Lifesteal. The build path allows you to get AD + Attack Speed and a Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal/sustain in lane! This ensures you will not get poked out while you try to poke and eventually assassinate your enemies in the botlane! Once you finish the build you get a unique passive called “lifeline” which gives you a big shield 300 - 800 (based on level) for 3 seconds and bonus AD 15-35 (based on level) for 8 seconds once your HP goes below 30% of your maximum health. This allows you to go in HARD on your enemies 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2 because you'll have a lot of offense and defense bonuses from this single item which will make it hard to shut you down and make it easier for you to snowball which is very important to a champion like Samira!

Second, we'll be talking about The Collector and in rare cases if they have too many tanks or tanky champions we have Lord Dominik's Regards for that. You're going to be looking for a more focused damage item that combines Crit and Armor pen because that will be what benefits you the most since Samira's Q and R can Crit alongside her auto attacks! The Collector gives you a combination of AD, Crit, and Lethality as well as it's unique passive which executes the enemy when they fall below 5% hp and gives you an extra 25 gold. Lethality is Flat Armor pen which makes it amazing in the early game especially when the majority of the enemy team is squishy! Samira has very strong base damage levels early to mid game so it makes it the perfect second item for her! However, if you find the enemy building TONS of armor or have a few tanks then opt for Lord Dominik's Regards! It gives less AD, same Crit, and 35% Armor Pen instead of Flat as well as the unique passive Giant Slayer (0-15% bonus damage based on max hp difference) which allows you to do more damage to the people with higher hp than you. Most of the time you'll be going The Collector, but it's important to go Lord Dominik's Regards when you need to!

Last, but not least, we have Infinity Edge! It gives 70 AD and 20% Crit so it's essentially just a MASSIVE raw damage boost, but the real kicker is the unique passive which gives you an additional 35% critical strike damage once you reach 60% Crit chance which makes it the perfect 3rd item to complete the core for Samira since once you finish Infinity Edge you hit 60% right on the dot!
Situational Items
Lord Dominik's Regards
If the enemy gets tanky then look to swap The Collector with this or if you've reached 3-4 items and the enemy has now started to buy tons of armor then you can buy this later to go together with The Collector.
AD + Crit, but the biggest benefit to this item is the 20% Lifesteal which again applies to your autos, Q, and R as well as giving you blood barrier which converts excessive healing to a nice shield around 50-350. Combine this with Immortal Shieldbow and it's extremely hard to kill you. Sometimes you can buy this before Infinity Edge and delay it till after if you really need more lifesteal. But, it's best to buy it after Infinity Edge as the spike is huge.
Serpent's Fang
AD + Lethality. You'll be buying this item specifically for the passive though. It reduces all shields by 35% on the enemy for 3 seconds so you will need to buy this item if the enemy has too many shields and it's keeping you away from doing damage.
Mercurial Scimitar
AD + MR + Crit. It's a really nice item to build against magic based cc champions like Lissandra, Malzahar, Lux, Zoe, etc… The active instantly removes CC as well as giving you a nice 50% movement speed boost for 1 second.
Guardian Angel
Considering you're going to want to be aggressive and because of your ultimate and playstyle you'll often be the focus of the enemy so if you feel you need extra insurance go for it. Guardian Angel can prove useful in the mid-late game teamfight if it's becoming overwhelming to survive certain champions.
Mortal Reminder
Generally speaking you want to avoid buying healing reduction at all times because executioner's itself is a nice item, but it builds into one of the worst ADC items in the game. Try to let your teammates or tell a teammate to buy anti-heal instead. If no one else on the team will do it and you're forced to go anti-heal then keep it at executioner's for a long time and update it to Mortal Reminder later. The reason why it's good to avoid Mortal Reminder is because the stats are very underwhelming and you're paying mostly for the anti-heal passive while other roles like support, mid, jungle, top have anti-heal items with AMAZING stats alongside the normal anti-heal passive.
Randuin's Omen
If you have enough damage to kill the enemy, but they're full AD and keep killing you easily then consider Randuin's Omen. It's typically a tank item, however, because of it giving you 80 Armor, 250 health, an active that reduces their attack damage by 10% and Crits by 20% for 4 seconds, AND a passive that reduces damage from their autos by 5% +3.5% per 1000 maximum health; all of these factors combined makes it AMAZING to counter full AD comps when Guardian Angel just isn't enough to meet your needs.
Spirit Visage
This will do what Randuin's Omen does, but instead it's for full magic teams or mostly magic teams. It gives you 40 magic resist and 450 health while increasing all healing and shielding by 25% for yourself. This is a good beefy item for when they have a lot of magic burst and you want to survive through the burst long enough so that you can turn on them and kill them.
Plated Steelcaps
Gives 20 Armor and reduces damage from auto attacks by 12%. This will be the primarily boots you take as it gives you a ton of defense in the botlane and teamfights in-general since we're in an AD favored meta where a majority of the damage you will take will be AD. Since you'll be taking less damage that will also allow you to play more aggressive as a result!
Mercury's Treads
Gives Magic Resist + Tenacity. Similarly to Plated Steelcaps where you buy this if the majority of the enemy's damage is magic or they have a lot of CC and you want the tenacity to help you out.
Berserker's Greaves
Gives you 35% attack speed so if you want to go full glass cannon and damage then this is the boot you'll want.
Boots Of Swiftness
Gives an extra 15 movement speed compared to the other boot choices and reduces the effectiveness of slows by 25%! Buy these if you don't need defensive stats, but need more mobility if the enemy has many slows.
Laning Phase
The laning phase is pretty simple with Samira as the difficult part about the champion will be knowing when to go in, out, and what kind of combo you'll want to use in the given situation. For laning always keep in mind of your range as well as your passive. Your 500 range means you'll get out-ranged and poked by a lot of match-ups, however, if you build up style you can use the extra movement speed to trade better and sneak in auto-attacks while they won't be able to hit you back and will have a harder time landing spells because you have higher movement speed.

Use your Q to poke or to build up style when you decide to weave in auto-attacks for a trade. Your W will be used offensively and defensively. Think of it like a yasuo windwall, you can save it for vital moments when you think you'll get engaged on or you can use it when you decide to go in and fight them whether it's just a trade or a fully committed fight.
Remember that the W will proc twice so if you want to build up style fast then you can W > E > W (2nd proc) in one quick combo onto the enemy to get 3 grades fast. Your E can be used in multiple ways in lane. You can use it on allies, any kind of minion, jungle camps, and enemy champions. The movement is similar to a yasuo E. While dashing with E you can press Q and the Q will follow along the path! You can dash onto an ally or minion to escape or dodge a skillshot. You can jump on an enemy minion that the enemy champion is hugging. Get creative with it and remember if you get a champion kill the E will reset!

Lastly, once you get your ultimate, make sure all of your abilities are off-cooldown before committing to a fight as it is the best way to get your grades up as fast as possible. You need 6 stacks of your passive/combo to unlock your ultimate so a simple combo to try out would be Q > Auto > Q > W > E > W then you're in close range of your enemy and can use your ultimate to finish them off!
Teamfighting + Mid-Late Game
For teamfighting I'll be focusing less on combos because that'll depend on what your current cooldowns are and you'll figure out through pure experience and getting the hang of Samira. However, the part I do need to focus on teaching you all is when to go in and out of the teamfights because you'll be dancing in these teamfights quite a lot. Keep track of your style rating at all times so you know when you'll have your ultimate ready to use in the fight. As you get closer to unlocking your ultimate you'll want to get deeper into the action to let it rip. Your ultimate can easily be cancelled so the best way to avoid that from happening is to keep tracking of the cooldowns of the CC on the enemy team and their positioning so you can use your ultimate when their CC is on cooldown or not in a spot where it'll hit you. You can also use your E while you're ulting so you can dodge last second abilities with it AND when you use your E you can also use Q for extra damage on top of it all! Once your ultimate is used up then your grade gets reset back to “E” so you'll have to repeat the process again and since you're at “E” it means you'll want to be on the outer edge of the fight/kiting backwards and build up the “S” grade before going deep into the middle of the fights again.

When you're in the Mid-Late game the general factor to keep in mind is that you don't want to be alone, not always anyway. Do the typical ADC job of sticking with a teammate or two and farming up then playing for objectives. Having your team nearby will make it easier and more reliable to get off your combos for grades and overall be in a position to get a good fight. Samira is an ADC that can be alone often enough from my experience given the mobility of her passive as well as general kit, but it's not ideal compared to the opportunities you can take when you're with your team. Remember: APES TOGETHER STRONG!
KEEP IN MIND: For all combos and regarding your passive in-general. To build up your "grade" and gain movement speed per "grade" as well as reaching "S" for your ultimate. You cannot use the same ability or auto attack more than once. You must constantly use a fresh attack after each one. However, using the same attack will refresh your timer, but will not add a new "grade"
The first combo (blizz combo) to get a fast ultimate is
Auto > Q > Auto > E > Auto > W --> R
This one gets a bit tricky because you'll be trying to use the 2nd proc from your W to count towards your grade.
Auto > Q > W > E > W (2nd proc) > Auto --> R.
If you pay close attention the C skips straight to an A because of how fast the E and W (2nd proc) happen.
One thing to keep in mind is how Samira's E works. Samira's E will always use the full distance. So, if you use it in melee range on an enemy it'll shoot you right past them which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. If you use it from far then most of the time the E will bring you right on top of them instead of flying away/past them. The same applies to when you're trying to do W>E>W for combos.
Using the same knowledge that we now know of Samira's E, you can use it on jungle camps when you hug them in melee range to slingshot yourself onto the other side which could be useful to chase down your enemies or make technical retreats!
And here's an example of how you can use jungle dashing to net a kill
First off, special mention and thanks again to @Blizz_lol for helping me out with any insight I wasn't 100% sure when it came to Samira. I've been enjoying the new iterations of ADC and I'm happy they're moving away from the old right-click only ADC formula. I feel it brings more freshness to the game as well as giving us more expressive ways to display our skill. I'll be playing her for sure into ranked alongside Jhin and looking forward to her coming out onto the live servers. The pre-season is around the corner so I'll be back again to update the item builds when the time comes! Thanks for reading and until next time!

Special thanks to Hopper for banners and coding.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco
IKeepItTaco Samira Guide
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