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Rengar Build Guide by Thatdudeinthecotton

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thatdudeinthecotton

1v2 Rengar: The Bushwacka

Thatdudeinthecotton Last updated on November 21, 2013
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Table of Contents

Introduction Proof of Concept
Runes Masteries Skill Sequence
Combo's/Ferocity Early game Mid-Late game
Items Changelog/Credits


Hello and welcome fellow summoners,
My name's Thatdudeinthecotton and this is my guide to 1v2 Rengar: The Bushwacka. Its well known that this bush based assassin has easily the strongest level 2 burst combo of all the champions in the league, as well as a leap mechanic which lets him smoothly all-in his enemies as he pleases.
This makes him well equipped to deal with bot lane where the adc's are squishy and the bushes are plentiful. When performed correctly this tactic can be devastating. However I recommend using it when duo queuing or in team games instead of solo queue because it requires one to either leech xp from the junglers first buff OR get a pull on the second jungle buff that isn't being used immediately.

A vast amount of credit has to go to NINFANG, a challenger 1 player on the NA server, who coined this tactic and without whom, this guide wouldn't exist.

Proof of concept

Now it's all very well saying that a champ can fulfill a certain role, however Ive found evidence to be quite a lovely luxury when evaluating anything.

With that in mind, below is a video of a diamond 2 match using this technique. This is under the ideal conditions for this technique. A: Rengar gets pull on red buff and B: The enemy support is somewhat squishy ( Janna).

(Potentially annoying talking during vid)

Well, I hope you'll agree that, that was quite impressive. However you may now be wondering to yourself "But wait, what if I try this under bad conditions?". I would then respond with "Why would you do that??"
Thats not to say that it can't be done, however you will find yourself more hard pressed early on. Below is a 2nd demonstration, this time of a worst-case scenario: No pull on buffs, half health, all pots gone before reaching lane and support is tanky with decent damage( Jarvan IV).


Pros and Cons

-High first-blood potential
-Strongest early game burst
-zone's well with the brush
-Snowball's out of control
-Ult allows for easy kills
-You're a knife-kitty
-Requires a buff/ xp leech from jungle
-needs to capitalize on early pressence
-no strong gapcloser without the brush
-In solo queue, allies think your trolling
-Isn't officially named "Knife-kitty"
-Pirates get scurvy :(

Summoner Spells

Just gonna get this one outof the way, yes flash is a great spell choice. It can be used offensively, defensively and for anything inbetween. There's no real replacement for it.

If your combo doesn't kill your enemies, then this will. Take this to ensure your assassination's go smoothly. VERY useful.



Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Since early game burst is essential, these marks are pretty much mandatory.
greater mark of armor penetration: Not as efficient as attack damage marks early on, or even later on since alot of armor pen is already in the build.

Greater Seal of Armor: You're going into a 2v1 lane with an adc. You need the armor.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These provide some nice resistance against casters after laning phase has ended.
Greater Glyph of Attack Damage: Under the odd chance that your against a low ap team (say, Talon or Zed went mid) then these will provide another boost to your early burst.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Again, the damages, you need them. Since the faster the enemies die the less damage you take.



You mostly want to take standard AD based masteries for Rengar (ie: 21/9/0). With these you'll get the most out of his high early damage, and late game be a very powerful assassin.

Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Simple skill sequence really. You get Savagery first for its high burst damage. Battle Roar second instead of Bola Strike as the armor and mr are just too good to pass up on. Then get Bola Strike third. From then on, max Savagery first, followed by Battle Roar (as it increases the damage + armor/mr) then Bola Strike, upgrading Thrill of the Hunt whenever you can.

Combo's/Managing your ferocity

The effective use of ferocity is what separates the good Rengar players, from the bad Rengar players. Now you'll be aware of the fact that Rengars primary resource, ferocity, when maxed causes his next move to become Empowered, causing said move to trigger an additional effect.

What's important to note is that these ferocity fueled abilities have no cooldowns. This allows one to pull off the same move twice in a row, should the regular version of that attack be off of its own cooldown. By using this, Rengar at level 1, essentially has access to two damage dealing moves when he hits 4 or 5 ferocity. This is what gives him his incredible early game burst.

However, because of this, Rengar is comparatively weak when he is low on ferocity, so its advised that before you enter a fray, you use some of your abilities on minions before engaging the enemy champions.

Level 1 combo

Pretty simple combo really, though its riskier than the level 2 all in. You simply charge your ferocity until you've reached either 4 or full stacks, then leap on your target and hit Q twice. You may need to soften the enemy up a little with a couple of regular leap attacks first though.

Level 2 combo
> >

This is your ideal attack after entering lane. You'll need 3 or more ferocity to pull it off. Depending on how much ferocity you have, use Battle Roar 2nd or third in your combo, as that'll make the most out of the armor/mr buff. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste you ferocity on Battle Roar. It'll mitigate your damage heavily and the heal is paltry.

Level 3-5 combo
> > >

This will be your bread and butter combo for most of the game. This combo only requires a minimum of 2 ferocity to work, though the more ferocity the better as it'll allow you to front load your damage through Empowered Savagery.
You can mix up this combo a bit with Bola Strike. Sometimes, when in the brush, one can start with Bola Strike to ensure the rest of the combo hits after the leap. Also, if the enemies low enough on health, but getting away, Empowered Bola Strike can sometimes be useful when securing the kill. For the most part however, you want to save your ferocity for Empowered Savagery.

The triple Q
> > 2 seconds > >

Rengar's most powerful combo at his disposal. This absolutely destroys your potential target, but also can leave you totally defenseless should it fail. It also requires 3 circumstances to be fulfilled before using it.

1: You need maximum ferocity. 2: All of your moves must be off of cooldown. 3: You need to be out of combat before you use this (as in you need to be just about to start fighting)

The combo goes as so: You charge an empowered Q (which drains your ferocity), use your ultimate (this'll start charging your ferocity), wait 2 seconds to reach 2 ferocity, leap at your target(triggering your empowered Q), then use all three of your moves at once (if done correctly this'll change your 2 ferocity into 5), then finish off with one more Empowered Savagery.
Congratulations, your opponents either dead or about to be :)

For a video demonstration of this epic combo we look to Zekent:

Early game

OK, so 2v1 Rengar's first goal of the day is to either leech xp from a nearby jungler buff, or take the second jungler buff (with a leash) depending on which buff is closer to your lane and what buff your jungler starts.

As an example, lets say the jungler starts with blue buff and your team is on the blue side. Then you'll need a pull on red. However if the jungler needs blue and your on the purple side, you just help pull for the jungler then hang around to leech xp when the buff dies.

The goal here is primarily to get to level 2 before your lane opponents so that you can use the bonus armor from Battle Roar, which'll mitigate the enemies combined damage.

Now, either during or after the process of getting the buff/ leeching xp, you want to charge up your ferocity. Ideally to four or five, though at level 2, three points is acceptable. Once you have your points charged, you normally want to go for the squishier of your two opponents. Though if the enemy support can provide good utility/peel from level 1, then it would be best to deal with them first, instead of the adc. A properly executed combo can decimate most full health squishies at level 2.

Remember to use the bush to your advantage, as your leap mechanic can let you zone and engage with your opponents as you wish. Your goal by the end of laning phase is to have taken down your opponents bottom tower.

SUPER PRO TIP: you can use minions to traverse from one brush to the next. You can then use the second brush to jump on your opponent if they're in range.

Mid-Late game

As you transition into mid game you want to either take down the enemies bottom tower, or having done that, start roaming the map. Your ultimate makes ganking very easy, and your triple q combo should take down almost anyone.

Your role in teamfights is fairly simple. As an assassin your job is to generally initiate after your tank and then try to burst down the enemy carries. These would normally be the mid or adc, though this may not always be the case. Generally speaking, the squishier the target the better, as some especially weak enemies won't expend Rengar's full combo, allowing him to continue fighting. But if all of Rengar's moves go off in a teamfight, that puts him in a bad position and he should generally retreat a little until his moves come off CD (unless an enemy is literally a single auto attack away from death).


Aside from the starting items, the rest of the build is pretty standard Rengar-assassin. This is pretty flexible honestly, with the only real core items being the elixir of fortitude at the start.

Red Pot
We take elixir of fortitude and health pots for not only the very high damage, but also the bonus health it provides from the start. As rengar lacks health regen, and is 2v1, this is an ideal starting item. Take either Warding Totem or Sweeping Lens as your trinket.

Double Doran's blades
Doran's Blade give good damage, increase max health and give health on attack. All three of these things help Rengar's laning greatly. Only get 2 though, since they're dead-end items.

Boots, you need them. Would normally upgrade later on. If the enemies carry deals ad damage, build Ninja Tabi. If they have tons of cc/ ap build Mercury's Treads. If alls going well, build Berserker's Greaves.

The brutalizer
Cooldown reduction? Check. Damage? Check. Armor pen? Check. This item is just excellent in every regard. No replacement.
Bonetooth necklace
Bonetooth Necklace
Rengar's signature item, it's very cost efficient even without its kill based bonuses. If you're losing you could abstain from it, but I wouldn't.

The Black Cleaver
A big chunk of AD, a nice splash of health and a WHOLE LOT of armor pen. Works very well in tandem with your combo based nature.

Last whisper
Armor pen is just super strong on Rengar, ergo, this is super strong on Rengar.
Your argument is invalid.

The GhostBlade
Now you must make a choice between this and Ravenous Hydra. Do you want to be: super full on assassin kitty?

Ravenous Hydra
...Or super mega splitpush kitty?
You can still do both of course, just each item lends themselves more to one or the other.

Final choice
Simply put, if your having no troubles at this stage of the game, Blade of the Ruined King is exceptional.
Guardian Angel is useful when the enemy team is focusing you down before you can get your damage out.
Finally, Maw of Malmortius Is helpful against enemy mages, while also providing damage.


Obligatory shout out to:


for the guide to bbcoding that has helped almost every guide on the site.

Thanks to:


For coining this awesome strategy.

And thanks you for taking the time to read this guide. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated as I intend to iterate on this guide as much as need be :)