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Kha'Zix Build Guide by MagicBloodLine

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagicBloodLine

3v3 Domination Kha'Zix

MagicBloodLine Last updated on November 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About me

Sup, I'm MagicBloodLine a player in NA server that is really trained hard with Kha'Zix and that specializes in 3v3 Twisted Treeline & Dominion games with Kha'Zix. Kha'Zix is a great pick in Twisted Treeline map and many other guides have defined the play style in Summoners Rift, so I'm going to show you a Kha'Zix guide that will help you in twisted treeline if playing it.

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We all know that this new jungle/assasin champion is not easy to use at all and there are so many forms to build it, so it gives the chance for a polemic discussion of what masteries, runes and how to build it. In this playstyle, we will go as a burst damage AD caster, spamming mostly your Taste Their Fear and jumping ahead with Leap to enemies if a kill is possible (like how Tristana's Rocket Jump works!).

In this guide is recommend to you go mostly as an AD caster for these motives.

  • It's a champion that beneficts more in cooldown reduction than from atack speed.
  • Less auto atack dependant (more balanced if they silence or blind you)
  • Harder to counter because it's probably a new kind of champon, so enemies are less experienced againist you if you go like this guide.

Also you should try a bit harder than with most junglers to find your own style, at the momment I found it better as how I build it (of about +50 games of Kha'Zix in normals! and I'm NOT droping playing it!)

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Pros and Cons


  • Specializes at killing squishy enemy champions too quickly like Ezreal, Varus, Sivir, Twisted Fate and others.
  • It's not that dependant of auto atacks than the tought by the most people. You can take adventage of this by doing more damage by skills!
  • If silenced, you have atleast an efficent auto atacks.
  • There are many people that thinks any Kha'Zix will feed, so if mastered you can own them easly.
  • Lots of burst damage, mostly againist with tons of health enemies with low armor.
  • Items like Thornmail and Randuin's Omen doesn't apply in your skills, so they don't counter you that much.
  • Adapts more to your personal play style than most champions!
  • Leap & Taste Their Fear can work like as one skill if trained at this.
  • Really Funz to play!
  • It's not humanoid and devours yordles! :D


  • Probably very weak in your first game if built wrongly!. If that happens just DON'T get upset and try again with other build!
  • Squishy as hell
  • Enemies will get anoyed of you, so you will sometimes get their focus quickly.
  • Silence ruins you more than what you would expect if trying him.
  • Low Crown Control before lv6 because low use of Unseen Threat.
  • Hard to masterise, need specific combo of runes, masteries and items.
  • Easy to misstake at anything.
  • It's dance is probably the worst in the whole game D:

As you can see, this mele ***sasin champion Kha'Zix has lots of PROS and CONS, so it's probably that some players finds more oftnely it's cons than it's pros, resulting in probably a not funny experience with the champion.

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I bring you the information that is in the wiki of each skill of Kha'Zix in this guide plus my opinion of each one. I hope, you get what the champion.

Useful slow, also somehow low damage per hit at late game. it's your passive also it's too easy to miss if did not Leap enough near of your target and if the ultimate is not unlocked. If you have evolved Void Spike it will be added to to your Void Spike too!

Be noticed that, when you stealth with Void Assault will make your Unseen Threat reset so if used rightly your ultimate you can use Unseen Threat up to 3 times! so it mixes really good with your Void Assault.

Oftenly evolve this skill first or second depending if you are avalible to use your isolated bonus in your Taste Their Fear. It's important to max rank this skill first at lv9, but this doesn't mean that "OMG so because this skill is my first priority I will evolve ALWAYS it first!" LIE evolving your first skill is ALWAYS a situational choice. Maybe there will be a game that you DON'T have to evolve Taste Their Fear!

This is your secondary output of damage. Leap is also used here mostly as an utility skill that makes you closer of your enemies and to escape of them if needed. Remmember that if you have evolved Void Spike it will add your Unseen Threat in your Void Spike cast!. Also leveling this skill will increase your sustain.

Evolve this skill first if you can't engage in teamfights and need of some poke and pushing.

Important NOTE: if enganging directly is too dangerous, and you need to damage them, it's a must to envolve! so remplace it's priority to evolve FIRST or SECOND.

It's the skill that defines Kha'Zix because of being the only leap & gap closer with area of efect damage. Indeed my favorite skill of Kha'Zix. Also, evolve Leap first if you are in danger too oftenly. You can evolve this as an indeed second evolution if you are murdering them as little insects!

If wings are evolved, you can even tower dive and finish your prey if you are sure that you aren't going to be killed by the turret atacks and then you can Leap back as you get the kill to be safe. Leap works like Tristana Rocket Jump so as a Tristana player I get really familiarizated with evolved wings.

It is a must that you should get in levels 6, 11 and 16. It allows you to evolve one of your skill depending your needs! and this stuff is what makes what Kha'Zix is! (no-one else EVOLVES in game!). And the active stealth is useful to start a gank with it, get stealthed EXACTLY where you find that their vision ends (can be casted in a lane bush + a totally aggresive playing) and then as you can Leap them and get your pray!

A second cast is ... always good... normally the first stealth is with you begin a gank (even in your OWN lane) at +lv6, but the second cast can be used or to engange your oponent or to leave with after you get him. Can be used to escape as well, if used a stealth cast and then Leaping in the other directon (if wings evolved), may save you most of the times.

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Some explication for why I recommend these masteries.

If learning Kha'Zix, a explanation of the 2 group of masteries: BASE OFFENSIVE TREE and SECONDARY MASTERY TREE (2 ways to compense)

We begin at explaining first the BASE OFFENSIVE TREE, by me a Must to have!



Summoner's Wrath [1]: Adds you more slow in your exhaust summoner spell, making more probable that you perma slow your target as you reach him.
Brute Force [3]: Simple, 3 AD in Kha'Zix is better than 3 AP. It's not much, but helps your early a little.
Alacrity [4]: Always that 4% more atack speed is helpful, appart it's totally needed for weapon expertice mastery.
Weapon Expertise [1]: helps you a lot to enemies that stacked a lot of armor, appart of finishing even more quickly your squishy targets in mid/late game.
Sorcery [2]: Helps you to get the other masteries, kinda preffer getting 2 Sorcery than to 2 of Deadliness because helps you to coordinate softly earlier your skills and because 2 points of Deadliness only adds you +4.5 damage at lv18.
Havoc [3]: increases your damage dealt by 1.5%, by any way. It helps more than +9 ad at lv18 from Deadliness
Sunder [3]: Helps a lot, mostly againist low armored enemy champions. In first levels, it's stronger than in late game.
Executioner [1]: Helps you to last hit enemy champions below 40%, I don't see any reason why not getting it.


Those, are for me are the MUST to have in your mastery tree, it's the base of your mastery tree build. Now you can look at 2 different forms to complete your 9 left mastery points.

Standard Kha'Zix complement


Hardiness [3]: It's for anyone of us, probably the best mastery defense that anyone can use. No need of more explanation.
Resistance [1]: +2 Magic Res that will allow you to get the combo of Veteran's Scars and Durability . It will help you mostly at low levels, you don't need of more Magic Ressistance because oftenly there is more physical damage in the enemy team matchups and you gain base Magic Res per level too.
Durability [4]: It gives you health per level, but if you have 4 points in Durability you can take a much better mastery that helps a lot in lv1 that is named Veteran's Scars .
Veteran's Scars [1]: This mastery values much in the first level of the game, also when getting higher levels it's getting despreciable the starting +30 max health bonus.


This the mastery tree complementation of your base if you are a low trained Kha'Zix, so for this reason these masteries are in the recommended Mastery Build if you can look at top again. These allow you to survive longer if you do not own well trained reflexes with Kha'Zix, raising your chances of surviving if done a misstake.

UTILITY [8/9] & DEFENSIVE TREE [1/8] (Way 2)
Mastered Kha'Zix complement


Good Hands [3]: Some less time in graveyard will always be helpful. I consider it for Kha'Zix a better mastery than Expanded Mind . As a gift it will save you of anoying wasted time if slain, so these few seconds will make your enemies retreat some seconds sooner if not final pushing and will give you some extra time to farm.
Improved Recall [1]: Makes your recalls 0,5 seconds quicker, thing that rarely CAN save you.
Swiftness [4]: It's the main point of the mastery tree (Way 2). This aditional movement speed may be the difference if you to catth with a Taste Their Fear to your target or not.
[Defensive Mastery] [1]: Recommend you to leave this mastery tree slot for Hardiness , Resistance or Tough Skin depending your prefferences.


This last one is the one that I use actually because I got anoyed of that very frustrating feeling of that you are too near of hitting your Taste Their Fear but then arrives any enemy champion or your target flashes away at time, so by adding that +2% movement speed in the mastery tree, I felt the ressults of chasing these objectives at time.

If you consider that your survivavility is needlessly high (never die like), if you consider that you would preffer movement speed instead that "needlessly" high survivavility, then it's recommended to go the Way 2 "Mastered Kha'Zix" complementation. You may die sometimes when trying this instead the other way.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells

Flash: It works as a second Leap that can be used in the same direction or in the opposite if needed to fallback for danger. Usually, try to get kills WITHOUT using Flash to leave it free to cast in other situation that can save you if you are ganked in lane/jungle. But if you couldn't engage or will not reach your target without Flash then use it IF you are sure that you will get the kill(s) because it's cooldown may be a cons for later.

Exhaust: Exhaust is probably the most anoying Summoner Spell if casted on you. Synerges really good with your Unseen Threat, allowing you to use your passive more ofently and if both are working at the same time, the enemy will have an insignificant movement speed. If you have Summoner's Wrath in your masteries, it will even low their armor by 10 making you to deal a more true damage like in any skill and auto atacks.

Ignite: You can mind in it if you consider that you need of more damage output in early game and don't consider the slow of the Exhaust. Useful againist targets like Dr. Mundo that has a sick sustain if casted on him Sadism. Personally I preffer by a lot Exhaust over Ignite because Ignite doesn't influence a fight that much than Exhaust.

Cleanse: I know that it's a great summoner spell, but it's not still my favorite one at all. It's totally better than Quicksilver Sash item because a summoner spell slot values less than an item slot, but still I preffer by a lot my Exhaust summoner spell.

Heal: Heal is viable in anyone just because it influences more in a 1v1 fight than an Ignite and it's a very strong summoner spell in 3v3 teamfights, so if you are a fearless diver or just want to troll your enemies with it just go ahead, it's a really strong summoner spell. It's only disadventage againist other summoner spells is it's cooldown of 300 seconds to be casted again.

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Credits and thanks

I dedicate this chapter for a guide that is actually helping me with these BBcodes that is named "Making A Guide" created by jhoijhoi.

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Post Data

This chapter does NOT own information or explanation about the strategy and reasons that this guide tries to show you. It is just a little optional information that if wanted, can be read to have a general information of how this guide did envolve. Remmember that the guide that you are reading is actually UNDER construction, I'm working actually on it adding some more BBcodes than in my other Kha'Zix guide. The guide Might be acceptably complete at version 1.0.0v

The actual version is Alpha.0.3v.b.

Please leave feedback, I'm open for any constructive one.

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More work and job is comming to this guide, PLEASE leave FEEDBACK if UPVOTING or DOWNVOTING because rating without a comment is just a useless feedback.