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Warwick Build Guide by eric4848

3v3 Warwick Guide

3v3 Warwick Guide

Updated on August 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author eric4848 Build Guide By eric4848 4 3 55,466 Views 1 Comments
4 3 55,466 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author eric4848 Warwick Build Guide By eric4848 Updated on August 19, 2012
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Me winning ranked games in 3v3

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This guide will show you how to win in 3v3 normal and ranked games using Warwick.

If you follow this guide correctly, you will win most of your games if not all of them.
For that to happen you must:
  • Be solo top. If you are not solo top you will be useless. And thrust me Warwick is THE best solo top in 3v3.
  • Always do your half of the top jungle.
  • PUSH your line. ALL the time.
  • Be aware of MIA's.
  • KNOW that your champion has a lot of viability. If you get ganked, don't worry.
  • Buy Madred's Bloodrazor.
  • And finally (most important) FARM.
If you farm a lot you will get higher level than enemy players thus becoming very strong (you will be able to 1v3). Remember to always LAST HIT minions or else pushing the line is not as useful.

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When we first started playing ranked 3v3, we thought it was only about team fights and ganking. We won a decent number of games but the higher our elo went, the harder it came back down.
One day we tried something new: Never team fighting. We won 11 ranked games in a row, playing Warwick, Annie and Lee Sin.

Here is how we did
I know this sounds weird but you must at all times AVOID TEAM FIGHTS in early and mid game. The other team will go running from top to bot lane wasting their time trying to gank your team and not farming. You will get away from them escaping by jungle and go back on your lane to farm. If you do that late game you will get PLENTY of kills and will be able to push even more and destroy turrets.
Remember to always push the turrets and destroy them as fast as possible. As soon as you see 2 enemy's Bot lane, push your turret. You can contain 1 enemy while attacking turret. Just use your Q on minions, not on him, since the turret will focus you if you do.

During late game, the strategy changes. You must team fight with your level advantage. Plus, since you've been destroying turrets mid game, they wont have anywhere to run.
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Starting items Boots Core items Depending on your team Depending on enemy team
  • Wit's End, if enemy team has more AP
  • If enemy team has more AD skip this item and get late game items.
Late game items

-Don't start off with Boots. A lot of beginners do this mistake. Always start with a Dorans item in 3v3. ( Doran's Blade, Doran's Shield, Doran's Ring
-If you want to win take Mercury's Treads, but you can also use Sorcerer's Shoes, Berserker's Greaves (if you are a beginner), Boots of Swiftness or Mobility Boots (for easy backdoor and gank).
- Madred's Bloodrazor is a MUST.
- Madred's Bloodrazor, Black Cleaver, Wit's End, Malady are all good items for Warwick since they can Stack on his ULT.
-In this build I suggested Malady but if your team is rather AD than AP replace it by Black Cleaver.
- Spirit Visage is great for Warwick's natural lifesteal and cooldown reduction.
- Guardian Angel makes you virtually unbeatable. But buy this only if you manage to get high level.
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Marks: Armor pen all the way. Attack speed for beginners.
Glyphs: Cooldown reduction is very usefull. You can also use Magic Resist/ level.
Seals: Armor is just good don't bother using other runes for seals.
Quints: Armor pen all the way.

I recommend going mainly offensive and a bit in either Utility or Defence.
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Summoner spells

I use Ignite and Flash.
Flash is a MUST in 3v3 since there are lots of walls where you can flash through. Ghost is good in 5v5, but not as effective as Flash in 3v3.
Ignite enables you to ensure kills. For those who prefer Exhaust go ahead, but i recommend Ignite over Exhaust.
Don't take Smite unless you plan on only going in the jungle and having 2 solo lanes. I don't recommend doing this with Warwick. He is MUCH better solo top/jungling occasionally, and for that you do NOT need Smite. If you need a character that will only do jungle take Udyr or Lee Sin.
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Pros and cons

  • Easy jungling and returning to the line afterwards
  • Good LifeSteal to help you solo top and jungle
  • Great Viability
  • Great backdooring ability
  • Good farmer
  • Best 1v1 character in League of legends
  • Good damage output early/mid/late game
  • Must be sure to have good allies that can hold bot lane
  • Very vulnerable to CC (Stuns, fear, snare, etc.)
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Magewick and pure attack speed warwick ARE BAD

Its just bad. Really. Warwick is a good champion because he can have good viability with good items. If you build attack speed/AP, you loose that advantage and become squishy.
  • MageWick: You won't be able to backdoor.
  • Pure attack Speed: You will be too squishy and extremely vulnerable to CC.
  • Tanky DPS (I RECOMMEND): OP.
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You will need 2 characters that won't need your help early game and at least one that can PUSH a line. Make sure you have one burst damage MAGE (I recommend Annie or Brand). You will also need one FIGHTER except Kayle, Gragas and Vladimir. They count as mages. Don't take 2 mages.
Best FIGHTERS for 3v3: Other good characters for your team:
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First Blood (level 1)

Level 1:
Objective: Gank other player's solo top.
Watch this video for the BEST technique for first blood in 3v3.
(unknown embed type)
Video will be up soon
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Early Game (level 2-6)

In 3v3 early game is very short.
Basically you will farm top.
NEVER gank bot before level 6. Early game you are slow, you won't be able to get high damage output and most importantly, you will waste time.
Try to do the wolf/golem as much as possible and last hit ALL the minions. With practice, you will only get last hits on minions.

Green circles: Only places you should be in early game.
Red circles: Places where MIA enemies will gank you. If there are MIA's, plan your escape route before they arrive.
Purple dot: Where you will place a ward in order to have control on the top jungle.
Blue arrows: Easy escape route if you are pushing to turret.
Orange dots: Turrets

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Mid Game (Level 6-12)

During this period of time, you will become stronger and stronger.
By level 12 you should have approximately 100 minion kills and your Madred's Bloodrazor.
-Gank bot from time to time.
-Ward Dragon
-Kill Dragon
-Clear top jungle as often as possible
-PUSH your line
-Not feed enemy team
-And most importantly Destroy turrets
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Late Game (level 12-18)

At this point you are very strong. You have at least 3 levels higher than enemy champions. Don't be afraid to backdoor. Place wards (if inventory is not full) to help your friends. At this point of the game you can team fight as much as you want. You will be very happy you farmed early/mid game.
If you destroyed the inhibitors, but can't reach the nexus/inner turret, you can use the flash technique. Just flash from the jungle to the enemy nexus. The wall is not very thick so it is very easy to end the game this way. Use your W and by the time they realize you are in their base the game will be over.
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Who to ban in ranked games

Tryndamere is the best 3v3 champion make sure he is banned.

Other very good bans:
Udyr, Garen, Singed
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If you followed this guide, by level 12 you will be able to 1v2 almost any characters, Since you should have at least 3 levels higher than them.
By level 16 You will even be able to 1v3 some teams.
I once did a quadra kill in 3v3 !! (I 1v3 enemy team then a Nunu used revive. I managed to kill him on time to get a quadra kill :P )

( Don't look at the build on the picture i was level 18 at the time)
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After you did first blood hold down SHIFT+4 while walking. It will appear you are glitching and laughing at the same time. Enemy players will be mad.
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Good Luck :P

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Me and my friend 1v1 Xin Zhao with 115% lifesteal

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