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Xin Zhao Build Guide by smexxxy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author smexxxy

5.13 Hated and Sated - Carry Your Team from Jungle! Gank Gan

smexxxy Last updated on July 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Try this Build out and Slay people!
Carried myself out of bronze, and carried the team via jungling with Xin!
New sated devo will carry games, and you must gank heavily!!! This is what xin shines at!

Gank bot lane over, and over, and over!

Look up on lolnexus and see who is on that losing streak, and camp the **** out of them HAHA!

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Starting: Just Start Bot side for a fast leash, so we can get to the real g

Start Gromp or Golems - Smite right when the camp spawns! (unless playing versus an enemy jungler that will invade you. i.e. Shaco, NuNu.)

Go Blue or Red. - (Hint might want to throw your ward at the apex of the walls if you feel an invade! i.e. Shaco)

Go Wolves or Chicken - Smite should be up so go ahead and use it for now, since we haven't and aren't going to base for Blue Smite Yet.

You hit Level 3 Congrats! You should have 1 point in each skill and should now be going for a Bot Lane, or Mid Lane Gank.

Yes we are leaving our opportunity to get double buffs, but Xin is the god of lvl 3 gank power, and you should use his strength!

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LVL 3 Gank Bot Lane: Lane Gank! or River Gank!

Bot lane at level 3 will either be pushed in your favor, or theirs, and it doesn't matter because in both situations they're both gankable!!! Yes, yes, yes you can do it! Slay Slay Slay!!

If pushed in your favor and the enemy is pushed towards your turret, go for river gank!
Walk in lane and DO NOT Initiate with E unless you can't get to the ADC! You want to save it for when they flash or use there escape so you can secure your knock up!

If pushed in enemy favor and the enemy is closer to there turret go for lane gank! Type to your team! Lane ganks take awareness and coordination, but can also have a very high and rewarding feeling of success if achieved! Type and say you are lane ganking, and need them to set it up! In this case you will need to E for gap closer straight off the back, and probably will flash to secure kill or land your knock up.

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LVL 3 Gank Mid Lane: Go alllll the way around! and don't E to initiate!

You should only gank mid lane if lane is pushed in your favor, and you know it's gankable lvl 3. i.e. your midlaner has hard cc, or has heavily damaged them already.

If you decide to gank mid go the long way around!
This will highly increase your success rate, and or blow there summoners like no tomorrow!

To increase the gank of mid lane you want to walk all the way around, and not come through Mid Bush. If they see you come from Mid Bush they will walk to the bush you are not at and try to escape, forcing you to use E for gap closer, which we want to save it for when they Flash, or use there escape! So to avoid this walk around and walk into lane from the enemy's back side.

Hint, walk on the outer most edge to avoid ward even if it's in the side lane!.

Blue smite them if you have it, W, Q, and be ready for the flash after you knock them up. THIS IS WHEN YOU E on them! you successfully gapped closed and continued raining havoc on them. Keep going HAM, and don't be scared to flash and take a tower hit. GJ with that gank!

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LVL 3 Gank Top Lane: Lane and River

Top lane is a bit different from bot lane ganking but still approached the same way.
There is a higher chance that the river is warded by the time you get there, but ask or keep an eye out to see if river gets warded.

Always if you can do not initiate with E, and save it for gap closer when they Flash.

If river is warded and lane is pushed in your favor:
Tell your top laner to use there cc and start a fight, continue to go through river!

If River is warded and lane is pushed in enemy favor:
Go for lane gank by getting into the bush, have them start a fight and pop out like a birthday present out of the bush!

I rarely gank top at lvl 3, and usually do it after i have ganked bot or mid at lvl 3, then do my red, and then go top!!!

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Skill Sequence

Initiate All In:
1. Q, is last here because it enables W, and E to get reduced cool down per Q hit.
2. This is used to Gap CLose First and then continue to Knock Up.

Gank Tastic COmbO!!!
W-Q-*enemy flashes*-E
1. This is the best combo for ganking, and is dont if you can walk right up to the enemy and knock them up. When they flash, or use an escape, E right back on to them!

Full Burst Combo to Kill:
BOTRK Active, E-W-Q, R, Blue Smite.

Advanced Combos:

Slapped Out of Place:
Flash> Ultimate.
This is useful when you are chasing or want to save someone and put the enemy out of place if you haven't applied your passive to them via auto attacking them.
This is useful when chasing and you want to slap the enemy backwards for example! Flash in fron of them and hit them backwards with your ultimate! Secures kills!! and saves friends :)

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Devourer Stacks:
Large Camp Monster: 1 point
Scuttle Crab: 2 points
Dragon: 5 points!

You must be the one to last hit dragon, and everything else for you to receive stacks towards being Sated!