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Vi Build Guide by vic10tor2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vic10tor2

[6.15] Vi ~ Here to save to save the day AND reck it

vic10tor2 Last updated on July 30, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my third guide so far, I like helping others learn and I too like to learn. Last season I made Platinum V, now I hit Diamond V with good winrates. Jungle is a hard role and there are many better junglers out there than me, but for the sake of this guide I should suffice :)

Jungle is my second role, I like it for the control it gives you and it allows you to play off of your awareness more.

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[6.15] for Vi

Hecarim got a nerf, Vi is not the best but she's ok. No big jungle changes.

Loads OP champs this patch. Build vi with the new trinity to become a real powerhouse.

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Vi in general

Vi is a bruiser always, if you decide to build her differently it's only as Full AD WHEN FED. Building trinity force standard does not work on any champ that doesn't need it as core, which is most champs. A bruiser must always weigh up what to build: dmg or tanky but should almost never go full out for 1 of the 2 either. This gives you alot of options but also requires a bit more game knowledge to build properly. As we're playing jungle and jungle needs game knowledge anyway, this is a good match.

Vi relies heavily on her Q Vault Breaker and ultimate for ganks or teamfights. Jungle wise E Excessive Force and W are most important. After using Q, make sure you always hit an auto attack and E after, to get the W Denting Blows proc otherwise your ganks lose alot of burst. Thanks to her CC and playmaking spells she will always be popular.

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Armor helps you clear in jungle and in early ganks/skirmishes. Atk damage is the same. Glyphs are the only thing I'd change except for MAYBE going mixed scaling health with armor. Swap out MR for CDR scaling/flat or MR scaling. You could get atk speed or something but not wurf IMO as you can reset auto attacks with E + You are more bursty with AD scaling.

Move spd is a no go on The piltover enforcer.

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As a bruiser, your choices are very broad, but this also makes it a bit harder to decide.

I always build the tracker's variation on Vi she has plenty CC and vision control is worth more + easier to manage smite compared to Challenging smite. Vi is no 1v1 champion or splitpush so again Challenging smite is not good on Vi. The warrior enchant is still best on Vi for champion burst damage.

Clearing is faster and it deals good damage to tanks (sustained HP% damage). Match this item with black cleaver, you'll apply stacks fast combined with your W Denting Blows armor pen. What I'm not sure of is wether you should max W with this build.

This item looks nice on paper especially with Spirit Visage but it's not good on vi. You don't aim to stack health + stacking health in this meta is pointless anyway.

A very strong item and mainly for when you get fed or your team needs more dmg (2 tanks for instance). If you bought Phage but end up behind, sit on it and start building tanky/utility. If you have more than 1 part of trinity then finish it.

a snowball item only, but it can be nice on Vi

the best armor item in the game with super useful passives and actives, a personal favorite of mine.

An early Hexdrinker will protect you from AP carries and give you some nice dmg.

The best MR item that synergizes with your shield and Ult engage. As your ult is unstoppable, you can dodge 2 big skillshots with this if timed well. Sitting on just the cowl and finishing another item can be very effective.

Get this item if you have lifesteal or alot of other healing sources, or they are very ap heavy and you combine it with banshees/Maw.

A good item for clears and armor, Got nerfed quite a bit + damage is more important these days. I prefer Atk Spd slow armor items on this patch for sure.

I only rarely built this item, but as it has gotten cheaper it's much more viable. Your main issue as Vi is applying all the stacks or applying it on many people. But combining this with the new jungle item will be a strong match for sure.

Lost synergy with Maw of Malmortius as lifeline mechanic got nerfed. Effective against burst champions, However other items are way better right now.

Good stats and gives move speed if you need it, the passive is up more as a jungler and wasted less, which is nice. If you didn't get sunfire early, get this item instead if you're looking for a 2nd armor item.

Gives mana, CDR, **** ton of armor. NO health though so match it with something that has HP. Hexdrinker into Frozen Heart is a bad option for instance as 50% damage reduction when you have low HP won't help you as much. I pick this item up for the passive mainly, though I prefer Randuin's Omen

Really good boots right now for an offensive Vi, cheap, CDR and summoner CDR. Watch out for CDR cap though.

With all these choices you should build meta items and what your game requires. Never have your build grow stale as this forfeits the power of having the options listed above.

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You want to kite monsters like Golems, wolves and blue buff. Other monsters are not kiteable. (except part of red buff)

Kiting means hitting walking back and hitting again, care for resets though
(the bar above HP). This for HP purposes and pulling monsters in brushes or closer to your planned destination. Longer the game goes on, less interesting jungle kiting becomes.
After clearing first camp, level E Excessive Force as fast as possible, this will make it reload faster. Use E each time it's up to reset AA, only hold it if you have 1 stack and shield is coming off coolown very soon. Opponents can see the shockwave of your E so mind this when invading and such.

You want to position monsters and minions in such a way that they ALL get hit by E Excessive Force. If you learn to align this skill really well you can get ranged kills on very low Champions. I feel it is a must have on any good Vi main

A quick tip on doing this is using Q Vault Breaker over walls of camps and if you hit all mobs, they will get clustered + you maximize Q dmg. Q can be mana heavy though, E Excessive Force should be used almost constantly IMO. Vi's biggest issue is she clears slow without damage.

For minion wave pushing you want to hit the wave straight with Q so melee -> caster minions then E from the casters back to your side of the map. If it's dangerous obviously just use E from melee minions position.

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Team Work

Vi has a gamechanging ult Assault and Battery! You want to use it to either force a fight you will certainly win (favorable numbers for instance), to peel for your carries or to sit on their carries.

Assault and Battery can only be stopped by things like stasis, morgana's shield or you dying. In very rare cases if your target goes insanely far away it could cancel as well, but normally you follow. This means that you can have swag like a Master Yi and avoid CC from game changing spells like azir's wall Emperor's Divide.

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Controlled Playstyle

If you want to be a shotcaller (yes even in soloQ), then you need vision as knowledge is power.
It also simplifies the use of your Smite if you take Tracker's Knife.

Get vision in their jungle or in river, if you're getting invaded alot or you are behind it's best to ward jungle entrances on your side. Having vision of the enemy jungler opens up alot more certainty for your entire team and relieves pressure, especially against heavy gank champions.

Counterjungling is something you should only do if you have: vision, more power overall, lanes have pressure. The easiest by far is if you have vision, if they are top and you are bot there's alot you can do. If dragon is not safe and you do not have to defend turrets then this is your queue to invade.

Scuttle crab is something you should look to pick up especially after your first clear if possible. You can take it after your first clear instead of another camp to get Tracker's Knife if the odds are ever in your favor summoner.

Most games you will both start bot side with your adc and support for a leash. This means you will both end up top lane and are mirroring eachother. Counter ganking top could be VERY strong so keep it in mind. Use your first trinket to ward against an invade,
I generally do it either at red or blue as wolves and raptors should be easy to escape or punish an invade.

Next up: pink ward This is a must have for any good jungler.

Anyway, Pink wards let you control vision even more and control objectives like dragon or baron.

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Basics to warding

Good rule of thumb that applies to all lanes.

You ward according to your position on the map and what you hope to achieve in the future.

As a winning team, ward forward as no enemy will be in your jungle if you have decent map control.

As a losing team ward defensive, this being in your own jungle as you need to protect you and your team from where the enemy will be spending most of their time + you can actually do more with this information than deep wards.

The line is the line of defense blue team still have (tier 2 turrets), both teams want to ward like in this example. So sweeping these areas with red trinket is key.
Objective warding you want to do before taking it, sometimes you won't have the time to set up proper vision but get some at the very least. So if drake is spawning in 1 minute tell your team: prep drake then you get wards in and shove lanes.

Early game warding depends on matchups and mainly your champions wishes. Amumu wants to avoid getting invaded so he uses wards in his own jungle or at entrances to defend his farm. Elise however has little use for a defensive ward vs this amumu. So she can use it assist lanes, get a deep ward in -> make her plays or future plays secure.

Now we are not Amumu or Elise so where does Vi fit in. Kind of in the middle, she's medium power for invading and 1v1 and she always spikes in mid game. You can gank early with Q but you should normally focus on hitting 6 fast. You're not like Warwick who is useless pre 6 but you're no Elise either who has to work off of her early.

Use your Sweeping Lens either for ganks or to invade safely. Later in the game use it for clearing their defensive or agressive wards.

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General Decision Making

If your laner died, chances are his lane is being pushed. If it's safe you definitely want to defend his turret and pick up his lost CS. Some bad players will rage over this and ping you off, but as they prefer turrets kill minions over you we're leaving them behind in the lowest depths of ELO.

Kills are a means to objectives and winning the game, not just for the sake of them. This sounds logical but so many players don't press their advantage after taking kills. I'm not talking about killing them over and over again or ganking other lanes. While this is all good, your main goal is to push in the wave at the very least (unless your laner wants to stay for some reason). Going for turrets or dragon is your main goal though. [6.9] patch Dragons are OP so focus on them hard especially with the right elements.

Baron is on a whole different level. For baron you need to consider many things.

First up:

Do they have vision? And do I care?
If your team can teamfight well, burst baron and is ahead then by all means go for it.

Second step:

How many members do we have and do they have. While this could be the first step, considering vision is more important I feel as anyone can take a baron with enemy vision if they are aced.

Third step:

So you want to take baron, try to set it up as best as you can. You'll need vision of your own, clear their vision and make sure your waves are pushed. If your team is likely to lose a fight at baron pit, do a baron dance or bait baron. Baiting baron is harder with blue trinkets but if you clear them, all they'll know is you are at baron doing something maybe?? A baron dance is if the enemy team is near to baron as 4 or 5 and you poke them down until you can press an advantage.

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Getting Invaded

The best scenario you have when getting invaded is that you either traded for something (top gank/invading his jungle at the same time) the only other good option is you stopping his invade or killing him.

For any invade you need to check the map first and plan ahead. (tbh for all plays really)
Use the count heads system from n3ac3y -> 3 people on the map and 1 teammate is in position to help me if sht goes south -> have good vision, be ready to run or simply go somewhere safer to farm.

Most early invades, your team can actually help you. However many people will be too focused on laning at this time. Tell your team: "If i get invaded, be ready"
Don't just trust them to do the right thing ALSO if they are losing and farming under turret or just too low HP DONT be that guy who btches "OMG you didn't come you -insert flame" That is 100% on you.

So we get it invades are situational
Good responses to invades:

Stop your contested camp -> getting invaded at red buff early? stop the buff, wait from a distance and call allies. Even if they don't show, he will tank the camp instead of you. If your team shows you get a kill or the contested camp, thus putting your opponent behind instead of you.

Ward over red buff wall or over blue buff to keep yourself safe. Pull camps in brushes or towards safety while clearing
Ward your jungle entrances later on

Mirror his invade, this is a balsier method but very strong as it cancels out your farm loss. Maybe you even clear faster than your opponent so you can get a small lead. Obviously this method is hard and you will need to predict your opponents invade or have it warded. Mirroring invades is something you can see often in LCS lane swaps. An important thing to note is that the enemy team will have way more pressure on the side you are not farming and vice versa.

Take advantage of habits, every player has habits and identifying them can be very powerful. Just like someone might always dodge a skillshot to the right, a jungler might always ward the same spot or set up his invade the same way, gank the same lanes.

A weak jungler needs farm so don't go forcing bad ganks as you won't have the muscle needed to back it up.

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VIDEO: Vi Basic Jungle Clear + Tips vs invades