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Teemo General Guide by loboknight

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loboknight

[6.20] The Teemo TakeOver (Top Lane)

loboknight Last updated on October 21, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen Garen is a very easy math-up against Teemo early and late game; play very aggressive until he hits level 6. As Garen's ultimate has a decent range, stay in a safe distance with deffensive shrooms (which I'll explain below).
Darius Darius will be an easy but at the same time annoying match-up for you. If we pulls you with his axe, use a shroom and kill him.
Master Yi Nowadays, you won't see any Yi players in top lane... but just in case. He's extremely easy, blind him with your Q and poke him with your E until he's half health, then dive using W and ignite.
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Hello, my name is loboknight. I'm one of those Teemo players out there, Teemo was my first main and favorite champion until now. Unlike MOST of the other Teemo guide makers out there, I know how's it like to be a Teemo noob and how to master his abilities. I've seen bronze and challenger players play Teemo; based on their mistakes and successes I'm making this guide. I hope you find useful and like the guide as much as I would've if I had read this guide when I just started playing Teemo.

In this guide we'll talk about masteries, runes, pros and cons, mushroom placements and some tips and tricks using Teemo.

PS: This is my FIRST guide, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Gives you a attack damage. Choose this or Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration depending of the build you chose from this guide, but I prefer Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage since I use the Auto Attack Build the most.

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration: Gives increased armor and magic penetration, in either case if you choose what quintessence it will work.

Greater Seal of Armor: Gives you extra armor that you that will combine with Frozen Mallet.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power: Gives you extra AP, great poke and auto attack effect.

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· Feast: Your main healing source, heals after killing minions.
· Vampirism: You steal a bit of life from enemies.
· Opressor: Deals increased damage when targeting an enemy with stun and/or slowdown, combined with Noxious Trap it deals crazy damage.
· Secret Stash: Not only does it heals you much more than a regular potion, but it also restores a lot of mana.
· Precision: Gives you more armor penetration in case your enemies have magic resist.

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· Extremely GOOD poking
· Nice lane sustain
· Very hard to gank against
· Map control

· Mushrooms can be destroyed using oracle, ugh
· Not many combos
· Only escapes are Flash and Move Quick (W)

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After Teemo stands still for a 1.5 seconds, Teemo gets invisibility. After he gains invisibility, no enemy champion gets sight of Teemo, unless he moves or attacks, increasing his attack speed by 80%. When having Camouflage you can move in a bush without losing your passive. To get full advantage of the passive: When running out of HP in a 1v1, use your W (Move Quick) to run into a bush, don't move and the passive will do the work. If the enemy is using skillshots, move around the bush since it won't remove the passive.

When Teemo uses Blinding Dart (Q), it deals a percentage of your AP damage over 4 seconds and makes your enemies miss all their auto-attacks for 2.5 seconds. Using it right will give you a massive advantage against lane 1v1s. To get full advantage of Blinding Dart: Always have it selected, not the champion, but the ability. Always click it so you can see the range, so when the enemy gets close enough you will blind him and make him useless.

When Teemo uses Move Quick (W), he gains double your current movement speed for 3 seconds, it a percentage of your speed until you recieve ANY damage. To get full advantage of Move Quick: With this build you don't have teleport, so you will need a lot of speed to catch up in farm. Use your W to give a burst of speed and get to lane faster. Avoid recieveng ANY damage so you keep the bonus, so keep minions in front.
When going for a kill have W prepared in case that the enemy jungler shows up or in case the enemy uses flash.

The reason Teemo... is Teemo. He deals poison dealing a lot of scaling magic damage + a percentage of your AP for 4 seconds. It's a great ability to poke and annoy enemies. To get full advantage of Toxic Shot (E): Last hit minions so when the wave is cleared you can auto attack your enemy. Kite and you will refresh the damage the enemy receives for 4 seconds.

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Correct Poking with Teemo

Poking With Toxic Shot

Against a Melee Champion

Against a melee champion laning phase against Teemo should be impossible if Teemo plays right. To correctly poke with Teemo you need to learn Teemo's range, I'd recommend going on a custom match and practice your auto attack against minions. Once you've learned your range, you will learn how to poke amazingly. To poke with your Toxic Shot (E) you just have to connect auto attacks, that shouldn't be hard. As you alrady learned the auto attack range of Teemo, whenever the enemy champion is in range give him from 2 to 3 auto attacks and half of his/her life should be gone.

Against a Ranged Champion

Against a ranged champion too much poking is not reccomended, since the enemy will feel afraid and ask for a gank (most of the times). If you have poked for a long time and the enemy doesn't go to base feel free to dive for a kill when the enemy is at low health. To practice poking against ranged champions make a custom match and go to the jungle. Practice by hitting jungle monsters and trying not to get hit (kiting), when you master it no one should be a big problem.

Poking With Blinding Dart

Poking with Blinding Dart (Q) is really simple, just keep the ability selected, so when the enemy comes in range you blind it. It has a low cooldown, so you can mix the Blinding Dart with the Toxic Shot. About 3 matches from now on, you should be able to predict enemy movements and know when is it better to silence and poke the enemy.

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Mushroom Placement

Learning Teemo aren't you? Great, so let's go a step further. There are basically 3 shroom placements, these are: Offensive Shrooms, Deffensive (Or Anti-Gank) Shrooms, and Informational Shrooms.

Offensive Shrooms: This shrooms are very self-explanatory, they're for aggressive playstyle and when you want a kill. To get a better function for Offensive Shrooms, poke your enemies and bait them until they follow you and step in a shroom. Combined with your Runes, Masteries and Noxious Trap passive you'll do a lot of damage. If you feel insecure, use Ignite and kite. After mid game, the offensive shrooms will not be effective if you put them in lane. Place them in TeamFights and they'll be very effective. Below is a map giving some examples of correct Offensive Shroom Placement (IN LANE PHASE).

Deffensive (Or Anti-Gank) Shrooms: Shrooms placed for defensive purposes. This shrooms should be placed in areas where you expect danger and/or ganks. DO NOT confuse them with Informational Shrooms, since they can be placed in similar areas, but their purposes are very different. Below, you will find example placement for this types of shrooms.

Informational Shrooms: The function of this shrooms share the function of a Warding Totem, to know where your enemies are and how safe objectives are. Although they gave the same function as a Ward, they are much better since they provide a slow down to enemies and will give you extra time to secure the objectives or save an ally.
NOTE: I will only show shrooms in one part of the map, but you will place them in both sides of the map depending on what side are your enemies on. Just imagine the image as in a "mirror" effect and you'll get the idea.

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What Build to Choose? (From this Guide)

So, WHAT BUILD SHOULD I CHOOSE? Well, that depends.
If you already master poking and have a good map awareness, the Auto Attack Build is the perfect Teemo build for you. It provides amazing lane pushes (and split push) and gameplay, while still having a great performance in late game, it shines the most in mid game.
If you master every matchup in the top lane and have the AP runes, the AP Teemo Build is just right for you. With some great scaling damage it performs amazingly in 1v1s in the lane. In team fight you will deal massive amounts of damage, but will have low health.

PROS Of Auto Attack Build:
· Amazing slowdown against enemies
· Huge amount of HP
· Not mana reliant
· Nice lane sustain
· A lot of vision

PROS Of AP Build:
· Great mobility
· Can take tanky champions easily
· Great mana quantity
· Hard to gank against

CONS Of Auto Attack Build:
· Very weak against CC
· Relies on getting auto attacks, that's the main damage source
· Weak VERY early game, since your first back's are expensive

CONS Of AP Build:
· Sucks against magic resist support
· Q is the only great poke
· Mana issues early game

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Tips and Tricks


· When building the Auto Attack Build, don't use Ignite always; save it for when the enemy chases you, steps on a shroom and runs away, with Ignite there will be no sliver of health's.
· In teamfights go for the enemy champions that have the lowest health, give them your Blinding Dart and Ignite, if the enemies target you don't worry, because their AD Carry is probably dead already.
· If you get first kill YOU ARE getting ganked, no I didn't said "you may get ganked", I said YOU ARE getting ganked. As soon as you reach level 6, prepare Shrooms. When the jungler steps on it kill the jungler, it doesn't matter if the other top laner kills you, if you kill the enemy jungler you won't recieve as many ganks.


· When you are at very low health go to a bush and use your Camouflage, when the enemy top laner starts landing skill shots use Flash to change from one bush to another, he probably won't notice.
· Do not stack many Shrooms, it won't do more damage and you will have wasted a possible kill that would be possible with one extra Shroom. Place them with a gap between them so the damage DOES increase.
· When the ally jungler asks for your help with jungle monsters leave when they're half health, your Toxic Shot can kill the monster.

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We're in the last chapter now, we need to get things summarized. Teemo is not a hard champion to get into, it's actually a great champion to start in the game and learn about. By practicing with Teemo you will learn a lot of basic things like: map awareness, how to protect objets, when and when not to dive for a kill, teamwork skills and most importantly how to annoy whoever gets in your lane.

With this builds you will be easily able to carry your team and win many 2v1 even 3v1 by yourself! Again, you choose the build that goes more attached to your own playstyle. You want to be more frustrating in lane and to have more lane sustain? Auto Attack Build. You want more 1v1 power and be able to shut down basically anyone? AP Build.

I hope this build serves a lot in your LoL abilities and improves your way of playing. Thanks a lot to everyone, and goodbye.


" Teemo rides a thin line between chipper compatriot and unrepentant killer, but there's no one else I'd rather have as a friend."

- Tristana


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