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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by Mplx

AD Carry [6.5 Progress] Jinx Over Carry

AD Carry [6.5 Progress] Jinx Over Carry

Updated on March 18, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mplx Build Guide By Mplx 277,954 Views 2 Comments
277,954 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mplx Jinx Build Guide By Mplx Updated on March 18, 2016
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Welcome, this is the new build for Jinx in the season 6


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Items introduction

Classic start and first back they were unchanged so now let's see the new items for Jinx

The new last whisper can be upgrade in late game for destroy tanks.
Hurricane on Jinx ?! WTF, yes now can work with Jinx, it gives you Attack Speed for restore the actual nerf on bazooka and critical chance. Hurricane, now can work on team fight really good with bazooka and rekt evrithing.
If you have a lot of gold you can increase you AD with Bloodthirster or if the enemy team are good to focus, you should buy the new Phantom Dancer for escape and do not let their engage you.
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Specific Items

Classic first item for more AD, buy it only when you have enough gold on you first recall.

The first complete item still Infinity edge.

Buy last whisper after infinity for tons of damage. Evolve last whisper only if they have 2 or more tanks in mid game, this is late game item.

...YES Hurricane, now this item op combo with bazooka in teamfight it's really destructive, also it has good statistics on critical change and attack speed.

Now this item gives you the highest AD value, and a lot of life steal.

Now the new phantom dancer can counter enemy engage, if they are good to focus you, you should buy this.
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Fury: more attack speed mean more damage, jinx have only W skil for attack
Double Edged Sword: more bursting
Vampirism: tons of sustain
Oppressor: your support can slow with a lot of things and exhaust, you can slow with W and stun with traps

Wanderer: a bit faster to return in lane and going def or run away
Secret Stash: you can't choose "Assassin" because you are always with your support
Merciless: obvius
Dangerous Game: sometimes saves your life in team fight and also you always need mana for spamm fishbones
Precision: good penetration
Thunder Lord: insane damage, for Jinx it's very easy do 3 consecutive hit with bazooka
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Support Synergy


The best suport you can have it's Blizzy, grab + traps and a lot of CC = Easy kill


Another OP support with combo: grab + traps, Thresh has more CC than Bliz and is less squishy.


Really good protector and op combo spitting enemies on your traps, a lot of damage in late, and extremely tank.


Sona help you with sustain and additional poke, also her ulti stun for a great opportunity to position your traps.


Zyra can block enemys through minons, she is a really aggressive support but at the same time really squishy.


Morgana is a great poke support can block with Q for a long time and with R. but she is squishy.


Lux can block enemy with Q but she could steal and she is very squishy,
Lux is not able to defend ADC.
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Combos, Tecniques and Secret

Whit Firecannon item you can hit enemyes tower inside jungle, or doing damage to all the team very far.

Also you can steal blu, red, dragon and baron in a safty position and run away.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mplx
Mplx Jinx Guide
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[6.5 Progress] Jinx Over Carry

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