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Soraka Build Guide by Sightstone Buyer

Support [7.1] Soraka the banana girl

Support [7.1] Soraka the banana girl

Updated on January 17, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sightstone Buyer Build Guide By Sightstone Buyer 4 2 50,852 Views 1 Comments
4 2 50,852 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sightstone Buyer Soraka Build Guide By Sightstone Buyer Updated on January 17, 2017
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Introduction -- Hi!

Hi everyone, I'm Sightstone Buyer from NA server, currently ranked Platinum V in Solo/Duo and Gold I in Flex. I'm a support main and I played the vast majority of my ranked games with Soraka.
I started playing League back in Season 6, when Soraka was the most OP support with 55.42% winrate. I loved playing her because she was a very newbie-friendly support (All you needed to do to be moderately useful is by constantly pressing W on your AD carry) and she could be highly mistake tolerating.
Also this is my first time writing a guide so I have totally no idea about what to do. So uh I'll just write down whatever I think might be helpful :)
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Pros / Cons


--Great sustain in lane
--Low skill floor, easy to play for beginners
--Impactful in almost all situations
--High consistency
--High global and teamfight presence with her ult


--Lacks damage
--Lacks reliable crowd control
--Helpless when caught alone; heavily teammate-relying
--Not the most OP support under the current patch
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Runes / Masteries

Unlike what most of people do, I put health regeneration Quints&Seals instead of AP/Armor, mainly due to these reasons:

1. Soraka has the lowest base health regen in game (2.5/5 seconds at level 1), thus adding health regen runes can largely compensate the 10% health cost on her W

2. It gives even better in-lane sustain and makes Soraka the greatest lane bully at level 1.
Additionally, I found magic penetration marks quite useless on soraka mainly because 75% of your in lane damage are from your basic attack, and the only ability that scales well with magic pen is her Q, which you mostly don't want to max first. So I take flat armor marks for the extra tankiness. You can also take attack damage marks for better gold value&more aggressive in-lane trading.

I have 2 runes pages for Soraka
Against AP heavy botlane: Used when the opponents possess a lot of magic damage potential (Ziggs/Ezreal/Kog'maw/Corki ADC or/and Zyra/Vel'koz/Brand/Nami/Thresh/Malzahar/Sona/Zilean/Karma etc. Support)
3X Flat Health Regeneration Quints
9X Flat Armor Marks
9X Flat Health Regeneration Seals
9X Flat Magic Resist Glyphs
Total: 8.2 armor, 12.1 magic resist, 13.1 health regen/5 seconds
This page gives good defense against both physical damage and magic damage.

Against AD heavy botlane (Mainly when their support doesnt provide significant AP damage)
3X Flat Health Regeneration Quints
9X Flat Armor Marks
9X Flat Health Regeneration Seals
6X Flat Armor Glyphs
3X Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs
Total: 12.5 armor, 9 magic resist at level 18, 13.1 health regen/5 seconds

For Masteries, I usually go 0/18/12 with Windspeaker as keystone. Some key masteries include Insight, Intelligence and Bandit, and Meditation.
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Soraka is, in my opinion, one of the biggest lane bully support in the game by constantly harassing enemy ADC while sustaining herself. She can easily build up health advantage by trading frequently and out-sustaining, but the lack of CC makes it hard for her to engage&create kills. Here are some tips about laning base on my personal experience -- they might not be 100% correct but they works well so far for me.

1. Make sure to spam auto-attacks

Soraka has the second highest attack range (550) among all frequently played supports, lower than only Zyra&Annie's 575, which makes it very easy to harass with autos. Combined with her Q, she can out-trade most of supports and almost all ADCs considering ADC has to waste some damage on minions in order to last hit. You can always land 1-2 auto-attacks + 1Q on enemy ADC when he/she tries to last hit a minion close to you and that's already 100 damage. If the enemy tries to trade back you always has the heal & speed boost from your Q so you can win every single early trades like this. When your ADC got pinned down, make sure to land as much auto-attacks as possible on their ADC while healing&peeling with Q and W and Exhaust.

2. Try to W heal after landing a Q

Since healing your ADC after landing Q doubles the regen it gives, its always more cost efficient to hit Q & heal than spam heal and then try to hit Qs. It's also very dangerous to try to land Qs when you are low since your Q has a relatively short cast range.

3. Use E to engage&disengage

You can always land a root with E by putting it in front of where the enemy is going; and if you could land a Q after the E is on the ground, it's even easier to land the root. You can also zone them out from engaging by putting the E in front of them, just so if they continue moving forward they would be rooted; if they tried to take a detour, they are basically slowed. This is especially useful when the enemy jungler is ganking

4. Vision is important

Warding is very important. Tri-bush and River bush are places where you have to ward 24/7. Ward lane bushes to avoid lane ganks. Always put control wards at places you have control of just so enemies can't clear it out with ease -- it costs 75 gold and gives 30 gold to the enemy!
Sometimes you can also ward the enemy jungle but only do it when its safe to do so

5. Map awareness is crucial

Keep an eye on all of your team member's health bar, when/where a fight is happening on the map, and evaluate when to ult. generally you want to ult when your teammate is below 40% health so the healing is increased by 50% & you can bait the enemy into a painful death. A good ult can turn one or more kills by enemy into one or more kills by your team member, thus turning the tide of the whole entire laning phase.
Also you want to look at the minimap just so the wards you put aren't completely useless :D
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(Getting a little bit tired and dizzy @_@ gotta end quickly)
1. Identify the carries and keep a close distance to them
2. Keep yourself alive so you can remain useful for a longer time
3. Use your items!!
4. Peeling off assassins&mages by silencing them with E
5. Decide the right moment to pop your ult
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Ok this is the first guide I have ever written so far :D
--The last part is a bit rushed since I'm so tired and want to take a break
--Pretty sure tons of grammar problems are out there
--Maybe I'll make some edits later if it's allowed?
Yeah anyway that's it for now, cy@!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sightstone Buyer
Sightstone Buyer Soraka Guide
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[7.1] Soraka the banana girl

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