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Gangplank Build Guide by NovaMba

[7.19] Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge

By NovaMba | Updated on October 3, 2017

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Welcome to my guide to Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge.

Are you a Defensive player?
Do you prefer defensive over offensive?
Gangplank is the perfect champion for you!

Gangplank is a late-game scaling champion.
This means gangplank is extremely strong if you can take games up to the 30 minute mark.
Once gangplank reaches this phase in the game he will be extremely strong.
Playing as gangplank in this phase of the game is extremely fun, since you will deal tons of damage and it feels great to pull off fancy combos with your barrels.

In this guide i will be further explaining how to build and play this champion, and i will teach you all the tips & tricks that gangplank has in his kit.
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How to play Gangplank?

Laning phase

Playing the laning phase on Gangplank can be tough.
It all depends on the enemy team.
If the toplaner is range, agressive, gets alot of ganks from his/her jungler.
Your job is to play safe at all times.
There for you grab a dorans ring to regain mana off killing the minions.
Later on (actually your first back) you pick up a cull to maximize your gold and sustain.
The cull makes it so you regain health on last hitting. there for you can infinitly stay in lane to farm.
Make sure to use your R at any time to help out team mates.
This will help your team but also yourself, because you get assists which are worth gold too.
this way you will reach your mid/end game build faster then everyone else.
Not last hitting with Q is not a problem. your Ultimate ability Upgrades that you can buy in the store with "Silver Serpents" are gained by last hitting with your Q or using your Q on a Powder keg to last hit.
If you don't get the chance to last hit with your Q or Keg in the early game it's not a problem at all. Later on you can start farming the jungle camps that have a lot of monsters. last hit those with a keg and you will be having the upgrades you need in the shortest possible time.

What to do in the Mid and Late game?

Once you reached the Mid or Late game you start to group up with your team.
You gather objectives with your team.
It is better to not go alone on Gangplank unless you're really confident in your play and skill capacity.
Grouping with gangplank is crucial once you hit the Mid/Late game.
There's alot of tricks on Gangplank to use the powder kegs.
These tricks can be very useful in teamfights and can be very inpredictable.
i suggest you find out how to do this on youtube by watching videos.
if you can't find any, here's an explanation in words to describe how to pull off the tricks in the next chapter.

Tricks on Gangplank

The Double Barrel
This trick is basically a keg that instantly explodes and is invulnerable for the time it being alive.
the enemy wont be able to remove it before you.

To pull this off you need to place a keg.
Press your Q on the keg while being out of range.
once your Q starts casting you drop another keg connected to the one your Q is aiming for.
the placed keg will instantly explode and the enemy won't be able to escape the damage.

The Triple Barrel Chain
This trick is more simple than the Double Barrel trick.
This trick is still as effective though, except that the chance of your kegs being removed is higher since the kegs are exposed and target-able.

To pull off this trick you need 3 kegs.
Place the first keg preferably in a bush.
once its left over on the last tick you place another keg connected to it.
Once that's done you have to be as fast as possible in using your Q on the first keg placed and instantly placing another keg at the end of the chain on the opposite side of the keg thats exploding.
The triple chain can be used to farm your lane.
In a situation where you farm your lane and the opposing laner is standing somewhere near the minions but not quite on the kegs.
you can make the 2 kegs explode and drop another one on the enemy while chained to the other kegs.
this will be more likely to be predicted.
League of Legends Build Guide Author NovaMba
NovaMba Gangplank Guide

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[7.19] Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge