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Soraka Build Guide by Hotrod08

Support [7.24B] SORAKA SUPPORT BUILD - Aery Protect

Support [7.24B] SORAKA SUPPORT BUILD - Aery Protect

Updated on December 18, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08 Build Guide By Hotrod08 26,651 Views 2 Comments
26,651 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08 Soraka Build Guide By Hotrod08 Updated on December 18, 2017
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Hello MobaFire,

My name is Hotrod08(NA), and I am a Diamond IV Support player coming out of Season 7. Soraka (along with Janna) are the two support that I played in order to get me from Silver II to Platinum V for the first time (and no, I played them starting in April 2017, way before Ardent was the craze).

I have always enjoyed healing supports, and you can't have anymore of a healing support than Soraka, so I have always enjoyed playing her even when she was not considered meta.
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I have also made a YouTube video going over the choice of runes, as well as some game play with it. If you enjoy the video, I would absolutely appreciate any subscriptions to my channel. If you you have any questions you would like answered, either ask here or on the comments in the video and I will do my best to reply to it fast!

YouTube Profile Link: Hotrod08
Subscribe Link: Thank You Very Much!
Video Link: SORAKA RUNES BUILD SEASON 8 (7.22) | SupportCraft
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Goal Of The Build

Our goal with this build is to provide Soraka better abilities to heal/shield your allies, as well as a bit of durability and mobility. We will be starting off with Redemption to give your team an extra heal during teamfights as well as make your own healing stronger too. Next will be Locket of the Iron Solari, which will give yourself some durability so you don't die immediately to Assassins and other champions with high CC. Finally, we will end with Warmog's Armor, which will give you a huge amount of durability as well as will allow you to provide almost unlimited healing during teamfights as long as you're not taking damage and are allowed to regenerate your missing health with its passive.

If you can make it to your core item build, you will have a lot of fun keeping everyone alive with Soraka.

Finally, if you need an extra boost of health to make it to 2,750 HP when Warmog's is complete, consider using an Elixir of Iron to make up the difference until you level up high enough to reach it.
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Rune Choice

Primary Path: Sorcery
-Summon Aery: Adds extra shielding to allies that you heal or shield, as well as extra poke when you do damage to enemies.
-The Ultimate Hat: Adds extra CDR to your ultimate after each use, up to 15% extra after 5 uses. Multiplicative with your regular CDR and can be above 40%
-Transcendence: Extra 10% CDR when you hit Lv. 10. Adds extra AP if you exceed 40% CDR.
-Scorch: Provides Soraka with additional poke damage in lane. You can also go Gathering Storm for extra AP later in the game or Waterwalking for additional movement on the map.

Secondary Path: Resolve
-Conditioning: After 10 minutes, gain +8 Armor/MR + 5% totals on both.
-Revitalize: +5% extra Healing/Shielding. If under 40% health, +15 extra Healing/Shielding instead.
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Starter Items:
-Start off with Ancient Coin, your 3 Health Pots and your Trinket.

First Backs:
-Upgrade your coin into Nomad's Medallion for the extra money income, get a Sightstone and a control ward to get better vision, and Boots of Mobility early for extra movement speed.

Core Build:
-Redemption: Great teamfight healing effect, also makes your regular Healing abilities stronger.
-Locket of the Iron Solari: Makes you durable, less likely to die, as well as a good teamfight shielding active.
-Warmog's Armor: When you get yourself to 2,750 HP, you are almost an unstoppable healing machine. As long as you don't take damage (and you have the mana), you can constantly heal your allies up from any damage they take from enemies.

Situational After Core:
-Mikael's Crucible: If the enemy team has heavy CC. Also makes your Healing/Shielding stronger and you more durable with MR.
-Ardent Senser: Get if your team has multiple autoattackers or multiple AD sources on the team. Provides stronger Healing/Shielding as well.
-Zhonya's Hourglass: Provides armor and a stasis effect that can keep you alive longer in teamfights.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08
Hotrod08 Soraka Guide
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[7.24B] SORAKA SUPPORT BUILD - Aery Protect

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