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Anivia Build Guide by LVNmaster

AP Carry [7.8 PATCH] Anivia, the Killer Cryophoenix (Uptade weekly)

By LVNmaster | Updated on April 22, 2017

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Heya guys! I'm LVN and I need to say sorry right now, because I'm brazilian, so probably I'll write some things wrong.

Well, Anivia is my 2nd favorite champion, cause she can make an ABSURD damage with her Frostbite, that I'll explain in 2nd chapter, when using the Glacial Storm, dealing DPS and doubled damage.

For this guide I selected an AP build, to amplify Anivia's damage and kill everybody on the Rift. The only problem is anivia's defence, but you can simply buy liandry's torment and everthing will be fine.
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Pros / Cons


+ Really strong E( Frostbite)
+ Great clear wave and farming with Glacial Storm
+ Extremely Powerful
+ Good slow abilities
+ OP reviving passive
+ Low cooldown ultimate
+ Awesome combos[/color]

Anivia is a really strong champion, and her passive Rebirth its really overpowered. She returns into an egg when die and if she continues alive during 6 seconds she returns to live! Her Frostbite is another OP abbility. If anivia stun or "hit" her Glacial Storm it gets doubled damage. Using an AP build, Anivia can make this power go to extreme numbers. A lot of other things make Anivia be strong, but I don't want to extend me so much.


- Really fragile without items
- Weak early game
- Hard to learn playing
- W ( Crystallize) is weak
- Depends of passive ( Rebirth)[/color]

Despite being strong, Anivia needs the late game to start giving her best. In early game she is weak, fragile and need to farm. You need to win the lane phase to be really strong in game. How we make this? Waiting level six. There are no other way to win the game there are not poking the enemy and trying to don't lose farm to your tower. Other thing that's not good for our Phoenix is her dependency of passive. Anivia is fragile, so her Rebirth is essential to stay alive.

Use of good aspects of Anivia.
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Skill Sequence and Performance During the Game

Anivia, to be good in-game, need to be good in game start. To be good in the game start, you need to use here is the list:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Level 1-5: In the early game Anivia is very weak, but can make some damage. We need to upgrade her Frostbite and Flash Frost to survive this start. The Flash Frost for the start is to slow and stun the mid laners, and clean the minion waves. The Frostbite is good to poke the enemies and/or deal a good damage (if you stun an enemy with Flash Frost). Try to poke your enemy and farm during this part.

Level 6-10: On these levels you'll start to get stronger. With the ultimate Glacial Storm is really easy to double the Frostbite damage. We need to upgrade the E to cause a lot of damage. Flash Frost stun + Frostbite doubled damage + Glacial Storm DPS + Flash Frost stun + Another Frostbite = kill the most enemy champions. W upgrade isn't important, cause only make the wall width be bigger. Gank other lanes, kill enemies, and the most important, farm with the Glacial Storm.

Level 11-18: In good cases, your team is probably winning during this part. Your Q and E are maximed and you need only to upgrade your W. This is the part that you help your team and destroy the last turrets.
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For the spells, I really recommend Flash/ Teleport and Ignite.

Flash is a great spell to do everthing. Persue enemies, flee enemies, pass throught walls... Almost every champion needs that. Flee enemies is the most important part. You can also use teleport, to return to lane faster, and use a trick. When you use teleport and someone kill you, your passive gets active and your egg keeps teleporting! This is a really good thing.

Ignite is another GREAT spell to deal final damage, when the Frostbite is recharging and the enemy is trying to flee. The real damage that ignite deal helps TO MUCH to kill and kill a lot. As reposition, you can also use Heal, that I used before test ignite. Seriously, ignite looks like a bad option for anivia, but if you test it, you'll see de potencial of that.

Using ignite:
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Item sequence:
This item is really necessary to start in game. Rod of Ages provides an AP boost to deal damage, a health boost to Anivia become less fragile, and a mana boost to make the Glacial Storm stay active for more time. The rod's passives makes Anivia really more strong

Sorcerer's shoes is another good item to buy. The movement speed that it provides a speed up to Anivia's return to lane. Then magic penetration of the item starts to transform our CryoPhoenix into a killing machine.

More mana and more ability power... everthing that anivia need. Archangel's staff its a really good item for all mages. For Anivia is the same. The frostbite keeps growing...

The Infinity Edge for casters. It's INCREDIBLE ability power that the cap provides makes the ice bird be a Talon 2.0. Let's make counts. If you only buy the rabadon's deathcap, you have 120 AP. Plus the Rod of Ages bonus you have 180 AP. Plus archangel staff you have 260 AP. Plus the cap passive you have 351 AP. The Frostbite will deal 501 damage when doubled, and per second, Glacial Storm deal 125 damage. Now think. In some seconds Frostbite will be ready again, and you'll deal more 501 damage. Only think :)

With this item, Anivia is unbeatable. She has 3 lives. One normally, another with the Rebirth and another with guardian angel's passive. You can also buy Liandry's Torment to be protected, you can decide

More damage and magic penetration. TOO MUCH DAMAGE!!! After that, your Anivia is complete.
Unbeatable, strong, and reviving, of course
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Combos and Teamfight

So, Anivia can deal a lot of damage shortly. Her principal combo is:

-Q ( Flash Frost)(try to stun)
-W ( Crystallize)(in back of enemy)
-E ( Frostbite)
-R ( Glacial Storm)


- Ignite

At this part, your oponent just die. With the high AP build, the most abilities of anivia deal more than 400 damage. Probably with Glacial Storm your oponent will die really fast. If then enemy don't die, repeat the process.

In teamfights, the combo is a bit different.

-W ( Crystallize) (in the back)
-R ( Glacial Storm)
-E ( Frostbite)
-Use Q ( Flash Frost) to stun fleeing enemies and repeat the process

I think that the algortmh is auto-explained.

When you're trying to flee a fight, use this:

-W ( Crystallize)(front of enemy)
-Q ( Flash Frost) (to slow enemies)
- Flash (if necessary)

crystalize has an incredible "stoping enemies ability". If you're in the jungle, you can also completly block the paths. Flash Frost helps too, and the Flash... everybody knows!

Blue: AP based attacks
Red: AD based attacks
Yellow: Summoner Spells
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Some extra things

- Anivia, despite dealing a big amount of damage, make more assistances that kills in game, don't get frustrated if someone steal your kill

-Try do not miss your Crystallize, cause if you put in the wrong place, you can be imobilized.

-Help team mates with anivia power. Stay only in mid lane the entirely game is really bad

- Anivia is a champion that need ability from the summoner, so train a lot with she before think that you'll win all the games.
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Guide Changelog

[7.7 Patch - v1]:

- Guide release

[7.7 Patch - v2]:

- Name change
- Machups update
- More final builds
- Spells update
- More item groups
- Pro/Cons update

[7.8 Patch - v1]:

- Visual problems solved.
- Some text upgrades
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I really hope that you liked the guide! Please, if I said something wrong or passed some wrong information, say that in comments.

So, I'm leaving now! Bye!
League of Legends Build Guide Author LVNmaster
LVNmaster Anivia Guide

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[7.8 PATCH] Anivia, the Killer Cryophoenix (Uptade weekly)