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Not Updated For Current Season

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Morgana Build Guide by Tayna

Middle [9.24] Cook your enemies! How to do everything yourself (mid

Middle [9.24] Cook your enemies! How to do everything yourself (mid

Updated on December 14, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tayna Build Guide By Tayna 11 0 15,081 Views 1 Comments
11 0 15,081 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tayna Morgana Build Guide By Tayna Updated on December 14, 2019
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Runes: BURST

1 2 3 4 5
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
Go big or go home
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[9.24] Cook your enemies! How to do everything yourself (mid

By Tayna
Table of Contents
Guide Details
x Intro
x Why Morgana?

x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Tips & Tricks
x Match Preparation
x Runes

x Items
x Lane Phase
Hi! I'm Tayna and I LOVE Morgana lol

I play her in every lane, almost every day, and I played against every champion by now.
I made this guide so you can also enjoy her as much as I do!

I hope this guide is useful ^^ Enjoy!
Why Morgana?

Morgana - Goth GF
Ranged DPS Mage/Support

Synergy: with everything lol
Jungler ganking potential: STRONK!!
Speciality: Laugh as you slowly kill people

Why Morgana?? Well...Why not! She's a great mage with damage, STRONG cc, and the best dress in the entire game.
People may tell you "oMG yOu'rE pLaYiNg mOrGanA mId??" and you're going to answer "well DUH" because of course you're playing Morgana mid! You have games to win!Places to be!
She's so fun to play, and once you master her, you'll never die! She's the best goth gf you will find!
Pros / Cons

+ Great wave clear
+ Fun to play
+ Easy to learn
+ Safe pick
+ She's emo and goth
+ Her dress is amazing

Morgana is a great mage, her only weak point is the early game, but thanks to her W she farms easily and from a safe distance. Her kit allows her to play defensive while sill dealing damage. Farming is crucial because she really needs items to do actual damage. She's also a great champ to learn how to dodge because she has no way to escape besides her shield, so with time you learn how to dance (aka dodge) and have fun while doing it!

- Weak early game
- Hard to master
- Squishy
- Mana issues
- No mobility
- She says emo stuff all the time

Yes, she's amazing, BUT it is true that she has a hard time in the early game. Learning how to administrate your mana is important. And even tho she's very easy to learn, it's a hard champ to master. You also don't have any mobility, your only friend is your beautiful shield, but when the enemy jungles ganks you, you have to play smart and NEVER panic.
Ranger's Focus

Morgana heals for 20% of the damage her abilities deal to champions, large minions and large monsters.

Dark Binding

Morgana fires a bolt of dark energy towards a target location, binding the first unit hit to the ground for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds and dealing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+90% of ability power) magic damage.
Tormented Shadow

Morgana infects the target area for 5 seconds, causing enemies who stand on the location to take 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 (+7% of ability power) magic damage each half second, increased by up to 170% based on the enemy's missing health.

Over the full duration, Tormented Shadow deals a total of 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+70% of ability power) damage minimum, scaling up to 162 / 324 / 486 / 648 / 810 (+189% of ability power) based on the enemy's missing health.

Tormented Shadow's cooldown is reduced by 5% whenever Soul Siphon triggers.

Black Shield

Morgana places a shield around target friendly champion, absorbing the next 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+70% of ability power) magic damage the unit would take. While active, Black Shield prevents the application of all disables. Lasts 5 seconds or until the shield has been depleted.

Soul Shackles

After a 0.5-second delay, Morgana latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions, dealing 150 / 225 / 300 (+70% of ability power) magic damage.

The tethers grant true sight of affected enemies and slow them by 20%. Additionally, Morgana gains 5 / 30 / 55% bonus movement speed towards tethered enemies.

Targets who did not leave the tether range after 3 seconds are revealed and stunned for 1.5 seconds and dealt the same magic damage again.
Tips & Tricks
> > > >

Morgana's abilities are simple but you should master them. The usual combo is listed above. By the time your ult roots the enemy, you should have Q+W again.

Another trick is that using W with one point to farm isn't good, as you'll waste a lot of mana and do little damage to the minions. After your first back, and two points in your W, THEN you can use it to farm + basic attacks. With 3 points in your W, farming will be a breeze.

Your E blocks a lot of abilities, and it also blocks side effects, per example Jhin's ult does damage, but ALSO puts a slow when it hits someone, making it easier to hit again. Your E blocks that slow, and that could save your life! Don't be afraid of using it but don't abuse it because it has long cd and the enemy will punish you for it.

The Q hitbox is messy, you have to get used to it, but knowing where the enemy will be helps. Per example, the enemy toplane uses teleport on his tower? Then he'll appear BEHIND the tower! Zed ults you? He will appear behind you, Q him!
Match Preparation
PRE GAME Why prepare?
// What you need to understand is that you can't play the same way, with the same items, every match. You have to adapt to the match you got. If you're against Zed, you can't go Electrocute, you madman! Before the game starts, see what the enemy team has and what YOUR team has. Build your runes around that, maybe leave that ignite and go barrier, just take decisions!
Runes (Main choice)


Summon Aery is the best choice in my opinion. It's the best option as defense/offense. Of course, if you want a more hardcore poke, go with Arcane Comet. And if you're against a champion you can get close enough to basic attack without getting poked to death, go Electrocute. Summon Aery is great because not only does damage, but the extra shield is REALLY useful. Also, it's so cute and that's the only reason I use it all the time even thought I could go with Arcane Comet lol.

Alright this rune is the real deal. You really, REALLY need the mana. This will help you stay in lane longer so you can chill and farm with no worries. It helps, but you should be careful using your abilities in early game. Anyway go Nullifying Orb if the enemy is a LeBlanc because you won't need mana IF YOU'RE DEAD. Nimbus Cloak is kinda useless because your ult already gives you movement speed so...why even bother.

Do you know what you also need besides mana? Cooldown reduction, A LOT of cooldown reduction because your basic attacks do NOTHING. Also spamming Q is great. And you really need your shield to survive. So yeah this rune is great! Absolute Focus is good too but you know why it isn't good for Morgana? Because you can't deal damage if YOUR ABILITIES ARE ON COOLDOWN.

Now, I won't lie to you... Morgana early damage is bad, very bad. Taking Scorch is a waste tbh. Gathering Storm isn't very useful early, but mid-game you will start seeing improvement in your damage!

These are, honestly, your choice. I take biscuit for the early mana regen + cosmic insight for the extra CDR. I take Magical Footwear if I think I won't need it earlier. I take Pefect Timing. Choose as you like!

Pretty simple: The early CDR is amazing, then it gives you AP thanks to Transcendence.
  • Luden's Echo
  • Luden is just AMAZING. The stats are great, it's pretty cheap, AND it's the evolution of our buddy, Lost Chapter!
  • Rod Of Ages
  • Buy this if the enemy team has a lot of burst or lategame champs. I wouldn't buy it against Zed, per example, but I would against Zed, Vayne and Kha'Zix. This makes our mana pool smaller so we have to be careful about wasting too much mana.
  • Liandry's Torment
  • This item is AMAZING on Morgana! I can't get over this enough!! The stats, the passive, everything just works! I buy it first if I'm against a tank, but you should ALWAYS get this item.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Buy it if you're against a champ that can one shot you with his ult. Honestly, once you know when to ult, you won't need it anymore. It's a good defensive item against AD champs (Zed, Talon, Qiyana, etc).
  • Banshee's Veil
  • The Zhonya's Hourglass but against AP champs lol. It's also good against heavy cc. But honestly Zhonya is better, buy MR boots instead and then Zhonya.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
  • The heavy AP item, you'll get it later in the game, no need to rush, you'll deal a lot of damage already thanks to Liandry's Torment. If you're having a hard time, buy defensive items instead of Rabadon. You can't deal damage if you're dead.
  • Morellonomicon
  • Buy it against champs that heal all the time. You have your W to do some AOE damage, so YOU should buy anti-heal. Don't be selfish and wait for someone else to buy it!
  • Void Staff
  • A must have against tanks with MR. If nobody is building magic resist then DON'T buy it, buy something more useful.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer
  • Because of the changes to the Dark Seal, it's a waste to buy it and then die and lose the stats. Don't waste gold if you're not really, really sure about the state of the game.
Lane Phase


Survive the early game
The game started, you have to farm. No matter the enemy you're against, keep your distance, because you just maxed your W and if someone ganks you at lvl 2 you're doomed. Farm, farm, farm. Punish the enemy mistakes, win the trades by using Q+W everytime they get too close. Again, keep your distance and farm. Put wards, use your jungler as a walking ward and keep an eye out for any MIA going on, because jeez everyone wants to kill the poor Morgana. Back when you can afford a Lost Chapter, or if you're low on health. Don't overextend the lane!

Mid game

Mid Game
You reached the mid game phase! You have one of the three cases: You died, so you're behind the enemy laner, and trying to catch up. You didn't die, in fact, you KILLED the enemy laner, so you're in a better position than him. Or you didn't do anything, and you're waiting your opportunity. I can say much here because it really depends on the situation, so keep up doing what you did. Try to roam tho, because it's very important to secure objectives, and if your team is dead, you can't do that.


Late Game
Oh ho! You reached the late game! Here, your Q+W will slowly kill the enemy adc or support. Spam Q, spam W, laugh at the enemy team being rooted every 2 seconds, and BURN them to death. Wait 15 minutes and dinner is done. This isn't a lol guide, this is, in fact, a recipe. A recipe for cooking victories, of course.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tayna
Tayna Morgana Guide
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[9.24] Cook your enemies! How to do everything yourself (mid

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