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Brand Build Guide by FwuffyMilk

Support [9.8] Flame On! Light your enemies on FIRE! [Support]

By FwuffyMilk | Updated on April 18, 2019
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Runes: Standard Runes

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #15 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[9.8] Flame On! Light your enemies on FIRE! [Support]

By FwuffyMilk
Hello you beautiful people, my name is FwuffyMilk and currently I am a Diamond 4 support main. I peaked diamond in season 5 but quit until near the end of season 8 and ready to kick some *** in season 9.

I love playing mage supports and feel like they are the superior choice in the current meta. If you want to ask me any questions or see how I play brand check me out on Twitch.
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+ Very High damage (You can generally out damage carries on your team)
+ Great AOE damage with passive and ult
+ Has a stun with Sear
+ Can single handedly destroy the enemy adc and support.
+ His Blaze passive procs your item's passive.
Brand is a very strong support at the moment. His damage is nutty and can easily kill squishy players. He does very good damage to tanks especially with Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter combo. Brand also has the option to build Morellonomicon vs sustain champions like Aatrox and Soraka which can be a big benefit for your team, especially since your damage is AOE you have a good chance to proc the passive on multiple targets.


- Squishy
- Skill shot reliant
- Not the greatest synergy with late game champs like Kog'Maw

If you aren't convinced here are some recent games I played as brand in Plat 1.
I had a 9 game win streak with Brand that day.
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IGNITE: Ignite is your bread and butter summoner spell. It gives you kill pressure, helps kill enemies escaping with low hp, and if you use ignite before they heal it will reduce the amount the heal does which is huge.
EXHAUST: Exhaust is a pretty weak summoner spell ever since they took out the attack speed reduction that it used to have. You could potentially take it if the enemy has a Rengar or Zed but 99.9% of the time I suggest to take Ignite
FLASH: Flash.. taken by pretty much every champion in the game. It helps you secure kills, escape ganks, make montage plays by dodging that CC ability the enemy is throwing at you, and much more. Always take it!
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DOMINATION Keystone: Dark Harvest
// Dark Harvest is the only keystone you want to grab in the domination tree. DH acts like a small execute, it deals a burst damage to an enemy after you hit them as long as they are below 50% HP. Each time you proc it you collect a soul which makes your execute stronger. It also scales off your AP so as you get stronger your DH will do more damage.

DOMINATION Second Line: Cheap Shot
// This rune is very good because of its synergy with your stun. When you stun your enemy you deal bonus true damage with the next spell you throw at them which is huge.

Domination Second Line: Taste of Blood
// Your other choice in the domination tree for the second line is Taste of Blood. When you damage an enemy champion you heal for a little bit of damage. This effect can happen every 20 seconds and adds a nice bit of sustain in the laning phase. Personally I prefer Cheap Shot but you can't go wrong with either.

DOMINATION Third Line: Eyeball Collection
// This is basically the only rune you want to grab here, you get extra ap for every ward or champion you take down. Very useful since you will have sweepers and are generally trying to destroy enemy vision.

DOMINATION Last Line: Ravenous Hunter
// Ravenous Hunter is a very useful rune for sustain. Every time you damage an enemy with your abilities you heal for a % of the damage done. Also every time you kill a different enemy champion the % you heal goes up so it gets stronger if you are destroying the enemy team.

DOMINATION Last Line: Ultimate Hunter
// Ultimate Hunter gives you 5% cdr on your ultimate and increases the % every time you kill an enemy champion. Very useful for brand since your ultimate is such a big burst of damage.

SORCERY Secondary Runes: Manaflow Band
// This rune is mandatory in the Sorcery tree. It gives you 25 permanent mana every time you hit an enemy champion. The cooldown in between each time you can proc it is 15 seconds. The best part is when you fully stack this you get 1% mana back every 5 seconds which is huge. This keeps your mana healthy even after using your combo a few times. I was playing on a new account recently and couldn't get manaflow band if I went dark harvest, the amount of mana each combo wasted was jaw dropping I would be out of mana all the time.

SORCERY Secondary Runes: Gathering Storm
// This is the other rune I usually take in the sorcery tree. It gives you an adaptive amount of ap or ad every 10 min. The longer the game goes the more useful this rune gets. There is another option though.

SORCERY Secondary Runes: Absolute Focus
// This is what you can replace Gathering Storm with. It can be more useful because you get bonus stats instantly at level 1. As long as you stay over 70% hp you will do extra damage. Honestly both choices are viable for your secondary rune in addition to your manaflow band so just pick what you think is better.
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BLAZE (Passive):This is what makes Brand such a strong champion. If you hit someone with a spell they become ablazed taking % Max HP damage for each spell you hit on them. If you hit 3 spells on an enemy champion a ring will form around them and after 2 seconds they will take a good chunk of damage it also has a big aoe radius so if they stand next to other people it will hurt them to.

If your team is fighting the other team in a tight area this can potentially wipe out their entire team if you get a bunch of them with your 3 spell passive. The 3 spell passive procs off your bounces with ult also so even if you miss a skill each bounce counts as 1 spell towards the passive. Another great thing is that even if the champion dies before your passive pops the ring will still stay on the floor where they died and blow up.

SEAR (Q): This is a single target spell that you throw in a straight line. If the enemy is ablazed you stun them so you usually want to wait to hit one of your other spells before throwing your Q out.

I generally don't throw my Q unless I can stun them unless I feel like I am safe to do some harass and can wait for my Q to come back up but seriously be careful you don't want to throw this skill and wish you had it few seconds later to stun a priority target. Generally in lane I go for Pillar of Flame -> Sear as my Pillar of Flame is about to pop so they don't have time to react before the stun hits them to. If you are safe to walk up then you can go for Conflagration -> Sear -> Pillar of Flame since Conflagration is point and click and having your target ablazed before you throw your Pillar of Flame will make it do 25% more damage. Careful though because the range on your Conflagration is pretty short which can put you in a tight spot but if you find the opportunity it does the max damage.

PILLAR OF FLAME (W): This is your AoE spell and the first spell you max. It has a pretty long range and the circle is big but the cast is slow. You usually want to poke with this skill and follow it up with your Sear as the animation is finishing.

The best way to go about hitting your lane opponents is wait until they are going up to CS and throwing it on top of them. Their AA animation early is long so they will get hit by this or they will give up the minion to dodge which works in your favor to.

Something I like to do level 1 is when I get into lane I throw my Pillar of Flame onto the enemies caster minions. Most ADC go behind them as soon as they get into lane so its free damage AND you are helping your adc kill the minions faster so you can get your level 2 before your opponent.

Another thing to note is that if your adc needs help pushing a wave you can hit the caster wave with a Pillar of Flame -> Conflagration BUT be careful see what your Pillar of Flame does to them first cause if you are strong then using both will actually kill the caster wave which you don't want to do.

CONFLAGRATION (E): This spell has a short range but can't be dodged making it good to guarantee your passive on a target but what makes this skill interesting is the interaction it has with your passive.

If your passive is already on a target and you use this skill it will spread your passive to enemies around it. This can help with stacking your passive on multiple opponents and if you missed your W on an enemy but the minions next to them got hit by it you can press E to hit them and stun from there.

PYROCLASM (R): Brand's ult is very fun to use especially if you can get a nice bounce going. Brand throws a big fireball at the target he chooses, once it hits it starts bouncing to nearby enemies/minions but it prioritizes enemy champions. So you can still solo ult somebody if they have their minion wave close to them. Usually you want to get your combo off and then throw ult but if I see a good spot where enemies are clumping I will throw my ult into them. This will A) make them panic and scatter which helps your team get a quick pick or B) They will eat the ult and if you get to throw your combo at them the brand pain train starts.
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Eye of the Watchers

This is a must have as support. Wards are a very crucial thing in the game and can save your team from feeding their *** off. Remember the point of wards is to get vision on your enemies so where you place your wards is important. I suggest watching this video from bunnyfufu he gives a very good explanation of where to put wards in laning phase.

Since I used to be a Swain main before his rework I fell in love with this item. Especially with how well it synergizes with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Liandry's Torment burns enemies you hit with spells for 1.5% of their max hp which burns tanks so well especially since your passive can keep proccing it after you hit them with a spell. Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows them which makes it do 2.5% instead. I tend to buy this item first unless the enemy team has a lot of sustain otherwise I opt for Morellonomicon
Liandry's Torment

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This item synergizes so well with Liandry's Torment not to mention the slow also makes hitting someone with your full combo a lot easier. This can also help your team kite champs that like to dive in and catch champs that are running away. I have bought this item first before but it didn't feel all that useful without the Liandry burn.

This item gives you so many good stats. HP for survivability, AP for the damage, Magic Pen which is very useful mid - late game when people start picking up MR items, and the passive destroys enemies who try to sustain ( Soraka, Warwick, so on). Generally I either buy this item first or last.

Void Staff

If the enemy does not have much sustain but they are starting to build MR I would suggest to skip the Morellonomicon and buy this instead. It gives so much Magic Penetration that it is a must have vs a tanky team.

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Brand has a very strong laning phase especially once you get your ult.

When you walk into lane you want to throw your Pillar of Flame on the ranged caster minions hopefully hitting one of the enemy laners while you are at it. This will help you guys get level 2 first. You hit level 2 off the third melee minion of the second wave so once you see you are about to hit level 2 you want to walk towards the enemy and try to stun one of them with a nice Pillar of Flame --> Sear combo. Don't go to ham though your damage isn't going to be as explosive until you get to level 3 and have Conflagration because you can't pop your passive otherwise.

Also after you do that level 2 trade back off a bit and drop a ward in the river bush. By hitting level 2 first and doing a successful trade you have given your jungler priority on the bottom scuttle crab. Pay attention to the river because your jungler might still need help fighting the other jungle for scuttle but since you have priority you can rotate to him much faster then the enemy which is huge.

From there it is really just about trying to get a combo on your enemy laners. If you can land a full combo on one of them they generally will have to back and you will win the race to level 6. Also remember to use Pillar of Flame when the enemy adc is walking up to CS. If you do it while they are in attack animation they will have a hard time dodging. If you are fighting someone like vayne/lucian with a dash try to hold your Sear for after they use that dash so that they can't dodge it as easily. I am working on uploading a video on laning and will link it here once I am done.
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Team fighting as brand is satisfying but your positioning is very important. You really want to sit in the back and let your front line engage the fight. Once you see the enemy team clumping up and use some of their abilities feel free to walk up and blow your combo into their whole team. Once you drop your combo move back a bit again because you are useless until your cooldowns come back up. If anything follow the adc because they will generally be doing the same thing as you. They want to wait out big abilities that can kill them then they come in and kill everyone.
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Thank you very much for checking out my guide! I hope it helps you win more games with this incredibly strong champion. I will be updating this guide regularly as I think of more things to add to it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk
FwuffyMilk Brand Guide
[9.8] Flame On! Light your enemies on FIRE! [Support]