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Nautilus General Guide by Meulentje11

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meulentje11

A comprehensive guide for Jungle Nautilus S3

Meulentje11 Last updated on July 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, thank you for taking a look at this guide. I made this guide to help you guys with playing nautilus, i've put all my knowledge of the champion in this guide. I also saw there wasn't a good nautilus guide so i decided to make one. I hope this will be helpfull to make you carry in soloqueue! Nautilus should not be hard to master and with a bit of practice you can carry all of your games in soloqueue with this nautyboy! Have fun!

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Pros / Cons

- Can easily gank with great succes
- High CC champion
- Fast jungler
- Not hard to play
- best passive of the game

- Can be shutdown early
- Very slow base speed

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Use these for more tankyness, great for junglers, because minions only do physical damage.

Use these for more tankyness

Use this runes because your W, does damage over time after each basicattack, attackspeed runes greatly increase the damage you can do with your W.

These are great cause you can be at more places in less time, great for junglers.

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This is a great spell, let's say you smite like 30 times in 1 game, it can give you 300 gold.
That is about 1 kill! Amazing spell.

More health = More tankyness

Great spell, especially for junglers, it gives you more sustain through the jungle

Again a great jungle spell, passive damage to the jungle creeps.

More armor = More tankyness

More health = more tankyness

Very good spell for rushing at your enemys when they try to slow you.

This is a great spell, because it stacks with tenacity. When you get your spirit of the ancient golem you will have 50 tenacity. You have 50% Reduced CC-effects. That is a very good stat to have for rushing to their AD-carry during a fight.

More armor and MR = more tankyness

This a very good spell for junglers, you can be at more places in less time. Because this spell gives you % movement speed it will stack very well with your boots of mobility

This is just an awesome mastery, it allows you to be even more tanky.

Finaly take this because your W does damage over time with each basic attack you do. Attack speed is a very good stat on nautilus because of that.

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These are nautilus's spells, he has a great ganking git with very much CC. In teamfight this kit will crush the enemy carry's. Be sure to read my notes, they are very important for knowing how to get the most benefit out of the spell.

This is his awesome passive, This is every helpfull in ganks and it interrupts spellcasts, this is 1 of his awesome CC-Tools

This is his main CC-spell. Use this as a gapcloser, DONT use this when a target is next to you. It's a good spell to hold on, till the target flashes away or anyother sort of spell to get away from you

This is his main jungle spell, the shield is very nice and the spell does nice damage, be sure to first use an basic attack and fast after that activate your W, because it resets your attacktimer.

Riptide, use this spell to chase and damage your targets, it offers a good slow. When you are jungling, take 1 step back from the creeps when you activate it, it will cause the damage to strike twice.

This is his awesome ulty, it can be used as a gapcloser and it is a very good spell to make the enemy AD vulnerable for your teammates to kill him.

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Skill Sequence

This is the rotation that will make your jungle camps clear the fastest:

Open with a normal basic attack and quick after that use your [TITAN'S WRATH] , this will work cause yourresets your auto-attack timer. After you did this take a step back and use your , you need to take a step back because it causes to strike the damage twice.

This is your gank rotation before level 6:

First off all you need to run and think if you can land a basic attack to
snare him or you need to use your . It's always better if you can hold your , because you can use it after he flashes. When you've land your or you did a basicattack Activate your and quick after that your for the slow.

When you are 6 you can use your as a perfect gapcloser so you can land your From then on it is your teammates duty to finish the kill.

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Team Work

This is the goal of you playing nautilus: Get some good ganks in laning phase and get tanky. When teamfight break out you must be able to tank up damage for your team and you need to be able to interrupt the enemy carrys with the cc you got. Here are some tips that will help you to reach this goal.

-When you did you red and your blue, immediately try to gank mid or top. These are the lanes that are easy to gank, most of the time 1 of those 2 ganks will be a succes.

-Get boots of mobility as soon as possible, they will allow you to gank more often and with much more succession.

- In teamfights, your ultimate on top of your Q can be deadly for 1 enemy carry. It may not be enough to kill him, but it will always be enough to intterrupt then and force them to attack you and not your carry's.

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The end

I really hope this guide was very usefull for you and will help you dominating soloqueue. This is everything i know about nautilus and i am sure, that if you do all things i said in this guide you will have a great time playing nautilus and you will be a very good nautilus player.


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