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Jayce Build Guide by Ortaloo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ortaloo

A Gentleman's Guide to playing Jayce

Ortaloo Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Whatever happens: NEVER FLAME, NEVER!

Try not to be toxic, if you feel like blaming your teammates, do it, but only in your head, or speak it out loud, but not in chat, don't let them notice it unless it's constructive critisism. Seriously, don't flame, ever!

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About me

So, this is my second guide, and these guides are only created because it's fun to do so.
I am not a pro-player, I'm only Gold 1 atm, but on my way up.
I'm playing Jayce as one of my mains and got a 56% winrate with him, which is ok, I think.

I hope that I can help some players to become a better Jayce player!

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Introduction to Jayce

Jayce is the single most noble Champion in League of Legends.
And that's the reason I am playing him. Right now he's not really strong, but decent.
When Jayce was released I never wanted to play him, I thought the idea of having a Champion that can easily swap from Ranged to Melee was a bit OP, and it was at that time... But anyway, now he is my strongest and favourite Champion, together with Garen.

So, Jayce:
- Jayce is both Melee and Ranged.
- Jayce is good at poking with his Q, or Q+E.
- Jayce can outdmg many ADCs lategame with his W.
- Jayce can easily roam/run around the map real quick, because whenever he changes his weapon, he gets a movementspeed buff + he has his Acceleration Gate.
- Jayce can be played bot(but shouldn't), mid and ofc top.
- Jayce lacks serious CC, in meleeform his Q slows and his E can knockback an enemy, that's it.

Your job in short terms: Push, Get Turrets, Poke, Stay behind in Teamfights and finish off whatever comes close to you.

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Passive: Whenever Jayce changes form with his Ultimate, he gains Movementspeed and can move through Units.

Ultimate: Jayce changes his Weapon from Melee to Ranged (or the other way round)
When he becomes Melee -> Next Autoattack deals bonus MagicDmg
When he becomes Ranged -> Next Autoattack lowers enemy Armor + MR

Q (Melee): Jayce jumps on an enemy(Champ or Creep), slows and deals Dmg in a small area.
Q (Ranged): Jayce fires an Orb.

W (Melee): Creates a field around himself which deals Dmg. Also passively gains Mana for each AA.
W (Ranged): Jayce gets the maximum AS (2,5 per second) for a short duration or until he shots three times.

E (Melee): Hits an enemy close to, knocks him back and deals some Dmg.
E (Ranged): Summons a gate, allied Champs or you gain movementspeedn when walking through. If you shoot your Q through it, it gains more Range, Dmg and Speed.

I recommend playing your Q and E WITHOUT smartcast. If you are practiced with Jayce, you might try smartcast, but your accuracy will most likely be higher without smartcast.

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Laning Jayce

Even though Dyrus told me that Jayce is strong on early lvl, I feel like I'm getting my dmgspike at around lvl 7-9.
Of course your lvl 1 is pretty strong, because you can first Q in ranged mode, swap to melee and Q again, but after that, I think he loses to most other toplaners.

So, playing top normally looks like that:
Keep distance to your enemy and just farm up. If you can punish him every time he comes close to get a lasthit, do it, but don't risk too much.
Stay in lane as long as possible. If I can, I stay until I got 1,5 k to buy a BF-sword instantly.
If you can't do so, buy a tear and some more Dmg.
Don't upgrade your Tear until it's almost full stacked, it's a waste of money!
Once you got a tear, try to use skills every now and then to stack it up.

You can either use your Q, or Q+E if necessary, to wipe the ranged creeps and finish the rest off in close range to get some mana back, or just lasthit normally if the enemy isn't pushing towards you.

As Jayce you normally don't want to get into melee range at all. The only time you use your melee ranged is if you want to escape or if you are sure that you will kill your enemy with it. Otherwhise dont do it.

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Teamfighting as Jayce

In Lategame, Jayce is basically a second ADC who is able to poke really hard.

In a typical standoff just poke with your Q, or Q+E to get the enemies low. Of course you should try to aim for the carries. If you hit their tanky frontline, you are just wasting money.

Once the fight starts, you act like a normal ADC, you stay in the back and hit whatever comes close enough to you. Try to keep distance to assasins and if it's possible, ignore their tanks. If they go for you, you can try to hit their tanks as well, with Last Whisper and your W on, you will still deal quite a lot of damage.

Really important is, that you dont switch into melee range too early. Once you get too close to the enemy, you can get killed easily, try to avoid that. Only swap your weapon to finish an enemy off, or to run away.

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General Stuff

While running around the map, always use your Ultimate to move faster around the map. Of course you should time it right so you don't enter a fight in melee range, but I don't think I honestly have to explain that.

Your Q gives you Vision if it hits something. This can be really usefull.
(Once you got used to the immense range of this skill combined with E, you can scout and dmg enemies through many walls and often unexpected.)

Bluebuff (5 min respawn) = Really usefull on Jayce, make sure your midlaner/jungler doesn't want it though
Redbuff (5 min respawn)= Decent on you, most likely other champs need it more than you.
Wraiths (50 sec respawn)= Quick money for you, if you got nothing else to do.
Wolfs (50 sec respawn)= Quick money for you, if you got nothing else to do.
Golems (50 sec respawn)= Takes a bit longer than the other creepcamps, still worth it.
Big Ghost/Wight (50 sec respawn)= Only do it if you really haven't got anything else to do, takes some seconds to do it.
Drake (6 min respawn) - ALWAYS time the Dragon-respawntimer
Baron (7 min respawn) - ALWAYS time the Baron-respawntimer

Try to time your buffs too, it's easy to do and helps your whole team. Just activate timestamps and everytime you do a buff, write the respawntimer real quick. Just do it!

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Explanations for Dummies

DMG = Damage
AR = Armor (more armor lets you take less physical dmg.)
MR = Magical resistance (more MR lets you take less magical dmg.)
ADC = Attack Damage Carry (Vayne, Graves, Ezreal,...)
APC = Ability Power Caster/Carry (Brand, Xerath, LeBlanc,...)
DD = Damage Dealer (ADCs + APCs)
Tank = The one that tries to take the dmg instead of the DDs.
Offtank = Offensive Tank, a Champion that tries to play hybrid.
CS = Creepscore (Your lasthits on Creeps/Monsters)
CC = Crowdcontrol (Things you can do to enemys: Stun, Slow, Silence, Snare, Root, Knockup/Airborne, aaaaaahm....I guess some more, stuff like that)
AA = Autoattack (Normal Attack every champion can do without any cost)
Crit = Critical strike (An Autoattack that deals double dmg(or more in some cases))
Tribush = The bush with the triangular shape that can be entered from the top/botlane, the river and the jungle(there is only one Bush like that, go find it yourself!)
BT = Bloodthirster
IE = Infinity Edge
LW = Last Whisper
GA = Guardian Angel