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Malzahar General Guide by Smegolnator

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smegolnator

A guide to fine aids: Aidzahar

Smegolnator Last updated on January 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: Why the aids?

I only build aidzahar as it follows both the rules stated in my religious beliefs as well as my sexual beliefs. Being a well known 3k elo player I clearly know how to build such a delicate magician well. This guide covers how you can sexually dominate both minions and champions in your middle sex cave without breaking a sweat. I wouldn't recommend using this advanced guide until your prepared to afk as your aids slowly infects your middle sex cave. Don't worry it takes much skill to play such a intimidating champion with confidence.

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Items: Your tools of mass sexual destruction

If you have chosen to use this build you are prepared to dive straight into the world of aids. In the world of aids you must ensure you are always prepared to dominate the enemy (in a sexual way). We start with ability power for early sexual dominance.If you're a mega foo who can't live without life steal then build that amplifying rape into a book of rape. The rod of insertion is also a good pick in case your target is delusional enough to build aids resist. In case of sexual dominance back firing be prepared to build a skull with magic defensive power or a crystal penetration staff with extra HP potential. If you feel HP is for the weak (like myself)then build into a sadist mask, this will set your aids on fire. For late game aids make sure you have a rabadoonees deathcoupe for maximum aids tick and a watch for solid gold invincibility just in case they dare to question your sexual dominance.Only in the mode of aids dominance are you allowed to build such a sacred item. The book of the shining aids is only if you have infected people with your aids across the lands and have killed many plebeians with your aids. Choose wisely to use such a dangerous item.

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Farming: Pimpin it up in mid sex cave

Nothing in the game can counter the power of your aids. Not only does it infect and easily sexually dominate all your targets but it grants you mana as you do so, how can you complain?

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Spell Order: Aids n Shades

I shouldn't need to spell (this is ****ing funny because hes a magician) it out for you but aidzahar obviously focuses his aids over any other skill in his sexual offensive tree. Start by putting one point into your aids followed by a point in your wall of sexual tension and finally a point into your pool of cancer. Max aids before anything else however don't forget about your ultimate form of sexual dominance, laser aids. Laser aids allows you to not only have aids on your target while leaving them immobile but also if timed properly a pool of cancer. This maximizes your sexual dominance and will easily leave your target begging for more.

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Pros and Cons: Dominance

-Maximum sexual dominance
-Aids makes you rich in lane
-You can afk and win
-Your cancer helps in team fights

-Wall of sexual tension can be hard to aim
-Using aids takes patience


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