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Lulu Build Guide by StormTurtle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StormTurtle

A Little Suppordle - Season 4, Support Lulu {4.6}

StormTurtle Last updated on May 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi Becky =:3

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As a support you have to consider what will sustain, protect and feed the ADC that you are babysitting, so that one day they will become big and strong and carry you to victory.

While practically standard on any champion, Flash is great on Lulu as it allows her to make up for being slow.

While taking Ignite can increase damage output or a defensive spell such as Heal can sustain your ADC, Exhaust allows you to shut down a fed enemy, engage their ADC easily or feed your ADC. On Lulu players are always looking for the Glitterlance skillshot so this comes as a surprise.

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Lulu is somewhat good at poking and dealing a respectable amount of damage early game with little offensive element to her build. This is good because with a full offensive build Lulu runs the risk of cowering behind her ADC and tower as she is taking too much damage, which isn't good for our ADC.

While she may lose almost all relative damage output mid /late game, her real power lies in the utility these abilities can provide and her laning power early game. Lulu can buff your fed champs and shut down theirs. Unfair right?

Pix, Faerie Companion
Auto-attacks with Lulu are comparatively strong because of this. Just remember you don't need to rely solely on abilities for damage.

Summoners normally max this early to get both the slow and damage together. In terms of peeling or setting up kills the slow is what we want so we need only take it twice early on for poking.

Squirrels. It is often tough to decide whether to use this offensively or defensively, but you should use it both ways to either shut down a fed enemy or engage /disengage. It also lets Lulu transport herself to teamfights quickly, which is more important than having the 'main purpose' of the ability in the first place!

Help, Pix!
This is arguably your best ability and will be the one we will be maxing first. You gain both the ability to poke the enemy down (and with instant damage so they cannot dodge) and most importantly the ability to protect your ADC or teammates from damage and killing blows.

Wild Growth
Lulu's Ult makes her enemies dread a teamfight. One word is key here. "Commitment". If there is any melee-distance contact between allies or enemies (including herself), Lulu can buff an ally and potentially knock some enemies into the air for your team to take advantage of. While not being so obvious as a good Ult because there is no fixed 'damage amount' attached to it, the subtleties can literally decide a teamfight between skilled players (not implying that I am one myself haha).

  • Take R at 6, 11, and 16.
  • Take Q at 1 and 3 for early poking power and engage /disengage. Slow doesn't scale and we aren't looking to go down the AP damage route so max it last.
  • Max E first, as it lets you both sustain /save your allies and poke /set up kills.
  • Max W second as it can shut down fed enemies which is important.

#to change:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Let's have a look at Lulu's problems:

  • Base Armour
  • Mana
  • Speed

Look into Lulu's stats. Her health is average and her magic resistance is average. Then why does she get hit so hard? Her level 1 armour is terrible.

Armour = 13 + (3.7 per level) = 16.7 {at level 1}

Lulu scales into her level 18 armour to become average but at level 1 she is just terrible. Therefore we will take some armour runes along with us. By taking armour seals and Glyphs it loads Lulu up with another +11 armour at level 1 and allows us to engage their ADC better, which leads to two cases:
  • Their support plays passively and you walk over their ADC.
  • Their support plays aggressively to stop you pestering their ADC, you take them out of their comfort zone and you force some mistakes from their team. Mistakes win games.

Lulu has problems at keeping her magic going, and here is where your Lulu skill will likely show through. Taking some mana regen runes along is going to help us out, but don't expect to be spamming abilities as you want to have mana on you when you really need it.

Taking AP Quints allows Lulu to poke harder. Combined with Spellthief's and the Mastery choice Lulu packs a decent amount of damage.

#To change:

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Mastery choices reinforce what was established with Runes.

21 Utility

The Utility tree selection aids Lulu's poor mana, movement speed and gold income.

9 Offence
The Offence tree allows Lulu to have a stronger early game poke.

#To change:

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With reference to the item list given at the start of the the guide,

  • Grab - Take at the start of the game.
  • Core - You want these no matter what.
  • Build - Build into these after your core items.

The order is a preferred order as it lets the game flow smoothly, but realistically you are going to have to 'feel' the game and take what you bot lane /lower jungle needs.

What a good support Lulu does:
  • Money goes towards helpful team items, and wards. Lots of wards.
  • Plays a strong early game (and not passive).
  • Use abilities almost entirely for utility after the laning stage.

Therefore you will be building items for cooldowns and utility, and burning up money on biscuits for that early game babysitting and wards.

Sweeping Lens
I prefer this over other Trinkets, as Lulu will be available to buy wards throughout the match. Sweeping Lens lets you rob your opponents of vision and takes them out of their comfort zone. Mistakes win matches.

Nomad's Medallion
This is the best Gold Income item choice for Lulu. I have seen many variants of Lulu where people run either no Gold Income items or a Frostfang and agree that they do work beautifully sometimes, but the sustain, gold income and room for development that Nomad's Medallion provides is too good to leave.

Wards are crucial. If you can't make your Sightstones it isn't the end of the world. Remember to keep buying wards, as you aren't setting yourself back too much in terms of gold doing so (with not much to build).

Chalice of Harmony
This is my favourite item in the whole of League of Legends. While taking a Chalice of Harmony is overkill on most champions, to a little mana starved Lulu this is perfection. It provides a unique passive that meshes well with your Mana Regen stats and develops into Mikael's Crucible, which gives Lulu a heal.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
I've heard this game being called the "League of Movement Speed" many times and have to agree with this statement entirely. While Lulu will never be 'fast', like almost every other champion she must build Movement Speed in order to keep up with the rest. The most available outlet for this is to buy a set of tier 2 boots, which leads to one of the decisions almost every player must decide every single match. What bonus do you want with your +45 movement? Our Lulu here is going to want help with cooldowns here to boost the potential to teamfight. Boots of Mobility will not provide any bonuses in combat and Mercury's Treads will usually not assist as much in offensive play.

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A nice way to think of our Lulu is like your ADC's sister.



When you are laning you are your ADC's big protective sister who must stand up to the enemy team and push them off the creeps, and give their ADC a hard time. Your ADC is weak at this stage in the game so take the weight of the team. The Support carries the early game for the ADC and the ADC carries the late game for the Support. Be a good babysitter.

Make sure to put pressure on the enemy ADC and poke them to force them to 'back' or set up a kill for your ADC. If their support is the weak link it doesn't matter if you focus them. You have a strong early game build and in the defensive build 5 biscuits so feel free to battle a bit. Just make sure your ADC is fed better than their ADC.

After Laning


When you leave the laning stage you then become a little sister who must follow her team mates and help them win ganks /team fights. A Support Lulu alone in mid /late game cannot do much, but when she provides a vision advantage and teamfight-deciding crowd control abilities she becomes a nightmare.

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Warding is one of the critical parts of playing a good Support.

I agree that every role (except maybe ADC) should by wards to contribute to vision but the Support must make it their objective to control teamfights to their team's advantage. In many pro support and ADC combinations the Support is in charge of decisions, and similarly you should decide the appropriate 'safe area's of combat for your team and the anticipation of ganks or objectives.

You are the eyes of your team. Without you your team is still powerful, but blind.


At any single moment in time you are allowed:
Which means control of 4 key points of vision at any one time. Use normal store-bought Wards to supplement Sightstone Wards.


During the laning phase these locations are effective:

  1. Stealth Ward here to protect against ganks from the river. VERY USEFUL.
  2. Stealth Ward here to aid in laning and poking against your opponents. Getting a sight advantage can create force enemies to miss skillshots and generate plays.
  3. Vision Ward here. I find that the enemy use this patch less often but if taken it can cause you to be caught out and ganked. A Vision Ward stays there until removed (and in some cases for me the entire match!?) and reassures you that you will be fine to push your lane.

This is a pretty good map of where to ward during the match, but put them where you think is most helpful:

Your job in terms of vision is to choose the 4 most effective spots at each particular moment in time.

And most importantly, have fun!
Guide by "StormTurtle" (EUW)