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Warwick Build Guide by xcondez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xcondez

A Lost Wolf at New Jungle

xcondez Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Before you start reading this guide

This is my first guide and i mean the first guide of all. I've never done a guide and since English isn't my mother language I would be very glad that if you people instead of saying: "You grammar suck, go back to school, learn to do a build" just correct me in a formal way like "Oh this part you'd rather saying this way instead of that or this spelling is wrong the correct way is....". Thank you and enjoy the build =]

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This guide is to help people doing the new jungle with Warwick (29/11/11 - Volibear patch).
First of all and i guess the most important: ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 JUNGLER.
Some may say that Warwick is good at a solo lane but i think is a waste of his abilities. Then the question is "why going jungle with him and not soloing"?
That's why:
- You let 2 heros getting full lane exp (Top and mid lane)
- You're one of the most fastest junglers in-game (3:50 jungle "cleared" - All camps have been done at least 1 time)
- You can easily go dragon at level 6/7 after a sucessful gank with only 1 person more
- Some may say that Warwick is lame ganking before lvl 6 and if you're not experienced enough this may be true. Is kinda hard if the lane you gank doesn't have any type of cc but with time you get to it.
- Map control by placing wards through the map an helping your teammates
- Holding a line when someone needs to recall
- And the best part: After level 6 you become a beast at ganks!

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Pros / Cons


- As i said one of the fastest junglers in-game
- His life regenerating skills (passive and 'q') can lead to a jungle without using too many pots
- After level 6 is one of the best gankers, almost every time ensuring a kill if well coordinated
- If someone goes away from a teamfight with low health you can easily chase down with your Blood Scent
- A good off-tanker that can absorb and deals damage
- After getting Bloodrazor can take down easily any champion including tankers
- Warwick es #1 huehuehue


- Highly susceptible to CC (blinds, stuns and grievous wind -> ignite)
- Gets low on mana very easy
- Buff dependent at early game (mana regen and slow for ganks)
- Early ganks need to be coordinated or you won't have enough damage to ensure the kill

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Not necessarily ArPen you can take MagPen since Bloodrazor, Wits End and you 'q' does magic damage. I prefer ArPen because it makes a bit easier to jungle early on but fell free to choose what ever you want.
Armor. No other possibilites here since dodge runes will be extinguished. This armor runes + 6 armor in mastery tree gives the necessary def to jungle without any problem.
I like to get MagDef per level since you going jungle isn't that necessary to get flats early on. Some may say to get AtSpeed but I don't think it's necessary since you 'w' gives you a nice amount of it. It maybe flat MagDef if you already have it to don't expend your precious IP on more runes
I like flat damage to speed up the jungle and having a good damage output early on (Like ganks, invade others team jungle this kind of stuff). But you can also go AtSpeed, ArPen or Move Speed as you prefer.

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I like the old fashioned 0/9/21 (season 1 were 1/8/21 but now improved smite is defense tree)
Why 0/9/21?
Warwick have some lack of defense and mr during game that can be dodged with these points.
The utility tree gives you a lot of good things to help you early such as:
2% mov speed - It may seen really low but when chasing someone it makes the difference
Mana per level - So you don't get low on mana everytime you gank
Neutral buffs duration - For faster jungling and these known stuff
Gold per sec - This gold per sec may seen really low too but since you buying some wards for your team isn't that bad to have some of these
Initial gold - This is really nice for junglers like Warwick that can start with Long Sword get 2 pots and still don't lose any health at jungle making it possible a faster madreds razor
Experience - Riot nerfed jungle really hard so this increased experience makes you level faster to get to lvl 6
Cooldown reduction - Getting more ults for your team is really useful so why not?
Summoner Spells cooldown reduct - This gives you the chance to use smite more times (10s diference) and doing these getting 'free gold' since you get 10 gold for just using it

But why not playing with points in offense tree?
Warwick does a lot of damage without any points there. The fact is that I'm using the utility tree to compensate some other things more important than damage.

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Summoner Spells

This MUST and always will be your first summoner. That summoner is the difference between a good warwick and a great warwick. A friend of mine (daniloyn) can easily jungle without smite using AtSpeed runes and ignite. But he just takes too long to get to level 6 since it take longer to clean up the jungle. People may say that smite is a waste mid/later game but is not! Smite can be used to steal dragon, baron or buffs, push waves easier and early on with Summoner Resolve gives you 'free' gold just for using it.

As a second spell you can choose between:
Flash - This spell was nerfed but still great for diving, chasing or escaping using walls, ganking from bushes (bushes -> flash -> ultimate). Just be careful because since the nerf sometimes you may fail flash through a wall.

Heal - Considered a 'noob' spell this summoner can really help during the entire game. Having trouble inside jungle and getting ganked? Use heal. If a teammate is having trouble in a lane and asks for a gank you can use him as a bait. Just initiate and when the enemy try to take him down you heal both and get the kill. Or during a team fight just group up, use heal and back to fight a bit more.

Exhaust - Not my favorite spell but isn't that bad too. If there is a lack of exhaust in your team and on the other side there is a Master Yi or a Tryndamere this is a good choice.

Ghost - It may be a waste of summoner since you have Blood Scent and can easily chase down people. Only recommended if you don't like flash and want some way to run or gank.

Remember that if you get exhaust or ghost it won't be improved since you don't take any points on offense tree

Summoner Spells that must not be picked:
Clairvoyance - It won't be useful since Blood Scent show low health people. Let your support take this

Clarity - Even that Warwick has some mana issues this spell won't counter it since the high cooldown. If you really want say to someone else in your team to pick it.
Promote - You're at jungle this isn't helpful in anyway. DON'T PICK IT!
Revive - High cooldown, not useful and getting this means that you going to die and that's not the purpose here.
Surge - Gives a boost of AtSpeed and AP. Not that necessary since you 'w' gives 80% AtSpeed. I'm not used to this spell yet in any champion so I prefer to don't comment.
Ignite - Gives you a buff to take down some heros that may have heal, spell vamp and life steal. Not that necessary and there are better summoners to pick.
Cleanse - I might have said that Warwick can be countered by Stun, Blinds and Grievous Wind. Cleanse would be a good way to take them off but mercury treads can handle most of situations very well. (If the other team really have tons of CC buy a quicksilver sash instead but I'll discuss that later)
Teleport - This is a good way to gank if someone places a ward on bush or something but I don't think is really necessary on Warwick if you have a good map control. Let tankers pick it to defend towers or something.

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Eternal Thirst - One of the best passives to go a safe jungle (not getting low on health). Also during team fights even if you 0% life steal you can recover some life just by auto-attacking enemys.

Hungering Strike - This is your main skill to last hit, survive, take down tankers and staying alive during teamfights. It does hit a % of your opponent life and heals you for the damage you hit. And has a reasonable cooldown and range so fell free to spam whenever facing a champion.
Tip: If someone is low health and still under tower or trying to recall don't be shy to dive. This skill makes you survive a bit longer while you tank the tower.

Hunters Call - This skill gives a one of the highest AtSpeed boost (80% at level 5) and half of that % to your teammates. Great to use next to your ad carry, when taking down towers, dragon and baron.

Blood Scent - The best chasing down skill in-game. Also it's good to flee from enemy after a team fight or something (but remember that someone must be with less then 50% health). This is skill is a toogle one so you can deactivate if you trying to sneak gank someone from behind. I guess this is the skill that can differentiate a good warwick from a great warwick. You should always be alert if the skill is on or off. And this is toogle skill with a bit of cooldown (4s~5s) so pay attention to this.

Infinite Duress - Your mainly source of damage. It scales with AD, can deal magic damage (like Wits End and Madreds Bloodrazor) and increases life steal in 30%. Let's do a simple math using your full build against an ashe like this:
220 AD (up there may say its just 150 AD but isn't including atma's passive), Bloodrazor and wit's end.
Your ultimate is this: "Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times every 0.33 seconds for 33% of his attack damage as physical damage and 40 / 60 / 80 extra damage as magic damage"
Ad -> 220 * 0,33 = 72,6 -> 72,6 * 5 = 363
Bloodrazor -> 4% magic damage * 5 = 2031 * 4% * 5 = 406,2
Wit's end -> 42 magic damage * 5 = 210
+ 80 extra damage as magic damage
This results in: 363 physical + 616 magic damage = 979 damage without armor and magic resists reductions
Armor = 70 - 15 from ArPen runes = 55 = 35% physical
Magic resist = 30 = 23% magic damage
Real damage: 363 * 0,65 + 616 * 0,77 = 710 damage.
This is 35% of ashe total health. This just the ultimate, if you deal 1 auto-attack and your 'q' the amount of total damage landed is higher then 1200 (not doing the math again) leaving her with less then 40% life.

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Skill Sequence and Jungle route

While in jungle:

My route is simple and I'm not skilled to draw maps and things but I guess you guys can understand:
Wolves (W) -> Blue Buff (BB) Smite -> Wraiths (S*) -> Red Buff (RB) Smite -> Golems (G) -> Wraiths(S*) and recall

*I used "S" for wraiths because they look like souls too.

I start with hungering strike and go to (W). Start with normal attack and after losing 50~70 health use the hungering strike and repeat it if necessary (but don't use more then 2 times!). If necessary use one of your pots. Go to blue buff and if some good mate want to wait till 2:03 (time necessary to clean up wolves) ask for a leash. Again start with normal attacks and then you can spam hungering strike since (BB) does more damage then (W). Don't forget to smite it. After that you get your mana regen and level 2. Go to (S) and spam hungering strike now that you mana won't get low. Just activate hunter's call after auto-attacking at least one time. Repeat this hungering strike spam + hunter's call after an auto-attack on every camp and you should be fine. And smite red buff for extra gold =]. After finish (S) for the second time you can try to gank if someone is low life or just back to base and get a madred's razor and ward. When heading back to jungle you priorite is to get to lvl 6, ward dragon, buy boots and go gank. Or if your team is doing a good job just rush dragon. The new jungle system is giving a bit less gold but that's not a big deal for you.

Ganking and teamfights:

You skill sequence almost every time will be:
"R" -> "Q" -> "W" -> "Q"

This scenario just change in a few cases when the person you trying to gank is really close to bushes so you can "Q" before combo him.
On teamfights is the same thing except that you aren't the initiator. If you initiate they can't stop your ult with any kind of Crowd Control.
To exemplify let's take a look at this team:

Malphite, Warwick (you), Caitlyn, Sona and Annie
Amumu, Lee sin, Ashe, Soraka and Katarina

They initiate:
Everybody at mid-lane trying to push waves to take a tower. Ashe ult from behind and stun someone but you. Then amumu and kat go for it using they AoE in order to get everyone low. Many of you may think that you should ult kat and stop it but aren't supposed to waste your ult on kat to stop her so let your team do it. Then malph, sona and annie try to counter it by AoE Stunning everybody. After all CC's were used it's your turn. In this case you may prefer to ult soraka since her silence is the only thing that can stop you, that has a smaller cooldown and can be targeted without any chance to miss (like amumu stun).

Your team initiate:
Same thing except that Malph goes on and ult everyone followed by annie and sona. After this combo they may want to counter and use all ults on you guys. You just wait, using your 'q' and auto-attacking while that, and after all CC's used again you jump on soraka and that's it.

In some cases like playing against Nocturne, Twisted Fate, Shaco and other characters that can rape your carry ***, you may want to save your ult in order to trying to help them. Don't be selfish waiting to get kills. Getting a lot of assists is good too.

The most important: Adapt your game style to face your opponents. There's no right way to play a character as Warwick. There's right things to do against enemy's so be smart and practice a lot.

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Jungle Map

So this are the routes you may want to try when going WW jungle.
The red numbers indicates the normal route if you playing not that agressive.
But in some cases you may want to screw your opponent jungle and there is where the yellow numbers enter. With this new jungle the counter jungle is kinda pointless since you can recover easily but it will slow a bit other guy jungle (if he's a Amumu, Jarvan IV, Rammus and other tank-junglers) since they don't have a good jungle sustentability and will need to recall a bit sooner.
The point is that counter jungle isn't effective against all characters. So be careful when chosing this path or you may get countered too and that's a pain in the *** (stealing buffs and this things)

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My core items that i get every game are:

Only this itens may seen a bit weak for a Warwick but it works really fine. You get a bit of armor, magic resist, attack and life steal. Warmogs is a good way to keep alive since you 'q' + passive and life steal can get you tons of hp recover without too much damage.

After that it depends on what the other team has the most:

More Magic Damage: Go with Wit's End
More Attack Damage: Go with Atma's Impaler
A lot of damage and you getting focused at first place: Guardian Angel
Few magic damage, not enough attack to bring you down: Madred's Bloodrazor

This may seen awkward to don't get a madred's asap but the focus here is to don't be squishy and keep dealing damage.

More items that you may consider:

Sunfire Cape - You may want to get more life, deal some damage and tank a bit more. This may replace Guardian Angel or Atma's Impaler as you prefer

Thornmail - Works really fine on Warwick. If they got really hard Ad (such as tryndamere, gangplank, caitlyn and so on) this item is they way to counter it. By giving impressives 100(!) armor for just 2000 gold and retrieving 30% the damage you get as magic damage carries will think twice before attacking you. Considered changing Guardian Angel.

Frozen Mallet - If you think that warmogs isn't that necessary or you opponents are runing away way too easy this item maybe considered. Slowing enemy, giving an attack and hp boost this is a really nice item to have on Warwick. Can be used instead of warmogs.

Spirit Visage - A good choice if you want fast magic resist, health and cooldown reduction. The passive is also good for warwick by healing 10% more. But isn't a great item on long games so you may consider changing it after getting more money. Can replace Wit's End.

Force of Nature vs Banshees Veil - Against a hard ap caster team you may consider this 2 items. If they enemy is just running away after a fight FoN is a better choice. If every time you trying to ult you get denied then Banshees is a better choice. In my opinion i prefer Banshee in most cases, since your Blood Scent can chase enemys, and it gives more health and mana. You can replace Warmog or Atma's using Banshee or Wit's End if using FoN.

Quicksilver Sash - Most people don't remember the poor brother of Banshees. This item is good if you facing a really hard CC team and don't have too much money to buy a Banshee yet. Just remember to use it otherwise is better to buy just a Negatron Cloak and leave it there.

Hextech Gunblade - A nice item too that gives both life steal and spell vamp plus ap and ad. If you looking for more instant damage instead of AtSpeed or survival you may consider this. Change Wit's End for it.

Hexdrinker - Again another item for attack instead of AtSpeed. But this item don't give lifesteal just AD and Magic Resist. And a good passive for living a bit more. Change Wit's End.

Bloodthirster - Sincerely I've never tryed this item in a serious game. My friend (daniloyn) says that is a good pick for combo with Warwick's ult. It may replace Wit's End, Madred's or anything i don't really know =P

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Still working on the guide

There's no such thing as a finished guide. I'll be always trying to improve and make this better.
And yes it's really boring without images and videos so I'm trying to fix this and lately post them here.

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02/12/2011 - Guide was created
05/12/2011 - Add the chapter Jungle Map

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Hope you guys enjoyed it and fell free to criticize, make suggestions or simply say that you like it =]