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Quinn General Guide by XProLilRavenX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XProLilRavenX

A Noobs Guide To The MLG

XProLilRavenX Last updated on May 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, XProLilRavenX here. This is my first guide and it will probably be my only one. This isn't going to look pretty or anything because I just want to get this out there and let you you guys take a look. I'm not gonna sit here and talk about how I'm the greatest League player out there or that I have the highest Elo out there because neither of those things are true. I am just pretty successful with this strategy and wanted to share it with you guys. Anyways, enough talking, let's begin.

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Okay, well I'm gonna start out talking about items. I seem to favor the bloodthirster over the infinity edge early game and a lot of people don't like that. Usually by time you get your bloodthirster you are around level 8-10 and are just about out of the laning phase. I prefer the bloodthirster because it gives me sustain and damage witch are both very useful things with Quinn. Next on the list is the Frozen Mallet. I take this item with many champions mostly because it has the slow. The Frozen Mallet is a great item for Quinn because it gives her health, damage, and a slow. The health and damage have obvious benefits. The slow helps Quinn quite a bit when flying in for a gank late game to help a teamate or just chasing down an enemy. Now, the Last Whisper is slightly controversial. I have had some people tell me to go with The Black Cleaver because of its health, cooldown reduction, attack damage, and armor penetration. I guess The Black Cleaver is a valid choice if you're not facing a team with too much armor, but if you're facing a team with Renekton, Garen, or any other super tanky armor stacked champs, I would say the Last Whisper is the better choice. It gives damage and flat armor penetration. On to the Inifnity Edge. I'm not sure if I need to go into detail on how beneficial this item is late game. Once you have the damage from this, the slow from the FroMal, and the armor penetration from the Last Whisper you should be getting kills left and right. Finally we get to the Phantom Dancer. Some people say that you should just get another Infinity Edge or Trinity Force but I like the Phantom Dancer for multiple reasons. The attack speed is very useful when attacking a single enemy because of Quinn's passive. Valor prefers marking enemies that you are attacking so Quinn's passive may activate multiple times with the attack speed boost from Phantom Dancer. The critical strike chance on this item combined with the chance from the Infinity Edge gives you a 55% critical strike chance which means that every other attack will be a critical and deal double the amount of your current physical damage. The movement speed boost isn't much but it's something and the passive from the Phantom Dancer let's you move right through minions and other units which is very useful late game when chasing down enemies. Now obviously if you are getting bursted down by every champ on the other team you might want to grab a Guardian Angel in the place of your phantom dancer or maybe even your Last Whisper.

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Team Work

This chapter is going to be kind of short. There isn't a whole lot I have to say. When first starting out in bottom lane, try to get a support with a stun on your side. A friend of mine have a strategy called Stun Gun and that is where I get most of my early game kills. If you have a good support with a stun just farm until level three and then wait for the other ADC to get cocky. Once they are out in the open let Valor mark them and then have your support stun them. Use your basic attack to get your passive damage and then use vault to mark them again and get the passive damage. Flash forward and use Blinding Assault while auto attacking and you should pull the kill. In late game team fights try to stay on the outskirts of the fight while letting Valor mark targets and hitting them with your passive. Once the other team starts to back off and they are low on health you can move in as Valor and clean up the mess.

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I'm going to put the rest of my tips in this category and wrap this up. Don't get too cocky. Quinn is versatile and very mobile but it is possible to get trapped if your not careful. A well placed stun is all it takes. You may be an AD carry but that doesn't mean that you don't need your teams help. I hope this guide helped you and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Always open to constructive criticism.


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