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Nautilus Build Guide by thepiggypwnr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thepiggypwnr

A Not So Supporty Support

thepiggypwnr Last updated on July 12, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Nautilus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Soraka If they're squishy and don't have hard cc gg them.
Sona Same as soraka.
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Why not full tank?

I don't personally like full tank naut, but with these items it give you enough health to get in the team fight to peel with your full rotation of abilities, then either die or hopefully have 3 enemies dead and clean up.

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How am i supposed to use Naut with this build?

Well basically i made this build to fit my play style, which is keep the enemies from farming and surprising the **** outta squishies split pushing. During laning you keep repeating your rotation of:

q to an enemy w for shield auto once to apply root and then hit e as you walk away.

Now hopefully you took away about 1/4 of their hp and took no damage, but then there is the chance you got cc'd and rekt, so be careful when trading if they have easy to land cc. Now here is my favorite thing to do with this build after you have 2 items or so you can roam a bit and blow up squishies with 2 different tactics.

1. you go to an empty lane and just farm it till 2-3 enemies come and just do the same thing you do in laning but keep them busy in the lane to buy other lanes some free farm, to pick up kills on the other 2 enemies, or get an objective like dragon. Just keep in mind you're not super tanky so you cant just get hit, try and bait them to dive you under your tower then blow your ult and shield to root and slow them so you can kill 1-2. Your damage from ult is higher than normal thugh because you've not built tank and if you have a liandries and rylais already your riptide does a stupid amount of aoe damage. You can surprise so many people by how fast you wave clear with a liandries.

2. (My personal favorite thing to do) So lets say adc has roamed mid and is trying to free farm, now is your time to shine. Depending on who your about to go in on changes the ability order so check if they have a lot of cc or escapes before you dive.

ideally you want to "q-w-auto-e-auto-r-auto-e-auto" if they're super squishy theyre already dead but if its someone more tanky you'll have to blow flash to reapply the passive root and q-e a few more times. Now obviously if its a fed top lane this is not going to work so don't be dumb.

This build is basically meant to give a decent amount of hp to give a big shield. a lot of cc, and a **** ton of team damage with liandires-e-w combo. The ability to assassinate the adc while ccing them to win team fights is awesome even if you end up dying you did your job.

So here is your team fighting job:

Ulting the adc in the back will knock everyone up before them applying a liandries + plus rylais slow, while knocked up press w run past them and spam e (continue spamming e during entire fight) applying super slow and liandries burn to whole team then q to adc and auto to root. buying your team enough time to either melt adc or mid laner.

Now theres a very good chance you will have died after the main combo, but again you did your job and hopefully the team fight has been won, then again maybe you got locked down and died before you reached the adc, in this case look back at the situational items to see what you could switch out your iceborn gauntlet for to get a tad bit tankier.

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Why is this considered a, not supporting, support build?

Well to be honest whether you try to or not, you are going to steal some kills, enough to where if you're playing with a douche adc they're going to rage. Now obviously if you're actively trying not to steal them your adc is going to get fed on a silver platter, enough to where you can roam and they can farm by them self, which brings me to the next point. You are going to roam with this set, a lot, so you basically say "**** you Ashe, you got enough damage to play it safe, I'm going to go **** up that Ahri mid". As a side note if you have seen during the levels 1-9 your adc is totally inept your gonna have to spoon feed them kills and make the enemies back till they're at least 2 levels ahead. Another note is with aggressive as you will be their jungle is going to gank you so ward ward ward.

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Things to keep in mind.

- Don't be afraid of taking kills, i know that goes against what a support does but its better you get the kill than them getting away (nothing feels quite as good as ulting a 10 hp enemy as they're out of range of everyone else and watching that homing charge blow them up as they're trying desperately to get away).

- Just because one idiot keeps saying you need to be tankier don't listen, chances are is hes feeding hard and wants a super easy ks to get fed. *cough mid laners cough*

- if you get the kills early don't be afraid to capitalize with it people tend to underestimate nauts damage because he builds full tank 90% of the time, if you snowball you can easily get to the point where your ult takes away 50% of a squishies hp and since they're knocked up they wont be able to do anything for the other 50%.

- Have fun with it. This isn't a super tryhard build its meant for you to have fun with what a lot of people call "uselessness".

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This is my first guide and it is meant to be for people who want to have fun since you don't have to focus on farming as a supp. If you have something that I haven't thought of to change in build feel free to tell me, after all the ap items just changed so this builds a little rough around the edges with rod of ages hp nerf.