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Yuumi Build Guide by Faeynix

ADC A Passionate Guide To Yuumi (All Roles)

ADC A Passionate Guide To Yuumi (All Roles)

Updated on October 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faeynix Build Guide By Faeynix 3,238 Views 2 Comments
3,238 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Faeynix Yuumi Build Guide By Faeynix Updated on October 13, 2021
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Runes: Engage Support

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Engage Support
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

A Passionate Guide To Yuumi (All Roles)

By Faeynix
About the Author and Introduction
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my guide. I'm a bronze 1 Yuumi main with 120k pt m7, and although that may put some people off, I've been experimenting with and playing Yuumi in all roles (except jungle bc cursed) for a long while now.

Yuumi is a support who is easy to play, but hard to master. Everyone's seen the jokes of "i play yuumi with my feet" or "my dog can play yuumi", "I go afk as yuumi and we still win". Despite these jokes, the difference between an okay Yuumi and a great Yuumi is vast.
Yuumi's Passive and her Lane Sustain
Part of understanding Yuumi's playstyle and how to increase your laning sustain is understanding and being able to proc her passive - Bop n' Block - whenever it is available.

Yuumi's passive has a cooldown that reduces with level. At lvl 1, this cd is 14 seconds. Her passive grants her a shield (that scales with AP), and restores 25-100 mana + 8% of her maximum mana.

Ideally, you want to be using this passive either - whenever it comes up, or whenever you're low on mana. To do this, though, you have to be cautious. Jumping into the middle of enemies or far away from your ADC (If playing support), you will almost always be targeted. Champs with high CC can also counter your passive by immediately removing the shield you just gained.

Learning this positioning can take a few games, but once you master it, you'll be a monster - not having to back for mana puts you at an incredible advantage in lane, as any damage they do, you can simply heal.

That said - Yuumi's heal scales by the target's missing health as well as AP, so waiting to heal your ADC until they're about 30% is ideal, as your heal will heal more than it would if they were at 70%.

For laning yuumi: Yuumi is an auto-attack based laner, so her passive is basically always triggered whenever it comes up. This allows you to stay in lane indefinitely, as you restore so much mana, you can heal yourself whenever you want.
Support Runes + Build Path
For Support Yuumi, we have a few options.


Summon Aery : The strongest of the runes for support. The shielding and extra damage is outmatched - arcane comet simply doesn't provide the same output. Arcane comet can miss, Aery cannot. Aery also can save a teammate's life when you jump to them, arcane comet cannot.

Manaflow Band : A necessity. Yuumi's early is defined by your mana sustain, and manaflow band allows you to increase this sustain.

Transcendence : Another very strong rune. Yuumi's base cooldowns without the transcendence buff are long, making your healing much less impactful. Although shorter cooldowns cause you to run out of mana quicker, the second saved between heals can turn a 2v2 or a whole team fight.

Scorch : Yet another necessity. The scorch buff adds to your DPS and keeps the pressure on your opponent thru your innate weak damage output.


Presence of Mind : Takedowns restore mana, another factor to your lane sustain. If your matchup is comfortable and you are okay with restoring mana via your passive, PoM might see less benefits. In teamfights however, this rune is incredible. It provides incredible sustain in those fights where you cannot jump off to proc your passive.

Cut Down : A damage buff, as Yuumi is one of the squishiest champs. Not too much to say about this one, really.

Demolish : If your matchup is strong and you can easily and safely proc your passive, taking Demolish can be a very good idea. Demolish is the turret pressure Yuumi strongly desires, and gives her voice line of "Take that you giant pile of stone!" a bit more punch than it usually does.

Revitalize : An innate buff to your heal and shield power. Very useful and fantastic for early game pressure.

As you can see, the Precision vs Resolve secondary paths depend on your matchup and what part of the game you want to be buffing. Precision buffs late game, while Resolve buffs the early and mid game.

Build Path

Always start with Spelltheif's and 2 health potions. That early control ward is tempting, but will likely be taken within 5 minutes. Don't give the enemy team a free 30 gold from the start.

First back should result in either one bandleglass mirror and a faery charm, or a bandleglass and ruby crystal. Prioritize your mythic if your ADC is really taking a beating and you need the clutch heals. Otherwise, prioritize mana regen items. Faery charm builds into your first three items, (moonstone, ardent, redemption/staff) so prioritizing them -> forbidden idol can be very impactful. Increasing this mana regen also keeps your sustain high.

Prioritize Ardent Censer when your ADC has low CDs and benefits from the Attack Speed and Auto Attack on-hit buff. Prioritize Staff when your ADC has high CDs and benefits from bonus AP.

For example, prioritize Ardent Censer with an Aphelios, Twitch, or Xayah, and Staff with champs like Lux, Kai'Sa, or Ezreal (AP ezreal. AP twitch can also benefit from Staff). If you duo with your ADC, ask them which buffs they prefer if you're unsure.

This can be negated or change priority based on the rest of your team, as well. If your team is full AP, and your ADC is the only AD champ, prioritize Staff regardless for the team fight buffs.

Once you have one of your buffing items, start building Redemption or Chemtech. Redemption and Chemtech provide much better midgame utility than the other buff item will. If against heavy CC, swap Redemption or Chemtech for Mikael's.

Late game is where you can finish that second buff item.
AD Runes + Build Path
AD Yuumi is a bit of spectacle and relies solely on Auto Attacks. We can take two paths for AD Yuumi : Cat-ling Gun Yuumi, or Lifesteal Yuumi.


Press the Attack : A mandatory rune for AD Yuumi. 3 AA's and you secure increased damage against your target for a few seconds. With Yuumi's lacking base AD damage, this is necessary.

Presence of Mind : Same reasons as why a support yuumi would take this rune - Mana sustain. This is incredibly important for AD Yuumi, as you will not be building the same mana items as a support Yuumi would. You might not be expending as much mana as you expect, but the free regen is important.

Legend : Alacrity : Incredibly important for Cat-ling Gun build. Roaming and ganking with your Jungler allows you to stack up legend stacks and really build that innate Attack Speed.

Legend : Bloodline : Powerful for lifesteal Yuumi, provides great late-game sustain and buffs to your lifesteal build.

Cut Down : Same reason as Support, the extra damage is a needed buff.


Taste of Blood : Early game sustain is very important, and ToB provides some early healing when you're trading and have to conserve your mana.

Ravenous Hunter : Same as ToB. Also buffs Lifesteal Yuumi a bit more than Attack Speed Yuumi.

Build Path

Like most marksmen, you want to prioritize your mythic. First back, aim for most of the components or a completed Noonquiver. If you lack the money, you can go for other components of your mythic, pickaxe/crit cloak/vamp scepter.

based on your enemy, your second item should be chosen to counter. Items can be swapped around, don't feel restrained or restricted to a specific build or build order. If you think BoRK will be more beneficial than Nashor's, buy BoRK.

Why is Nashor's included? : Nashor's Tooth is a fantastic item for AD Yuumi as it provides attack speed, and on-hit damage. Because it's AP, it also adds a buff to your heal, shield, ult, and other abilities when you do use them.
AP Runes + Build Path
AP Yuumi plays entirely differently than AD Yuumi, as AP Yuumi actually focuses not on Autos, but on abilities.

We have two paths we can take for AP Yuumi: Luden's for burst and M-pen to amp damage, or a control mage style with Everfrost.

Both rune sets posted can work with either build. Dark harvest stacks easily with Yuumi ult and AA's.

Unlike AD Yuumi, AP Yuumi has a massive drawback: Mana. Your mana regen isn't buffed if playing mid or top yuumi, as you won't have nor build support items. A way around this, is to build Archangel's Staff, but be wary this will also increase your E's cost. This will, however, buff your mana regen from your passive. But, even with the buff to mana regen from bop-n-block, you may run into some issues.


Arcane Comet : Provides extra damage when landing a Q or R, attached or unattached. While not good for Support Yuumi, for Laning Yuumi this extra damage does stack up when it hits.

Manaflow Band : Same reasons as support Yuumi, the extra mana is always needed and always appreciated.

Transcendence : Haha ability haste go BRR (read the support yuumi section)

Scorch : Extra damage on top of comet + AP

Dark Harvest : Easy to stack when playing Yuumi, provides nice AP boost, and easier to proc than electrocute.

Taste of Blood : Yuumi could take cheap shot for the extra ult damage, or for if you build snares or slowing items (control path), but for M-pen Yuumi, who's only true snare is her Ult or empowered Q, taste of blood is better for laning.

Eyeball Collection : Again, a damage boost with takedowns. Easily stacked in mid-late game.

Ultimate Hunter / Ingenious hunter : The best of the hunter runes for Yuumi. Ultimate Hunter makes your ult incredibly Low CD, and Ingenious makes your items proc more. I personally like taking Ultimate with the Mpen build, and Ingenious with the Control mage build.

Build Path

Like other builds, aim for a large item like Lost Chapter on first back.

I feel like I'm repeating myself, so build as you will.
How to play Laning Yuumi (Mid/Top)
Laning Yuumi is a very unique playstyle that isn't like her Support playstyle. Since you're 1v1'ing a champion who is likely much stronger than you are innately, Yuumi has to rely on a few tricks to keep her position.

Your main trick is your sustain. People underestimate your heal and shield, and will frequently try to all-in you without understanding that you can just heal and run away without taking too much damage. Kiting for AD Yuumi is also very important, although her base attack speed is low.

CS is of course very important. You want to maximize your CS, even if you have to spend some mana on Q's to ensure you snag that canon. You *need* to prioritize CS income, as you want to be as strong as possible as soon as possible.

Another trick of playing Laning Yuumi is to let your opponent push to tower and freeze wave under tower. This will give you plenty of CS, and your opponent cannot engage you as if they do, they'll be taking tower shots. This helps and works incredibly well as people see your small HP, and think they can dive you. I've won 3v1 dives under tower with ult and well timed heals. It might seem cheap or baby-ish to play like this, but it's how a Laning Yuumi gets ahead.

When your jungler ganks, do not immediately jump to them. Discourage ganks if your ult is on CD. Let them get into lane behind the enemy, then jump, as an early jump will tell your opponent to run. Your Ult is your main ganking tool, as it locks your opponent in place while your jungler can kill them or get them into kill range for you. If your JG takes damage, or is already injured, give them a couple heals and they'll love you.

Staying with and healing your JG during objectives is also a quick way to score more ganks and earn their favor.

To gank as a yuumi, you can either hop onto your jungler and travel with them, or you can roam on your own and hop onto your laner with ult. Like when receiving a gank, your ult is your main lockdown tool.

For AD Yuumi, you want to minimize your time spent on an ally, as you can't Auto while attached.

For AP Yuumi, being attached is fantastic and grants the increased range and aimbot Q.

You can, and should, pick your playstyle and damage source based on how you want to play Yuumi. If you want to stay mostly unattached, AD Yuumi is a great option. If you want to buff your team, play Support Yuumi. If you want to be a hard carry from the back of your main hard carry, play AP Yuumi.
Closing Notes
Yuumi is a very versatile champ, and how you play her fully is up to you. Want to build galeforce instead of kraken's? Go ahead! Yuumi's built-in sustain leaves room for so much that you can do, from building tank to building burst mage.

The most important thing, though, is that you have fun playing.

Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment if you want to see this guide updated, or if you have a new build or rune set you want me to check out and try!


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