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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by IWldHavBnYrDady

A Recipe for Disaster

A Recipe for Disaster

Updated on April 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IWldHavBnYrDady Build Guide By IWldHavBnYrDady 34 13 73,843 Views 51 Comments
34 13 73,843 Views 51 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IWldHavBnYrDady Morgana Build Guide By IWldHavBnYrDady Updated on April 5, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Morgana
  • LoL Champion: Morgana

Morgana Build(AP) by IWldHavBnYrDady

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Soul Siphon - Morgana has Spell Vamp, healing herself whenever she deals damage with her spells.

Dark Binding - Morgana releases a sphere of dark magic. Upon contact with an enemy unit, the sphere will deal magic damage and force the unit to the ground for a period of time.
Fires a bolt of dark energy towards a target location, binding the first unit hit to the ground for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds and dealing 80/135/190/245/300 (+0.9) magic damage.
Cost: 60/75/90/105/120 Mana
Range: 1300

Tormented Soil - Infects an area with desecrated soil, causing enemy units who stand on the location to take continual damage.
Curses a large area for 5 seconds. Enemies on the cursed ground are dealt 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.2) magic damage and have their magic resistance reduced by 4/5/6/7/8 every second.
Cost: 70/90/110/130/150 Mana
Range: 900

Black Shield - Places a protective barrier around an allied champion, absorbing magical damage and disables until penetrated or the shield dissipates.
Places a shield around target friendly champion, absorbing 100/150/200/250/300 (+0.8) magic damage and preventing disables while the shield holds.
Lasts 5/5/5/5/5 seconds or until the shield has been depleted.
Cost: 50/50/50/50/50 Mana
Range: 600

Soul Shackles - Latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions, dealing initial damage to them and slowing their move speed by 20%, and then echoing the pain 4 seconds later and stunning them if they remain close to Morgana.
Deals 175/250/325 (+0.8) magic damage to nearby enemy champions and slows their movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds. Additionally, if Morgana stays within 600 range of the targets for the full 4 seconds, they are dealt an additional 175/250/325 (+0.8) magic damage and become stunned for 1/1.5/2 second(s).
Cost: 100/150/200 Mana
Range: 1000
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Summoner Spells

What I Use:

Can't tell you how many times this has earned me that extra kill. Picking this will definitely earn it's keep in kills. Goes well with a nicely placed when they are on the run.

Morgana is pretty squishy so it is always a good idea to have a nice escape spell.

Other Viable Options:

Great to get around the map and gank or port back and buy and then get right back in the fight. This is also a must if you are playing solo top.

Great spell used for not only getting the heck our of somewhere but for chasing as well. It's really personal preference if you use this or

Good if no one else on your team picks it. Can help to secure certain buffs or prevent you from getting ganked.

What You Shouldn't Use:

If you get screwed by CC this can definitely save your life, but your job as a Caster is to never get near this kind of thing. If you need this then you are not playing correctly.

Not the worst spell, but you just don't need it.

Great on some champions with mana problems, but your can not only get you back to get more mana but can also get you anywhere around the map as well.

Only used for Tanks.

Have yet to see this spell used effectively at all. If you find anything useful about this please let me know.

Only good on a , , , , or .

Really only used for most AD carries, and is completely pointless to you because you already have 2 stuns.
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For great magic penetration.

Greater Seal of Replenishment Morgana has some mana issues early game if you don't have these runes. Worth using these instead of buying a second Doran's ring.

A necessity for any AP carry. You can't carry if you don't do damage. And every bit of AP counts. Especially early game.

Get extra damage early game to stack up on kills and get a nice lead.


Greater Seal of Vitality Morgana is pretty squishy so it's great to have that little extra health the whole game if you need it. But with Morgana's passive, I feel like it is more worth it to use Greater Seal of Replenishment.

or Great to help reduce cool-downs so you can spam your abilities more.
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Pros / Cons


-Great Farmer
-Great Solo lane(is also extremely viable in side lane)I recommend laning with someone that can do some good AD damage or a good tank.
-Hard to gank due to almost all of her abilities.
-Can easily push a lane with her .
-Great in team fights because of her 2 AOE spells( and ).
-Viable the whole game.
-Her is a great counter to anyone with a magic based slow or stun. Don't be afraid to use her on allies as well! Can't tell you how many EPIC saves I have gotten with it.


-Is focused a lot
-Pretty Squishy but all her stuns, her passive, and her shield make up for that.
-Is less viable against any AD Carry because her only blocks negative magic effects.
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and depending on the enemy team you will either get (If they are more squishy) or (If they are building a lot of magic resistance). Don't be afraid to get a couple and Sight Ward whenever you have some extra cash. Sell the only when you have no more room and can get the next item. Gives some decent HP and MANA for a good price.

Optional Builds(for all those people without runes yet):

and depending on the enemy team you will either get (If they are more squishy) or (If they are building a lot of magic resistance). Now this build has two because if you do not have the Greater Seal of Replenishment then you will have some big MANA issues early game. But if you want to rush a anyway without getting the other ring, then get BLUE BUFF.

Optional Items:

If you are just killing the other team at every instance I would maybe recommend getting this. But if the team is smart(and they usually are) they will start focusing you and then this item will just be a waste of time and money so I rarely get it. Better safe than sorry.

If you are getting focused I would recommend giving this a try.

If you are ever having mana problems this can be a good addition, but normally if you are getting BLUE BUFF regularly and using your skills right you shouldn't need this.

Great against any champion that has a high HP pool.

If you feel like your skills with your is inadequate you can get this but it's kinda pointless. But a very worthwhile item for almost every other champion in the game.

If the enemy team has lots of CC, don't be afraid to use these.

Cool-down reduction never hurt anyone. Except your enemies. :D

Cheaper than a Banshee's Veil and great for it's cost. Get this if you need some early MR or you are going against a team with a lot of CC. You can always sell it later for a Banshee's Veil if need be. But don't underestimate this item.
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-When farming either use your to weaken the minions so you can get some easy CS. But the best way to use , is to place it in front of the enemy champion so that he misses out on CS and/or experience. Works best against melee champions but if placed right it can work on ranged ones as well. Later on in the game you can also use your to last hit.

Team Fights:

-In team fights you have to be very careful that you are not focused down. You do the most damage on your team so if you get taken out first, then your team will most likely lose the fight. In order to prevent this from happening turn on your for great protection from any negative status effect. This is also what either your or is used for. Use your to both poke at your enemy and pick off the stragglers. You can also use your to poke at the enemy team as well. After the team fight has initiated you can pop in and use your for great AP damage and STUN. The best way to use this effectively is to put on your Dark Shield, then either run in or use to get in the middle of the fight. Remember that your can target multiple enemy champions so try to get as many as possible with it.

Fight Sequence(when chasing or 1-on-1 fighting):

-Soon as you get someone with your then throw down right on top of them. If they keep running throw down that combo as much as you can.


-Don't forget that you can place your on any friendly champion. This can save your teammates so many times. Especially if the enemy team tries to tower dive someone.
-Always save just enough mana for your . I can't tell you how many times people try to tower dive you when you are low on health then fail miserably when you stun them in tower range. Make sure you rub it in their face when you kill them and then thank them for the free kill. haha :D
-Also if an enemy is getting away, throw down a quick in front of where they are running, because it does an instant amount of damage as well as damage over time.
-Don't forget that your tower can be your best friend. If you are getting ganked a lot don't be afraid to tower hug. Ignore all the comments from the enemy team for being a 'whimp'.
***And as a side note; if you are being tower dived and your isn't enough or you have no mana, walk around the tower like a marry-go-round. Not only is it extremely hilarious when you get the kill, but then the enemy team will proceed to rage so hard afterwards for the rest of the game. Good times...(works only with melee champions)***
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Why don't you build Morgana as a full on support?

-Answer: Her gives magic defense based on your AP. Hence the more AP you obtain, the more magic damage your shield will deflect.

Any particular champions I should avoid?

-Answer: You should avoid any AD champions if you can. This is because your blocks magic damage, it is best that you lane against other AP champions. Although it is not a necessity, it is a smart choice.

OMG! Your Build is so expensive! How can you afford all this?

-Answer: As long as you are getting kills and assists by helping gank lanes as much as possible you shouldn't have a problem. But as far as the length of games go these days, don't expect to get past . But as far as the rest of the build after that goes, that's really all you need. The other items are more for how to counter the other team in the late game.

Why do you get before ? Don't you want to do more early-mid game AP?

-Answer:Although early game AP is nice, I feel that it is best to get the first because it has very nice synergy with her . Get into the fight (preferably right after the tank :D), pop your ultimate and if you are getting focused (which you almost always are because you are so OP! Sense the hint of sarcasm in my voice?) click your real quick and let the Pentakills roll!
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All stats on Abilities were obtained from the League of Legends Official Site found here.
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-And please, please, please let me know what you think! This was made for you, the community, so it helps you if you help me better this guide! Criticism is good! Just not to harsh! :P

-Also keep an eye out for other builds that I am working on for and .

-And most importantly please thumbs-up and rate. It took a lot of time to make this guide due to testing and writing, so I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for all the support!
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Change Log

-Updated the purchase order so that people can see what items in each recipe I purchase first(7/3/11).
-Changed the main build on the page but placed an alternatives build section for the old build. Added some more tips, questions, Pros/Cons, and an alternative rune selections chapter as well(7/14/11).
-Added an alternative skill sequence portion to the guide, and added an item into the Alternative Items portion of the guide(7/16/11).
-Updated the guide to fit current runes and masteries(4/5/2012).
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