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Blitzcrank Humor Guide by Basko Malahtit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Basko Malahtit

A short guide to the fastest Blitz EU

Basko Malahtit Last updated on December 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is Basko Malahtit, i'm currently a silver II player on EU Nordic and East and this is my first guide here on Mobafire. Note that this guide is not meant to be used in ranked play, this build is for fun and for trolling with your friends. Note that this is a very short guide because i am lazy and don't want t spend the whole day writing a guide.
So, let me present you my guide to the fastest blitz Eu, which i like to call: Speedcrank.

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    With these items blitz is one of the fastest champions.
    You scare the **** out of your opponents when they kill you, and you just return with revive and everything that gives you movement speed.
    This guide cannot be used in ranked because you will most likely be reported by 9 players and lose elo... but, if you don't give a ****, you can try.
    U can easily be brust down in the late-game when this build really becomes fun.

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For runes I take this **** you see above. You need some tankyness in the early game from your seals and glyphs, the AD from your marks helps combined with your E, Youmuu's ghostblade armor penentration and crit chance, Trinity Force and Zephyr's attack speed. You take movement speed quints for.. well... isn't it obvious?

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You take the 0/9/21 path because you want all the movement speed that you can get from the utility tree, and a lil' bit of tankyness from the defense tree.

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For items you take all that you can get that gives movement speed. I use all the items with an active, but if you like it more, you can use the items that give you movement speed passively. I like more the actives because of that feeling when you scare the **** out of your enemies with tons of speed and the hook and the knockup.

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Skill Sequence

You max W for movement speed. Q is second because it's damage scales better with levels then E. Take R whenever you can.

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You use revive and ghost, and why do you think why?
EXACTLY! For da speed. Also, with revive you can obviously revive after you die and you can then run to enemies with full speed and, again, scare the **** out of them. Note that this is only possible in the late-game, when they are in your base so they can see the full effect.

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If you are playing with your friends, it would be great if one of them could go mid and take Syndra. This way, you can troll their or even your own jungler by pulling the first buff to you, and then Syndra can take it with her W and hit the enemy mid-laner with it, who will most likely be confused and write "WTF?!" while he is watching the buff speed away to the camp. After that, you go to the bot lane. BUT, WHY CAN'T I GO TOP, SINCE I'M ALREDY TROLLING? Because, u want to get the speed items asap, and it's more likely that you will get assists and gold from Ancient Coin then kills and creeps in the top lane, where there's usually a very tanky champion, who you won't quite be able to kill. Oh, yes, and try to steal all that you can from your carry.

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Mid/Late game

By now you should have gotten a few core item and some turrets should have been destroyed. When you die in your base or very near to it, just revive ervery time you can, and go full speed back.


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