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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wise Poke

A Simple Guide to Twitch

Wise Poke Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Twitch Guide! Sorry about my english, it's not the best, but it's understandable.

This guide is still under construction.

Champion Description:

Twitch is a stealth ranged DPS character. He is a great carry and pusher, has an awesome dps, high critical chance and damage. Also, has slow and stealth skills, providing a nice escape mechanism.

I play him because he's awesome and it's really fun to play him. Also, he has STEALTH! What can be more fun than appear behind unaware people and kill them? I also like DPS carrys, and he's my favorite between all of them.

Pros and Cons:

- Stealth, can scout areas for the team and also escape with it
- Great Damage
- Great Attack Speed
- With his ultimate and good positioning can wipe out entire teams
- People will spend money just to get you! :D

- Squishy as hell
- As a great carry, you will be ganked and focused in team fights
- Wards and Oracles will prevent you from running away stealthed, scouting and possibly ganking
- Expensive Build (Aproximately 17k)
- Need to farm really hard and be fed


Greater Mark of Desolation - Armor Penetration Marks: Great for Twitch, since his primal source of damage is basic attack.
- Critical Chance Seals: I enjoy critical in early game, it helped me dealing that extra damage enough to kill the enemy. You can also use Dodge Seals, they are great for surviability.
- Critical Chance Glyphs: Same as Seals. Here you could use Magic Resistance or Cooldown Reduction, both per level if you want to. There aren't many options in Glyphs for Twitch, in my opinion.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Armor Penetration Quintessence: Same as Marks, with both of them I get 20+ Armor Penetration, almost true damage in early game.

Summoner Spells:

- This spell allows you to reduce the damage one enemy will deal and will also slow him, allowing you to run/stealth so you can live another day. It also helps when fighting against someone stronger than you.
- Great spell for pushing and protecting lanes, you can also teleport to take out an inhibitor or a low health turret. I personally like this spell.
- I don't quite like this one, but it really helps out agains those stuns, taunts, fears and BLINDS. If you play Twitch, you know how I hate blinds. Anyway, this is a good spell for either escaping or getting a kill. (Low health teemo blind you and think he will live to tell the story)
- This spell allows you to escape through walls and do fast tower-dives. Used to both escape and chase.

Skills and Strategy:

This is Twitch's passive, Deadly Venom. Each sucessfull attack stacks one time, up to a total of 6 times, dealing Damage over Time (DoT), lasting up to 6 seconds. Nice passive, great when people get away with 100 HP.

This is Twitch's Q, Ambush. After 1.25 seconds, Twitch becomes stealthed for a set period of time. When he leaves Stealth status (by attacking, using any skill, recalling or using summoner spells) he gains a percentage of his attack speed for up to 10 seconds. This depends on how long you're stealth. It would take like 10 seconds, but with last patch it charges twice as fast.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Twitch becomes stealthed only after 1.25 WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE! Beware of DPS champions and minions! A good tactic when being chased is to use stealth and run into a brush (be sure there are no wards there). During the 1.25 seconds you can attack, use skills and summoner spells. Also, you can do the supercool STEALTH RECALL! Just use Q and B: while going into Stealth you will start recalling, and after 1.25 seconds you will be recalling stealthed.

This is Twitch's W, Debilitating Poison. It slows all enemy champions in range by 30% plus 6% per Deadly Venom stack, for a set period of time. It has a huge range (1200), so it's an excellent Area of Effect (AoE) slow, specially when chasing, because it stacks with your passive for even more slow, slowing enemy champions in range for up to 66% (6 Deadly Venom stacks).

This is Twitch's E, Expunge. Expunge deals instant magic damage to every enemy poisoned by Deadly Venom in range, dealing a certain amount of damage (+100% ability power) plus additional damage for every Deadly Venom stack. Since in this build we won't have any AP, this skill can deal up to 510 magic damage if it is rank 5 and the enemy have 6 Deadly Venom stacks. This will be your finishing touch early and mid game, since 510 is a nice damage at this time, specially against squishy champions. Use it to get those early kills you need so much, since late game it's damage won't be that great, when you will crit for 700+.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you use Expunge, all enemies poisoned will receive it's damage and will loose all Deadly Venom Stacks. If your target have any chance to escape, be sure to use your slow, Debilitating Poison, first. This way, the target will be slowed for a higher percentage then if slowed after Expunge. Just watch out for mana, Twitch have a pooly low mana, specially early and mid game.

This is Twitch's R, Spray and Pray. Twitch's Ult allow his attacks to become long range (1200), to pass through units and grants him attack damage bonus. This skill lasts 12 seconds or 5/6/7 attacks, depending on it's rank. Twitch's Ult combined with his Q is deadly, and will be your main weapon from mid to late game. People will eventually push a lane, with all those 50 minions around, then you appear after them, turn on your Ult and start killing them, killing their minions. If they fight you, you will be lifestealing from all of them, so you won't be hurt at all. (Don't try to be Rambo, you have only 7 shot. Don't appear in the middle of 5 enemies just because you can lifesteal them, if you receive too much damage at once, it's your end. You only have 1760 HP) Twitch Ult is great in team fights, you just need to be well positioned and wait for the opportunity. Also, try not to appear too soon, they might be just waiting for you to appear. When you have the position and opportunity, just shoot the most important targets, or either shoot all of them at once, if you have the chance.


I think that what I'll say here have already been said earlier, but I must make it clear so you guys get the right picture. While playing Twitch, you will be trying to harass the enemy as much as possible. As the carry is your duty to do the damage and strike fear into the battlefield.

Harassing as Twitch isn't any hard at all. Just attack the enemy until they get 5~6 stacks from your passive, try hitting them often so the passive won't fade away. Remember it lasts 8 seconds. When they get the stacks, expunge them to deal the damage.

I often see people spamming skills while playing Twitch, and dying helplessly after their mana reaches zero. Save your mana, you will always need it to kill or escape. Harass wisely so you can stay alive and get fed.


Stark's Fervor Aura:

I know what you're thinking: "Wtf, stealth with stark's fervor?". Honestly, I never had any problems with it, so if you want to change it, I suggest Black Cleaver, since it has a nice attack damage, nice attack speed and a great passive against armor stacking tanks. I've already got Madred's Bloodrazor against HP stacking, so Black cleaver should complete the build nicely. You would loose the 20% lifesteal and the price will be higher, but you wouldn't give your location up with stark's. After all, they will brought Oracle and Wards anyway.

Core Items:

Optional Items:

You can change either Stark's Fervor or Madred's Bloodrazor for any of these items. Last Whisper against armor stacking enemies, Black Cleaver too.

Defensive Items:

In this guide I made it clear that you don't need defensive items because you will die if they want you dead. But if you think you can use some more HP to survive, fell free to get one of these items. If you combine both of them, you will be able to get 2835 HP, so you won't die that easily. Of course, getting these two items means you will do lower damage compared to the original build, but you will be able to survive a lot more. (Keep in mind that if you use both of these items, your attack speed will be a LOT lower. I suggest using only ONE of them, so you'll still be able to deal high damage to your enemy)


- I prefer this boots because of the movement speed they give you, a great tool for ganking the unaware. They give 5 movement speed when out of combat for 5 seconds, but in combat your movement speed will be 2.
- You can use these combined with the dodge seals for greater resistance against melee teams. The 12% dodge will save you, you also gain 25 armor and 2 movement speed. ONLY against melee teams.

For boots, that's pretty much it. You don't need Berserker's with this build, because when you complete the build you will have 2.490 attack speed with the Ambush bonus. If you plan to get Mercury Threads, I suggest you to get Cleanse. You see, if you get CC'd you are pretty much dead, specially if you are outnumbered. But with cleanse you can get away! My point is: even with Mercury, if you get CC'd you won't survive, since you are very very squishy.

Twitch Tips:

1- Twitch is the MASTER of backdooring! Just stealth, go for their turret and use your ultimate. You will be attacking the turret out of her range! A shame it's only 7 shots, but you do that some times or with a tank, and you will take down some turrets easily.
2- Always get the blue and red buff! If your team doesn't need them, they are your to have. Red buff is great for twitch: you deal more damage and slow with every attack. Blue buff allows Twitch to always have mana to use his skills.
3- Your passive is great for harass! Combine it with Expunge so you can deplete your enemies health. Also, try to get the max stacks possible, and wait 5 seconds to expunge to deal maximum damage possible.
4- Always use your ultimate wisely! Don't use too far from your target, the shot fired is like a skillshot: If the target keep moving, it will be harder to hit, you can miss it, specially if your attack speed is low. Use your slow to have a higher chance to hit it. Remember to have a good position so you can use it fully!


I want to thank you for reading this guide. It took me some time to get my old Twitch guide into this point, I basically started from zero, and I would appreciate if you guys send me some feedback in the comments. I hope my guide helped you in any doubts you may have had. This is just a simple guide, but I hope you have enjoyed it.

Thank you.