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Shaco Build Guide by Snap0ner

Jungle A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 11.4

Jungle A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 11.4

Updated on February 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snap0ner Build Guide By Snap0ner 6,907 Views 0 Comments
6,907 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Snap0ner Shaco Build Guide By Snap0ner Updated on February 7, 2021
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Runes: Standard HoB Build

1 2 3
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Future's Market
Magical Footwear

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Its a MUST
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 11.4

By Snap0ner
Who am i
Im Mad Puppeteer i Started play League of Legends From season one. I was playing Dota and my fav hero was riki so this is why i love Shaco so much. I was Chalnger in Eune at season 8 but stoped playing League after my acc got banned :p So now i made a fresh start to climb again! If you are interested in Tips and Tricks, VOD Reviews, Full Game Commentary, or just Montages of my best plays, then I would highly recommend checking out my Youtube channel and if you want to catch me during one of my live streams in which I play Ranked and just talk to the people in chat then Twitch it is!
Why Shaco
Shaco is one of the most mind game champions. Its fun to play hard to master. With his tricky plays and ways you can make game changing moves.his kit is designed for tilting enemies and attacking them while they less expect it. Shaco is one of the most terrifying Champions of the Rift.


+ Strong pre-6 Ganks.
+ One of the best counterjunglers out there
+ So good splitpusher
+ One of the most fun champ to play with.
+ So Slippery and annoying.
+ He is the most mental champ out there.
+ You can easily win people with Coulrophobia.


- Weak early ganks if not used to them.
- Hard to play. Extremely hard to master.
- You MUST stay focused and calmed to play him.
- You'll get flamed sometimes for picking him.
- Squishy champ.
- He have troubles against Guardian Angel and revealing champs like Twisted Fate.

Shaco weaknesses relies of how different he is. While his one-shots and plays are rewarding, a single mistake can make you throw a huge lead. It's important that you stay focused on him and you master all of his kit in order to feel as much confortable as possible with the mad jester.
Shaco's playstyle is really hard to define, but I'll try my best to give you a general idea of what it is like playing Shaco. His class is Assasssin, which means you are generally going to kill the enemy backline by outplaying them and then trying to get out.


Every Assassin has some kind of initiation tool, for Shaco it's his Deceive, the 3.5 seconds of stealth and the Flash range blink built into it makes it really easy to get on top of your target. Here is where things get tricky though and this is something that ultimately comes down to experience. You have to know your limits and damage you are able to dish out. Someone like Rengar can usually jump into 3 people, kill someone and get out, Shaco on the other hand has to be a lot more careful and going for these kinds of plays requires a lot more planning ahead as well as knowing what your champion is capable of.

A big advantage over other Assassin Junglers it that Shaco has a great splitpush, because you have high base attackspeed and Tiamat, clearing the waves becomes really easy. You also have your Jack In The Box to block off pathways the enemy team could use to catch you, allowing you to pretty much always get out of any sticky situation when splitpushing.
Hallucinate makes it really easy to duel pretty much anyone in the game that is trying to hinder you from splitpushing. This allows you to not only kill them, but then also have you and your clone push pretty much twice as fast allowing you to put insane pressure on the enemy team.

One of the coolest things about Shaco though, has to be his insane burst if you manage to get a decent enough lead in the Early Game, not only is it fun to see the Enemy Squishies poppin in less than 1 second, but whats even better is seeing their reaction in All Chat.

Shaco requires you to know his limits and kit really well to be able to use him to his full potential, but once you get that down, he is the most rewarding and fun to play Assassin in the game, hands down! So if you want to put the time into learning Shaco properly, then you are in for a fun time, i guarantee it!


This playstyle is rather hard and requires a lot of confidence and experience! AP Shaco is all about outplaying the enemy through boxes and good Clone micro, meaning you have to be able to control your Clone properly to make this playstyle work!

The main objective outside of the early game is to try and bait the enemy team into your Jack In The Boxes, get your Clone to explode inside of the enemy team and just being a nuisance to the enemy team in general by poking them with
Two-Shiv Poison.
Just a quick run down of the Runes I use and why I use them.

So lets start off with the keystone, Hail of Blades is in my opinion essential for the crit Shaco playstyle, it allows you to get those initial 3 auto attacks in faster, which is huge especially once you have your first item Eclipse, allowing you to pretty much one shot squishy targets. Another reason why Hail of Blades is just insanely strong is because of how it interacts with the Shaco's Clone. The way the Clone works is he copies your stats the moment you cast Hallucinate, so if you cast it anywhere between your first 3 auto attacks from Hail of Blades your Clone will have the attack speed bonus permanently, not only for his first 3 auto attacks. This makes Shaco really strong through out the entire game, even if you die, your clone will still deal nasty damage if untounched.

As for the 1st row, there is a debate in the Shaco community whether to run Cheap Shot or Sudden Impact. I personally prefer Sudden Impact because it outscales Cheap Shot fairly quickly. While Cheap Shot allows you to have a little bit more damage in the first couple of LVLs, Sudden Impact gives you Lethality that enhances the damage of your entire kit, thus outclassing the little bit of True Damage you get from Cheap Shot.

Since Shaco is an Assassin, the best choice for the 2nd row is Eyeball Collection. Shaco is really snowbally allowing you to get the 20 stacks super quickly if you play the early game right.

Relentless Hunter is easily the best choice out of the 4 options you have in the 3rd row, you get an insane amount out of combat movement speed! This is useful in so many ways, but mostly because it allows you to travel further during Deceive, making it easier to catch up to targets in stealth. But it also allows you to create more pressure on the Map by being everywhere a lot faster, allowing you to win games more easily.

As for the 2nd tree you run Inspiration, because Magical Footwear allows you to rush a Serrated Dirk which is a really powerful early game item and for 1100 Gold will greatly boost your damage.

I used to run Cosmic Insight, but recently fell in love with Future's Market.
AP or AD
So a lot of people ask me this question every day and it is probably the most asked question ouf of all. Is AP or AD Shaco better??? The answers to this question is sadly a lot more complex than most people think, which is what makes this somewhat tricky to answer.
I already went over the differences of each playstyle in the "Playtyle" chapter, so if you wanna know more about the playstyle, read that first. Now to actually answer this question, both are equally good... yeah...not what you expected.
The thing is that both playstyles just excell at different things, AD Shaco can oneshot people really easily and then get out, while AP Shaco can keep the enemy team at distance and have great poke damage with Jack In The Box and your Two-Shiv Poison while also being great at turning around huge fights with your Hallucinate explosion.
So here is the actual answer to this question, yes both are equally good, that wasn't a lie, but because both excell at something different, there are scenarios where one is better than the other but that is really difficult to break down and is something you pick up after hundreds and hundreds of both AP and AD Shaco games.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Snap0ner
Snap0ner Shaco Guide
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A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 11.4

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