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Nidalee Build Guide by Stripess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stripess

A Stripess guide to AP Nidalee

Stripess Last updated on April 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, I'm Stripess
This is my first LOL guide and i'm actually fairly new to LOL, only lvl 27. Although, i have played a similar game, DOTA for the previous 5 years so i do know these games and similar tactics.

My best character is Nidalee, and ill provide you guys with hopefully new useful information on how to get kills avoid dying and simply carry for your team. This guide focus's on some basic ideas, and some advanced tips.

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Early Game

Nidalee is quite squishy and can easily get outlaned by any player who knows what their doing. "harassing" the opponent with your spears is unlikely and in addition they kind of suck early game.

Choose mid lane if possible, if not bot or top is fine, What you want to focus on is simply farming, which is why I first up nidalee's third skill, heal for the sustain. Farm until lvl 6, where you will get abilities that will help you farm EVEN more(:
but once lvl 6-7, try and recall to purchase your tear, and a Doran's ring if your having a bad game. (i also recomend buying one mana pot, for while you try to stack up tear)

Tips early game:
- Spear only when fairly certain, mana pool is quite low at this point
- Always, place 1 or 2 taps early on (lvl 3-4), in the emergency spots. but if not save mana until about lvl 6-7 when recalling and spam them traps
- do no be afraid to heal, and if engaging in an exchange (hitting each other) make sure to heal early for the extra attack speed.
- use heal, till mana is halved, then start using potions, for mana to regen. KEEP FARMING!
- Do not be afraid to use spear for taking the tank minion

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Mid Game - After purchasing Tear

tiger form, and leap away back to your lane, insure you run through any possible brush for speed and use both skill moves 1 and 3 in tiger form for the extra mana for tear.

When back in lane, you want to start harrasing now but still continue farming a bit. Harass with spears and auto attacks (keeping in mind you can always heal with more mana now). When harassing, always tiger form into creeps quickly, and using the third move, then first move on any creep a bit less than half. the tactic is, to harass them with the spear and auto atacks in human form and when they back off jump in to take creeps in tiger form while they cant hit you.
Always rememnber, to place traps, and take any opportunities to spear the opponent, trying to be as tricky as you can.
If the opponent is squishier than you, than you can use tiger form to harass even.

Several tips on spearing in lane:
- it is hard to spear, since they are expecting it, so you have to make them NOT expect it.
- what works well, is when in tiger form (they arent expecting a spear) quickly jump into a position and change and then spear, sounds hard, but really isn't.
- If the oppoennt is really safe, take advantage and tiger form combo on the magic minions, to make space for spearing, from their throws spears which aren't straight to them, but left and right, hoping they move their in response
- Use The brush! especially if you have an ally to farm in your place, its a great tactic, move in and either they will run away, which you respond by sendig a spear, or theyll stay there, which you can jump in with tiger and run, or go behind and spear.
- if they are tankier than you, sacrifice some hp by jumpung in with tiger and combo, then when their half hp, you heal up, and then theyll play safe making it easier to spear.

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Mid Game- Tear is stacked

Head, to another lane to gank. i recomend jumping in tiger form UNTIL around 4s away from being about to launch a spear, so then cooldown on tiger returns so you can chase.

The opponent may not be expecting you, in which you have a good chance to land that spear but what i have seen to be effective, is getting your ally to bait in and attack. Which sends the opponent running (making an easier spear) or making him fight back (an even easier spear). Spear them, and chase with the tiger, If the opponent is really low, get clsoe enough, to land a definate spear. If they aren't too low, then get close, ignite, or flash and tiger combo.
Close range spears, are really easy to hit, so dont lose confidence, dont risk too much of your own hp by turrets.
Remember to take blue when possible, which then you spam traps. and also spear. remember to farm, quickly with 1 tiger combo when possible.

Tips in combat:
- nidale is squishy as hell, so when chasing, ensure that ONE combo with tiger should kill them, if someone else comes and the other guy turns around and you cant kill, then bye bye nid.
- learn all the jump through places, to escape, or further chase.
- always first move last, since it does more damage the lower the opponent is.
- If your friend is getting killed, and you are their, heal and spear, DONT jump in with tiger unless you will kill the opponent, or ull just die yourself.
- dont risk dying for a kill, if your friend has it, it simply isn't worth it.

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Late Game- team fights and your role.

You have multiple roles in different areas as a big damage dealing nidalee.

1. you first role is putting down traps, traps deal decent damage and are often underated. These traps, give sight (for your spears) and also increase damage taken.
when placing traps, place them in areas you just left to ensure no one is following, but most importnatly when taking things like dragon, ensure to place them around to spot any incoming enemies.
In team battles they can also be used, and take like 0.5seconds, with the heat of battle enemies wont notice it. finally, when pusing a tower or defneding, place one infront of you, where the enemy is forced to run through in order to fight you.
2. Healing!, so very important, since later on this heal is imbalanced. Heal teamates, and give them huge increased attack speed. focus healing mainly adc's and ap carries, tanks can be healed but are less important. HEAL yourself if you have too also !
3. spearing, spam that ****, engaging enemies who have around 75% health ensures a win, and if you guyz don't then GG (:, spears, against a whole team are easy, aim at one or two characters from angles they can't see you, and one will definately get hit. NEVER aim the tank, their resistance to magic will reduce your magic, wasting mana when you can be sending an ADC back home in one spear.
4. Tiger form, incredibly strong combo, but going in means you can get raped. so stay away, and spear till only one or two enemies left, or when chasing.

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Tips on Spearing

1. try and run into brush and dark areas where the opponent can't see you. and trap where they can enter to attack, so you get a fair warning to tiger form and leap away. My general rule is maximum THREE spears in an area then leave to another to start spearing. This ensures that they lose track of you, but also that they dont flash in and rape you.
2. you must know when the opponent is waiting for a spear, and when their not. If they aren't then, spear right towards them, from a far distance. If they are expecting it, throw it left or right, not right toards them, and also try not to be extremly far away, to give them less time to think and react.
3. when chasing down to spear, i dont recomend running straight through the middle lane, jumpung away. Instead run through the sides,where their will be brush for increase speed but most importantly the walls! they will block the vision of your spear with shade and camoflage for half the distance, making the enemy wander.
4 MY FAVORITE, when an opponent is low, and you sense a soon to come recall or a tower camp. tiger form when no one is looking and jump over terrain to thr brush or shade near their tower. quickly place a trap to grand vision, and spear them. hopefully you get a kill and scream in satisfaction.

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Thanks for reading my guide, hopefully their was something you learned or forgot. I lvoe nidalee, and if you have tips or things i forgot, add comment and tell me.

Please, no trolling, this is my first guide, I may have missed things please just tell me and ill add. or even better give advice (: thanks!