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Poppy Build Guide by rokk154

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rokk154

A Yordle by the Tree

rokk154 Last updated on December 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners welcome to my twisted treeline Poppy guild right off the bat i will say this
WARNING: those under 18 or those who can not stand Rude/Vulgar words this guide is not for you.
I have a vary colorfully and perv sense of humour which you will find here and there in this guide. This is also my 1st time making a guide so i will be updating this as i can to make it better if i can. Soooo Poppy if you play with her or against her you will have see how uber OP she can be as well as how bad she can be as well this has more to do with team comp both yours and the enemy teams then say a noob not know how to play her as she can be shut down easy with some champs MAINLY range champ or those with hard CC. You will also find in this guide some L337(leet)speak as i do not care for the language filter and you have been warned anywas..

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Pros / Cons


•Crazy burst damage (High Damage).
•Great survivability ( Valiant Fighter).
•Hard to counter with items (Hybrid Damage).
•Better use of her Kit (smaller lanes/close walls)


•Focused often.
•Difficult farming.
•Has issue with range/CC in lane(ie kitting/range poke) .
•Item and thus, kill dependent ( Trinity Force, ect).

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General rundown on how i play Poppy

Ok i play Poppy as a hybrid hit and run Azz-man... and yes i said AZZ-MAN(assassin) there are two reason 1) as i said in my introduction i have a perv sense of humour and this make me laugh a bit, 2) with how i play her i spend a good amount of time slamming my enemy into the wall and breaking my hammer off in there azz which at that point they ether die or they run off butthurt with a bad case of Hemorrhoids and sense TT has small lanes and areas with walls close you will be doing this A LOT. So you might be asking why i play HYBRID well mainly to make use of her kit as it has a mix of AP and AD and also cuz it makes it hard for the ememy team to build DEF against her. With poppy your going to spend some time poking and retreating with her till you get the right position to unload your combo which is Heroic Charge(wall slam)+ Devastating Blow(breaking the hammer in there azz) while " Paragon of Demacia" is more used sparingly as its heavy mana use it more as escape after killing or badly hurting them as you WILL be focus down more often then not and with her abilities on CD you will be hard pressed to make it out alive sometimes, you can also use it as an engage for extra damage/chase down but you lose your escape unless your have Flash/ Ghost and its up, Now her Ult " Diplomatic Immunity" that a hard one as its a situational ability the three main uses i find my self using it in are 1)you have an ememy under the tower almost died and you REALLY want to give them hemorrhoids, 2)your in a team fight and they are focusing your down which you then place it on the weakest and then start smashing the sh!t of the biggest threat to you and the team and so on till you ACE or run for cover, or 3) the ememy teams so angry and scared of your yordle epicness that they have gone and ganked you at this point it get a bit tricky if it 3v1 your better off running unless your lil yordle azz is feed at which point use plan 2 if not you place your Ult on the one that has no CC or the weakest cc and bust Paragon of Demacia and book it to safety . If played right and not counter or focus down to much you will find yourself one feed and happy yordle if not your will most likely be called a noob and blamed for EVERYTHING wrong in the match as ppl rather point blame then take responsibility and/or understand how the game works lol i.e its everyone else fuilt but mine.