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Aatrox Build Guide by DrippinDagga

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrippinDagga

Aa+ Guide to Aatrox

DrippinDagga Last updated on December 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Aatrox with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius You think Darius is the ultimate top champion, but Aatrox takes him in stride. Literally. He has no break from you, so if you poke him with your E and get him down before engaging, he will have to suffer your hits. Just watch for his DoT.

Simple Guide to Aa

INTRO: What it iz

Basically, this is a starter guide for Aatrox. As with any champion there are many ways to build them. This is what I find works for me. As it stands, I play Aatrox as a fighter/engager that can sustain in teamfights through high damage output, lifesteal, and medium armor ratings. He excels at picking off the squishy adc's and ap casters, yet he is completely unfazed by the enemy tanks as they cannot do enough damage to even put a dent in your health.

EARLY GAME: Hehe, *poke*

Aatrox uses his E to poke and clear minions. You're going to want to consistently throw your E out to do bars of damage to your helpless opponents. Use the movement speed debuff from your E to help you keep up with and dodge your opponent. Aatrox is, in early game, a burst-based champion when you combine your Q-W-E-Auto combo. This is your main poke tactic. Prepare your W by hitting twice on minions before jumping your opponent. The knockup gives you time to: 1. Auto attack, landing your W (on Blood Price) and 2. Land your E, dealing more damage and slowing your opponent, preventing them from being able to follow you and counter.

Mid Game: Decepticons, mobilize

Look for chances to teleport and gank your teammates lanes. Aatrox is not very mobile, but his Q helps him get a quick jump in and knock up the enemy players allowing your teammates to deal damage safely for a second. Other than that, balance your W (Price/Thirst). Make sure you take advantage of the double healing when <50% health. This can make the difference in a close fight. Winning a 1 off is not always about dealing damage. You can do all the damage in the world, but if your opponent has all the health in the world AND THEN SOME, you will inevitably lose. Also, help get objectives like Dragon, whom you can tank with relative ease with your W.

Late Game: Keepem on their heels

This is when you start tanking more and helping create plays for your team. By this point, you should have at least 3 items, making you a dangerous force to reckon with. Look for opportunities to dive onto an out of position adc or squishy caster. You need blood. Take it from your enemy by force.

Passive: Blood Well

I figured this might need its own section because many Aatrox players use it WAY too loosely. Let's dive in.
It's going to seem so frickin easy to tower dive your opponent early game. You have a GA at level 1!!! HOLD UP COWBOY. Reel it in because this is how you go down the dark spiral to elo hell. Any jungler worth his salt is going to communicate with his team and if he knows you don't have your passive... Well, you're going to have a tough time explaining why you're 1-4 at 10 minutes in. Oh wait, NO YOU WON'T! It's because you wasted your passive!! Play smart guys. Not everything is about kills, especially in top lane. Your job is to out-farm your opponent and provide key turning points for the game in general. Your team absolutely should not need to worry about a fed jax or fiora running up on them in mid-game forcing the dreaded 20 surrender. Your passive is going to help you survive ganks by strong ganking junglers like Udyr and (maybe not so much as of late) Lee Sin.

Your passive is most effective when full. This is because your attack speed is increased proportionally to how much blood you have collected. Pay attention to what you are working with as it only heals 10.5 (+15.75/lv) at empty. On top of that, your Blood Well will heal whatever amount is currently in it, thus keeping your Blood Well full is a key aspect to Aatrox that you will have to work on. Using your E to prevent it from losing blood while staying safely behind your minions. While writing this I realized I haven't even explained how to fill the well, so hell here we go: USE YOUR ABILITIES. Okay I think that sums up the basics of your passive, keep reading for your ULTY!!

Ult: Massacre

To start, forget that your ult even does damage. Now that we get that out of the way, I want you to look at your ult as it is: Ridiculous Attack Speed and Kiting Heaven. You just became Urgod, sort of. Your ult gives you +175 attack range and (40%/50%/60%) bonus attack speed. Using your E and BORK active, you can safely deal HUGE amounts of damage to whatever sorry champion you have set your eyes on. Now, about your "Magic Damage:" IT'S A TRAP! I swear to God the only reason this is included is to force you to fight closely to your opponents. The AOE damage looks like a lot, but really if you jump into enough champions for it to be worth using, then you will be dead in two seconds regardless. So, use it to catch running champions and to engage champions from farther away. Your attacks still apply on-hit actives, so use your distance to prevent taking damage. You will need it for when your ult ends and you are now a sitting duck.

I hope you liked this little intro guide to Aatrox. Play on Summoners. The thirst is real.