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Teemo Build Guide by JaXeR

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JaXeR

AD+AP Teemo = OP Teemo

JaXeR Last updated on July 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first ever LOL guide.....and it's for TEEMO
this build is a hybrid build..i made it because i realized that nearly every teemo player go AD
but in my opinion AP teemo is much better than the AD one despite that AP teemo has no armor , no magic resist (can be killed with 2 or 3 hits) but it's OP so i decided to make something different i tried that build and it worked with me perfect (Recommended Lane: Mid)
my point with that build is to buy AD runes with AP build and mastries that will make u affective in early game and OP in late game (BTW before i write that build i got Triple + Double..nearly Penta XD)
i hope u like that guide and if there is something wrong pls till me....and pls forgive me coz my english is not good enough XD

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Pros / Cons


- Mobile
- Can go anywhere
- Anti AD carries
- Unlimited Stealth
- Easy to learn and master
- Pretty OP
- 10 min free sight ward


- Squishy
- Easy to be countered
- Has problem with AP carries
- Low range
- Oracle and vision wards really cripples him and all his mushrooms

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Camouflage A pretty nice passive. Free unlimited stealth. You can use this to be a living ward, when you're for example protecting your jungler. You can't move while stealthed though, then you'll turn visible again. So you sometimes can get yourself stuck in a place. Also if the enemy team has a good guess of where you are, they can try and AOE you to death. So make sure you use this wisely. What you must know also is that if you get knocked up while stealthed, you will turn visible. So make sure that you will get out before that happens.

Blinding Dart This skill is amazing to counter champions that use autoattacks to do damage. It has a pretty low cooldown as well. If you're able to time your blind well, you take extreamly reduced damage. For example: Blinding dart, autoattack, when it runs out, run away, when it's up again repeat.

Move Quick Your move quick both gives you a passive and an active. The passive is really sweet to run from lanes to lanes, or through the jungle to place your shrooms around. The active you mostly use to close a gap, or make a gap bigger. Especially since Teemo has a really low range he can use this to get in range.

Toxic Shot Amazing skill! It's a constantly active passive that gives your attacks a poison. It deals damage over 4 seconds and resets on every autoattack. If you max this first, the more damage your attacks do. So basically it's free damage. The skill also does magical damage.

Noxious Trap One of the most unique ultimates in the game, I have to say. It grants you a placeable mushroom that stacks up to 3 times. Which means that you can hold up to 3 mushrooms at a time and place them. When you place them down, they will go invisible and grants you vision over that area. If an enemy steps over the shroom it will get blown up, dealing damage and damage over time. If the shrooms stay passive for 10 minutes, they will die on their own.

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Team Work

after that build u can go 1vs1 to any melee champs (Like: Master Yi , Nocturne , Nunu......etc) and some of ranged (Like: Ezreal , Miss Fortune ......) BUT BE CAREFUL WITH THE TANKY ONES (Like: Darius , Volibear......) try to hit them from the crowd when there's a team fight u will be useful also be carfull with the champs that have high life steal or spell vamp (Like: Warwick , Late Game Tryndamere , Nasus , Fiddlesticks.....) try to grab them to your mushrooms so as to deal the max damage