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Ezreal General Guide by JokerOfHell

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JokerOfHell

AD Carry EzReal

JokerOfHell Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ezreal was born with the gift of magic flowing through his veins. Ezreal, however, was also born with a much stronger sense of wanderlust. Put into school to become a skilled techmaturgist, Ezreal quickly became bored with magical studies. By the time the boy genius was eight years old, he had fully mapped out the underground tunnels of Piltover. The quality of his work was so great that the government of Piltover purchased his maps and salaried his services as Piltover's Grandmaster Explorer. This sealed the deal on Ezreal's path in life - he would eschew the arcane arts in favor of archaeology. Since then, countless of Ezreal's adventures have been written about as romanticized stories.

One of Ezreal's latest adventures, however, has brought him face-to-face with his other legacy - his latent magical power. While exploring the pyramids of Shurima Desert, Ezreal uncovered an amulet of incredible power. Aside from the sheer size of the amulet (it was made for a being easily twice Ezreal's size), it allows the wielder to control and shape magical energy - provided a source of magic is in the vicinity. This allowed Ezreal to tap into his natural talent for magic without having to put any serious effort into it - a big win for the Prodigal Explorer. The drawback is that for some unknown reason, the amulet is attuned with summoning magic. Without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, ''a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict.'' Still, Ezreal feels being summoned into a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay.

''There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from.'' Such is Ezreal's credo.

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Health Points:_________350 (+80 / per level)
Mana Points:__________235 (+45 / per level)
Damage:_____________47.2(+3 / per level)
Attack Range:_________550
Armor:_______________12 (+3.5/ per level)

Health Regen:_________5.5 (+0.55 / per level)
Mana Regen:__________7 (+0.65 / per level)
Attack Speed:_________0.625 (+2.8 / per level)
Movement Speed:______305
Magic Resistance:______30 (+0/ per level)

Influence Points (IP):____6300
Riot Points (RP):________975

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Build usage

Mystic Shot deals physical damage. Stacking up on armor penetration runes greatly increase the damage this skill deals, especially in the lower levels.
Ezreal has several options regarding using armor penetration and armor reduction in all of his builds (Mind the notes regarding armor penetration):
The Brutalizer is a good early item for an attack damage or hybrid (attack damage and ability power) build, granting attack damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction.
The Black Cleaver can be used as an all-around item complementing well into mid to late-phase. While a less to not-effective option for ability power, its strength for Mystic Shot and improving auto-attacks with attack damage and armor reduction make it a good item against low - mid armor champions.
Last Whisper complements Ezreal for Mystic Shot and attack damage. While less-useful for regular auto-attack than The Black Cleaver, the armor penetration is the strongest against mid-high armor stacking champions, it is an amazing item against tougher enemies. Its low cost makes it an affordable purchase in the early-phase. However, it's not exactly suitable for ability power and/or hybrid builds as Youmuu's Ghostblade is.
You can play Ezreal either as a ranged physical or caster damage per second depending on how you build him.
Physical damage per second plays like a ranged damage per second, utilizing autoattacks, Mystic Shot and Trueshot Barrage for burst damage, and other abilities for utility and supplementary damage.
Caster damage per second plays like an area of effect caster, utilizing Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage to damage multiple targets in battles while using Mystic Shot for supplementary damage and cooldown reduction.
If you get Wriggle's Lantern you can turn Ezreal into a very fast jungler and increase his farming considerably.
Tear of the Goddess is a good item early game (upgrading to Manamune or Archangel's Staff later on) if you run out of mana too quickly.
The casting of Mystic Shot procs Sheen's damage buff, which is then applied when the shot hits the target, thus increasing its damage.
If you miss Mystic Shot, auto attack the enemy once before casting Mystic Shot again. Same applies for using other abilities before casting Mystic Shot, as not using the Sheen can decrease DPS considerably.
If using a primarily AP build, it is much better to go with Lich Bane than Trinity Force to improve this proc.
Guinsoo's Rageblade can be stacked quickly using Mystic Shot. On cast it procs one stack, and procs a second stack if it hits the target.
Mystic Shot cannot critically strike, so building items like Infinity Edge would be less effective than building an item like The Bloodthirster unless you are unable to maintain stacks.
When building AP, Morellonomicon and Ionian Boots of Lucidity will boost your damage output by providing 35% CDR, 75 AP, and 12 MP5.
Phage / Trinity Force improve his kiting ability, and grant him a slow.
Alternatively, Iceborn Gauntlet provides an area slow when hitting any enemy with Mystic Shot, great for pinning down or separating teams.
If using a primarily AP build, it is much better to go with Lich Bane.
Dependant what you build, Ezreal can choose to pick up an Archangel's Staff, Manamune or both.
Within the preparation phase of Dominion in the early 1:20 minutes, Ezreal can start collecting Mana with Tear of the Goddess by keeping every ability on Cooldown. This can serve as a minor improvement for the early phases.
While the bonus Mana pool of Archangel's Staff and Manamune are the same, they compliment each other very well. Getting both requires a high level of farm though. Nevertheless, each item is very useful if quickly farmed and can be a fundamental part of most builds.
Mystic Shot can trigger Lich Bane's passive, making it a core item on any AP build since it increases Mystic Shot's AP ratio from .2 to .95 (in addition to an extra 50 base magic damage).
Nashor's Tooth is perfect for both AD or AP Ezreal as it provides Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction to continiously spam Mystic Shot and Ability Power to increase all Ezreal's ability damage, and all for a relatively low cost.
Quicksilver Sash, Mercurial Scimitar or Cleanse is useful for Ezreal, when teamfights occured, you can quickly escape enemies crowd control effects, to reposition yourself to deal more damage to enemies.

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Mystic Shot (Q) - Ezreal fires a bolt of energy which reduces all of his cooldowns by 1 second if it strikes an enemy unit.
Ezreal fires a bolt of energy, dealing 35/55/75/95/115 (+1.0) (+0.2) physical damage (applies on-hit effects).

Ezreal's cooldowns are reduced by 1 second if Mystic Shot hits a target.

28/31/34/37/40 Mana

Essence Flux (W) - Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy, dealing magic damage to enemy champions, while increasing the Attack Speed of allied champions.
Ezreal fires a wave of energy that damages all enemy champions it passes through for 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.8) magic damage. Allied champions hit by the wave have their Attack Speed increased by 20/25/30/35/40% for 5 seconds.

50/60/70/80/90 Mana

Arcane Shift (E) - Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing bolt which strikes the nearest enemy unit.
Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing bolt at the nearest enemy unit, dealing 75/125/175/225/275 (+0.75) magic damage.

90 Mana

Trueshot Barrage (R) - Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles which do massive damage to each unit they pass through (deals 8% less damage to each unit it passes through).
Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a barrage of missiles dealing 350/500/650 (+1.0) (+0.9) magic damage to each unit it passes through. However, it deals 8% less damage for each unit it hits (Minimum 30%).

100 Mana

Rising Spell Force (passive) - Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his Attack Speed by 10% for 6 seconds (effect stacks up to 5 times).

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Rising Spell Force (passive)

(Innate): Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds, this effect stacks up to 5 times.

Rising Spell Force is a passive ability that activates whenever one of Ezreal's champion abilities hits a valid target unit, granting Ezreal bonus attack speed for 5 seconds. Subsequent ability hits will refresh the duration and stack this effect up to 5 times.

Rising Spell Force will gain a stack whenever Essence Flux hits allied champions.
Rising Spell Force will gain multiple stacks whenever Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage hit multiple targets.
Rising Spell Force does not gain any stacks from summoner spells.
Ezreal's abilities only need to hit valid units, not damage them.

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Mystic Shot (Q)

(Active): Ezreal fires a bolt of energy in a line that will deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first enemy it hits. If it strikes an enemy unit, all of Ezreal's cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second.

Range: 1100
Projectile Speed: 2000

Cost: 28 / 31 / 34 / 37 / 40 mana

Cooldown: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4 seconds

Physical Damage: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+0.2 per ability power)

Mystic Shot is a collision linear skillshot that deals physical damage to the first enemy unit it hits. If Mystic Shot hits a target, all of Ezreal's champion ability cooldowns are reduced by 1 second.

Mystic Shot procs on-hit effects.
Mystic Shot pops Spell Shield.
Mystic Shot will not damage Black Shield.
Mystic Shot does not proc spell vamp or Rylai's slow similarly with all spells and abilities that proc on-hit effects.
Mystic Shot cannot critically strike.
Mystic Shot's cooldown reduction applies to all of Ezreal's skills, including Mystic Shot itself.
Mystic Shot procs Pickpocket.

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Essence Flux (W)

(Active): Ezreal fires a wave of energy in a line. Any enemy champions it passes through are dealt magic damage, while any allied champions it travels through have their attack speed increased for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 9 seconds
Range: 900

Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana

Magic Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+0.8 per ability power)

Attack Speed Bonus: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %

Essence Flux is a pass-through linear skillshot that deals magic damage to all enemy champions it hits. Additionally, allied champions hit gain increased attack speed.

Essence Flux does not proc on-hit effects.
Essence Flux procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
Essence Flux pops Spell Shield.
Essence Flux will damage Black Shield.
Allied spell shields remain unaffected.
Essence Flux cannot affect Ezreal, even if he uses Flash to get into the projectile's path.

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Arcane Shift (E)

(Active): Ezreal instantly teleports to a nearby target location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage to it.

Cost: 90 mana
Teleport Range: 475
Arrow Range: 750

Cooldown: 19 / 17 / 15 / 13 / 11 seconds

Magic Damage: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+0.75 per ability power)

Arcane Shift is a proximity self-targeting blink ability that will teleport Ezreal a short distance and fire a projectile at the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage on impact.

Arcane Shift does not proc on-hit effects.
Arcane Shift procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all single target spells and abilities with full effect.
Arcane Shift pops Spell Shield.
Arcane Shift will damage Black Shield.
Arcane Shift can be used to blink through walls that are larger than its range, provided that Ezreal can blink over halfway through to the other side.
If a spot outside of the teleport range is chosen, Ezreal will immediately attempt to blink towards the chosen location.
Arcane Shift has a short cast time and cannot be cancelled by disables.
If Ezreal is moved by knockbacks or pulls such as Rocket Grab, he will still be teleported to the target location.

Guide Top

Trueshot Barrage (R)

(Active): Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful broad energy missile that will travel in a line by the whole map and will deal magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. It will deal 10% less damage for each subsequent target hit, down to a minimum of 30% damage dealt.

Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Range: Global
Projectile Speed: 2000

Magic Damage: 350 / 500 / 650 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) (+0.9 per ability power)

Minimum Magic Damage: 105 / 150 / 195 (+0.3 per bonus attack damage) (+0.27 per ability power)

Trueshot Barrage is a global pass-through linear skillshot. After a 1 second casting time, Ezreal fires a broad projectile in the target direction dealing magic damage to all enemy units it hits. Each subsequent hit beyond the first will deal reduced damage, down to a minimum of 30% of the initial damage.

Trueshot Barrage does not proc on-hit effects.
Trueshot Barrage procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
Trueshot Barrage pops Spell Shield.
Trueshot Barrage will damage Black Shield.
Trueshot Barrage can only hit and damage a specific enemy unit once per cast. If the target uses abilities to get in the projectile's path again, they will not be hit.
Trueshot Barrage cannot be cancelled by disables; although it uses a channel timebar and animation, this is only a cast time indicator.
If Ezreal is moved by knockbacks or pulls such as Rocket Grab, the projectile will still fire from Ezreal's original position at the time of casting.
Trueshot Barrage will not fire if Ezreal dies during the cast time.
Trueshot Barrage's projectile grants vision of its surroundings to Ezreal's team while in flight. It also has its own map icon, which is visible to all players.
Trueshot Barrage's lowest possible cooldown is 28 seconds. This is attained with 40% cooldown reduction and constant hits with Mystic Shot.

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Skill usage

By aiming Mystic Shot in brushes and watching your cooldowns while listening for the Mystic Shot hit sound, you can see if enemies are hiding in a brush.
Keep an eye on your Rising Spell Force stacks and whether they increase. This aspect allows you to check brush with Ezreal's other abilities as well.
If attacking a tower with an ally, you can use Essence Flux on them to boost their attack speed. Hitting the friendly champion will also increase the stacks and duration of your passive Rising Spell Force.
In the lane, Ezreal's early burst damage and poke is very high. Combine this with a lane partner or jungler's crowd control to get some kills.
Do not underestimate Essence Flux's damage, especially with a bit of Ability Power. With some aim, AP Ezreal can easily harass and burst enemies down safely behind minions.
Remember that Arcane Shift can be used to jump terrain spots and walls in the jungle. It is your best escape mechanism.
Be careful using it offensively in a skirmish as people will know to focus you while it's on cooldown.
Take note of the surrounding area. If Ezreal is low on health and tries to Arcane Shift over a wall, the escape attempt will be pointless if the homing missile targets a jungle monster and pulls aggro.
Use Arcane Shift to help line up your other abilities, but avoid using it in situations that would leave you vulnerable.
You can line up Trueshot Barrage to hit multiple minion waves or monsters.
Do not hesitate to use Trueshot Barrage to just farm a creep wave or defend a turret. By spamming Mystic Shot the cooldown for Trueshot Barrage will come back up very quickly. With maxed cooldown reduction, its cooldown can end up as low as 30 seconds.
Trueshot Barrage can be used at the beginning of a team fight to instantly gain 5 stacks of Rising Spell Force.
Ezreal's strength grows considerably when equipped with both neutral buffs, start getting them as soon as possible.
With some wards, Trueshot Barrage can be used to steal the enemy's own buffs.
With perfect timing and warding placement, Trueshot Barrage can be used also to steal the enemy's Dragon kill or Baron Nashor buff.
Trueshot Barrage can and be saved when in a teamfight or on a one on one situation to last hit or to finish off a enemy if they run away. Since the range is global and does massive amounts of damage you can defeat any champion with a method of escape. e.g LeBlanc using her Distortion and then following up with Mimic Distortion would not be able to escape a well aimed Trueshot Barrage.
Although Trueshot Barrage is a channeled ability, you cannot stop the channel with hard CC. The only way to prevent Ezreal from ulting mid-cast is by killing him.
Never forget that Trueshot Barrage is global and you may be able to snipe a enemy champion from all the way across the map if you have good aim. You can also use it to soften up a enemy that you are aiming to fight.
If you decide to snipe a fleeing enemy, make sure they don't have any sort of heal, shield or invulnerability.
Use Trueshot Barrage when the enemy has no vision of Ezreal, so they will be unable to warn their teammates.
Also note that Trueshot Barrage can be seen through the fog, so a wary opponent can watch for it and avoid it from a distance.
Trueshot Barrage has a channel time upfront and is easily dodged by skilled players. For this reason, it is often a good idea to use it to hit an entire team immediately after the battle starts, dealing significant total damage and granting multiple stacks of Rising Spell Force.
Trueshot Barrage is especially powerful in Dominion, delaying enemies' attempts to capture your towers and buying crucial time. Due to its relatively low cool down in conjunction with Mystic Shot, use it wisely and use it often.
Smart casting will give you a faster response time, allowing you to hit more abilities.
Smart casting Arcane Shift can help you dodge a lot of otherwise deadly situations.

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Team Work and Counters

Ezreal is Bad against:

- Draven
- Miss Fortune
- Akali
- Caitlyn
- Graves
- Sivir
- Corki
- Twitch
- Ahri
- Tristana

Ezreal is Good against:

- Ashe
- Blitzcrank
- Nami
- Karthus
- Tresh
- Quinn
- Varus
- Vayne
- Ahri
- Kog'Maw

Ezreal is Good with:

- Taric
- Alistar
- Soraka
- Sona
- Nunu
- Leona
- Blitzcrank
- Lulu
- Nami
- Lulu

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    Use Arcane Shift to help line up your other skill shots.
    You can play Ezreal either as a Attack Damage carry or Ability Power carry depending on how you build him.
    You can line up Trueshot Barrage to hit multiple minion waves or even Monsters.s.

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Counter items & Summoner spells

Guide Top

Counter mechanics

Deny Farm

Dodge Abilities

Hard CC


Ezreal is fairly squishy at early game. Harassing him early will hinder his gold and experience gain.
Three of his spells deal magic damage. Buying a Negatron Cloak or Mercury's Treads early will help you mitigate his damage if he builds towards those spells.
Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage has a global range. Take care when recalling when your health is low.
The projectile can be seen through fog, watching the map while recalling can help you notice it soon enough to move out of the way.
All of Ezreal's abilities are skill shots. Buying movement speed items will make it easier to evade his spells.
When 1v1ing an Ezreal as Ezreal, try using Arcane Shift to dodge their first Mystic Shot. Immediately, you are in a good place to chase them, have dealt more damage, built a stack on Rising Spell Force, and have a cooldown advantage. If you can dodge Mystic Shot while they are casting Essence Flux, you will have an even greater advantage. For this reason, be careful using Arcane Shift offensively against another Ezreal.
Ezreal cannot trade fairly during close combat and rely on poking as much as possible. Having a champ that can dash or blink towards him (ie Xin Zhao , Diana , Irelia ) would cost Ezreal his blink to run away from the team fight and be isolated from the defending allies causing his death.

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Particles,Animations (Pulsefire Ezreal)

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Upon selection

"Time for a true display of skill!"


"It's all skill!"
"I'll handle it!"
"No problem!"
"Time to strike!"
"Sounds dangerous... I'm in!"
"Time to get our hands dirty."


"Over here!"
"Let's go!"
"Know your environment."
"This way!"
"Got it!"
"No time to waste!"
"Who needs a map?!"


" You belong in a museum! "


"Noxians... I hate those guys..."

    "You belong in a museum!" and "Noxians... I hate those guys..." lines are both references to the Indiana Jones franchise.
    Ezreal's quote "It's all skill" is most likely a reference to three of his abilities being skillshots.
    When Ezreal does his /taunt, he motions flipping a coin and shooting at it. This action requires great accuracy and is often seen in Western films.
    On the test realm, Ezreal's /joke was "My age exceeds your IQ... significantly." and the taunt - "Just the thought of killing you is likely to cause it." These were changed on live release.
    Pulsefire Ezreal's taunt is a reference to the "Over 9000" meme derived from an episode of the anime Dragonball Z.
    Pulsefire Ezreal's dance is possibly a reference to the hologram usage in the Star Wars franchise, due to him shooting out a dancing hologram of himself.
    Pulsefire Ezreal's quote "Grim dark future, eh" is a reference to Warhammer 40K's universe's tagline "in the grim darkness of a far future, there is only war".
    Pulsefire Ezreal's quote upon recall "Leaving the grid" is a reference to the Tron franchise.

Login Theme

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    Ezreal is voiced by Kyle Hebert, Who also voices Graves and Jarvan IV.
    Pulsefire Ezreal's AI, PEARL, is voiced by Christine Brynn Khalil.
    Ezreal was both named after and designed by Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam, one of Riot's game designers.
    Ezreal was one of the champions chosen for the Ionian pool available during the Ionia vs. Noxus match. However, he was not one of the selected champions.
    Ezreal is the first champion to have a Champion Spotlight on Riot's YouTube channel.
    Ezreal's /dance is a direct homage to Hare Hare Yukai dance from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Hallam states this "was all Shurelia's idea".
    Ezreal was the first 6300 IP Champion released after the official launch of the game in October 2009.
    Ezreal found the Wriggle's Lantern on one of his archeological expeditions to ***ungu.
    Ezreal is the third champion to feature 2 champion spotlights due to significant changes to his kit. The others being Lee Sin, Karma and Sivir

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    Nottingham Ezreal is a reference to Robin Hood, an archer of legendary skill, famous in English folklore.
    The Striker Ezreal skin, along with the soccer skins for other champions, appeared just before the 2010 World Cup started, and were removed from the store on October 31st, 2010.
    Pulsefire Ezreal:
    The skin is called "M├ęga Ezreal" in the French version. It is a reference to the main character from the Megaman/Rockman games. This skin's release was delayed because, according to Riot, it "wasn't quite what they wanted". Even before this decision, the skin was used in the MLG. The skin is still in the game files under the name "CyberEzreal" in SIU.
    It may mostly reference Megaman X's 'Fourth Armor', in which the main protagonist can gain a special armor as the game progresses, much like Ezreal's armor when he progresses in a match.
    Its taunt, asking about power levels, is a reference to Dragon Ball Z. Coincidentally, Ezreal's voice actor, Kyle Hebert, also voiced Adult Gohan and a number of others in DBZ.
    It is the first skin to include two personalities in its voice-overs: Ezreal and his suit's AI, PEARL.
    It is the first skin to change its appearance depending on the champion's level. Ezreal's armor upgrades at levels 6, 11, and 16.
    It is the first skin priced at 3250RP. It was discounted by 50% for the first four days after release to a price of 1625RP.
    Some fans have dubbed Pulsfire Ezreal the first "Legendary Plus" skin, possibly due to its price and the "extra effort" that was put into creating it.
    Due to the long production time and anticipated release of the skin, Riot has posted a short Developer Diary on the forums, chronicling some of Pulsefire Ezreal's development.
    Buying the skin grants summoners an exclusive Summoner Icon and profile banner.
    His recall animation resembles the pose seen theatrical release poster of the 1982 film Tron.


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