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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pini2911

AD Carry your way out of Bronze

Pini2911 Last updated on October 27, 2013
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Who am I?

Yeah...Who am I to write a guide how to AD Carry your way out of Bronze/Silver?

Well, I'm just an average LoL Player. I'm not special. I'm just a player like you that was sick of losing match after match after match.

As I started to play ranked games, I played all different sorts of roles. Sometimes Jungle or Top, sometimes mid or bot as support or adc. I didn't realise that, because of a different role every game, I only made a small learning progress and because of that I lost many games...


I started to try different roles during many games. I was searching a role for me that had a big impact in the game and a role that was fun to play. In the end we all play this game because it makes fun, right?

I decided to go into ranked games as an adc. It's most fun in my opinion. I call it first every lobby i get in to. Many times I get to play adc but sometimes you just have to play another role. So prepare like another one or two roles. You dont have to play them perfectly, you just need to learn not to feed and hold your lane as good as possible. Try to farm safely and ask your jungle for help as many times as possible until you get to the teamfights and then your adc should carry you :)

Enough of me. Let's continue!

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As every average player I dont have a lot of money to spend in this game. I have 4 rune pages and I only have one rune page for adc. The rest are runes for ap, support and ap offtank.

My Runes aren't special. I would say it's a good mix for an adc and I would say it's a cost efficient way to build a rune page. These runes work very well for me, especially the 4% Lifesteal do great job during laning phase.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

It took a few games to get used to these runes but you will learn to put them to good use quickly.

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Unlike rune pages, mastery pages are for free. This means you can do one mastery page for every individual adc. I have masteries for all my main adc's. Some of them are the same but in the end you need to figure out yourself what works best for you.

One example of a mastery page. Let's take my Jinx masteries:


See? Nothing groundbreaking!

By now you see that a lot bases on your personal preference and style!

OK! Next chapter!

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Let's say you get the 'luck' of having first pick in ranked games and you still want to play adc. You're like: 'np i got this' and you lock in vayne, a strong lategame carry. The enemy steam picks Caitlyn and zones you pretty hard and that's lost. You don't want to loose games like that, do you?

Since you are in a team ask you teammates who is gonna play support or jungle. Pick something for them so they can pick for you.

You all know that you can look up champions that are good against an other champion ( You look up the enemy adc and it says that Sivir is the best champion against Caitlyn. You pick her, you lock her, you loose the game. WHY?

Even though Sivir is a good pick vs Caitlyn you haven't played Sivir before or just a few times. You don't know this champion like you know other champs.

Pick a champ that you know well. Something you played a lot. You know what you champ is capable of.

And always remember: It's a TEAMGAME! So be nice and friendly!

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Follow up!

Don't be afraid of fighiting. You picked yourself Jinx and you got a Thresh Support. Thresh waits for a good moment to hook the enemy adc and then suddenly he lands a very good one. Because of Threshs abilities the other adc can't move for a long time and you just stay there farming, watching your support die and then writeing 'noob' into the chat because he died. Totally his fault, right? NO!

Instead continuing farming you should follow that up! You could get a kill out of that because the enemy adc can't do anything for 2 seconds. After that you lay down your Flame Chompers! and you got yourself a clean kill or maybe two, if you can get the enemy support as well.

So here is the combo I used in this example in a nutshell:

Thresh lands a great Death Sentence, followed by a Flay. That already is a lot of damage he dealt. Now it's your job to follow that up with autohits and a Zap!. After that you can throw your Flame Chompers! between the enemy adc, that is trying to get to his/her tower, cc him another time and pick up an easy and clean kill!

Basicly you want to pick a adc/support synergy that works well for example:
Caitlyn/ Blitzcrank or Varus/ Nami

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In season 2 the meta was Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion. That has changed in season 3 and surely will change in season 4 but we stay with season 3 for now.

In this season the meta is to start with Doran's Blade or a Long Sword + 2x Health Potion. I prefer Doran's Blade because I think it's a good item for that gold. You get some ad, some health and 5 hp each hit which helps you to stay in lane longer. In the end you have to decide which one you prefer.

Let's build up a scenario:
We have minute 8 on the clock. You did pretty well farming those minions and your jungler came bot once and you got the kill. You push the last wave of minions towards the enemy tower and go back now because you are low on hp and you're afraid the enemy jungler comes bot and picks you up. You open the shop in the base and you have so many options how to spend 2.2k gold.
you go for Berserker's Greaves and a Vampiric Scepter and head back to lane.

WRONG CHOICE!! Always go ad first!

Ofcause you would get more lifesteal from the Vampiric Scepter but you damage has only grown by 10 ad and since you have 4% lifesteal with your runes you don't need the lifesteal from the Vampiric Scepter this early.

since you have 2.2k gold you get yourself a nice B. F. Sword which gives you a nice amount of ad, Boots of Speed so you can catch up better if your jungler comes again and a few Health Potion + a sight ward or two to support your support. That only applies to adc's that a bit of cc like Ashe, Caitlyn or Jinx.

If you have a low cc adc like Vayne or Varus who have no early game cc, you should probably rush Blade of the Ruined King the movement speed boost/slow can helo you in narrow situations + the passive and active of Blade of the Ruined King will help you lategame to kill tanks with a lot of hp like Cho'Gath or Zac.

Let's take Vayne for an example here:
First item you get is a Doran's Blade. Since you are vayne you need a bit more cc so you go for Blade of the Ruined King. Let's stick to the scenario above (first back you got 2.2k gold). you buy the first part for the Blade of the Ruined King, the Bilgewater Cutlass. It gives you a bit ad and lifesteal and you got the active to slow your opponents. After that you still got 800 gold left and you buy yourself Boots of Speed, some Health Potion and a sight ward or even a Vision Ward.

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Let's listen to some music!!!

'Cause this is thriller!!!
Thriller at night!!!

Ask Zombie Brand if he likes this song...

Everybody knows this song by Michael Jackson. The beat is nice, catches you quickly and stays in your head FOREVER!

Why do I start with music in the farming chapter? Did I mix something up? Or am I crazy?

Answer to question 1: Will come to that soon
Answer to question 2: Nope! No mix-up here. This is the right place.
Answer to question 3: You will never find out :D

Sooooo...Why do i start with a good song in the farming chapter?
The answer is simple. It's because of the rhythm!

I can see your face now right in front of me now... with a big question mark all over it. :D

Why is a rhythm of a song important for getting out Bronze/Silver and for farming minions?
If you look closely to streams of pro players they all have it and everybody has a different rhythm when it comes to lasthitting minions.

You need to find your own rhythm!

This takes time and you won't get every lasthit during your first match but you will get better and better the more you play, the more you play the better gets your rhythm.

Time to play a game. We find ourselfs 10 minutes into the game. We take a look at the Creep Score we have and we see that we have about 90 cs. That's about 85% from all the minions we could lasthit in a perfect game so far.

Good player hit about 90 - 95% of possible last hits.

If you are way below this area don't freak out. Find your rhythm and you will see your cs grow over time.

Want to know if you're doing a good job lasthitting those minions? Click me!

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God Complex

Everybody has it! Admit it!

Everybody makes mistakes. You too!!

If you loose a game it's not your fault. It's everybody elses fault that you just lost the game.

You feeded the enemy adc. It's not your fault since jungle could babysit bot and help you get fed too, right?

The answer: Yes and No!
Yeah your jungle could babysit bot if every other lane is doing good. But if the other lanes are doing as bad as you do he needs to help them too. It's tricky situation. Don't flame your teammates because they don't so well. Motivate each other! In the end it's a teamgame!! Stay calm, analyse what you made wrong in that last fight and improve you mistake.

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Support your Support

In every game, I buy some wards myself to relieve some pressure off my support. It really helps your team.

Why should you buy ward? Well 1 wards costs 75 gold. You just need to kill 4 minions to buy a ward and WARDS SAFE YOUR LIVE!

If you buy wards your support will appreciate it enormously. This will improve the climate in your team overall.

And remember: Your support carries you earlygame, so you can carry him lategame

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Ok that's basicly it...

Let's do a little summary.

A lot of the stuff that can get you through your divisions is personal preference and relies on your playstyle and rhythm. Don't make yourself crazy just because you miss a few minions or you can't find into the game like you would like to. There are other players out there that are good too.

After EVERY game take a small break of 5-10 minutes and go the match you just played through again. What was good? What was bad? What mistakes did I do and how to improve these?

Helped me a lot!

With a few practice weeks, before starting with ranked games, I started to play ranked last week and I went from silver V to silver IV, back to silver V and now I'm silver III.
Ofcause you can't carry a team 1v5. You need a bit of luck with teammates but in general you can say: if you do good, your team does good.

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Got any suggestions for me? Found any mistakes?

Keep them
Leave a comment below or pm me!

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27.10.2013 - Release of the Guide
27.10.2013 - Update and new topics


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