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Elise Build Guide by iamnotyourfoe

Tank AD elise roaming the fields!

By iamnotyourfoe | Updated on July 1, 2015

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hey guys im here to share with you some of my insights about the new elise change in patch 5.12. now you may know that her ability to repeal now gives her 40/55/70/85/100% extra damage on her spider form abilities and attacks(upon landing).
now we are going to use it in order to multiply the effect of "devourer" and the "blade of the ruined king" items.
we will complement it with some tanky items to prevent many unnecessary deaths and allow you to dive in and deal the damage.
you build blade of the ruined king for the obvious %hp damage ,and the rest of the stat,while life steal will allow you to sustain your self alongside your passive.
as i explained in the leveling all of the on hit effect of both devourer and the blade of the ruined king will not just DOUBLE but , also the super fast attack speed of 2.38 for 3 sec with your W will allow us to proc it more the 7 times assuming you land all of your basic attacks.
now because we build her that way countering her will be extremely difficult since she posses both attack damage and on hit effect magic damage.
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now there's alot of ways to build elise in that manner, here we are going to explore additional option
what you've seen above was option A however there's some more
option B would be to replace the sunfire cape with frozen heart in case of heavy ad comps,
if you do it however you should also grab the mastery named oppression since the reduced attack speed aura proc that effect, meaning 2% less damage taken.
and also remember that iron solari will only be effective if there's 1 apc or more just be sure to watch our for some rare full(almost) ad team.
option C:if you are feeling completely uncomfortable you can discard(a huge)damage item called the blade of the ruined king , in that case you should go for an additional defensive item.
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there's a lot of way to customize that build to the max , the example above is just 1 of them, if you want more offensive choice make sure to take 9/21 taking the extra attack speed alongside with the scaling ad and the flat(ad) masteries with the addition of expose weakness just to make your attacks more potent and the cost of some defensive and sustain damage.
at defensive make sure to take the flat hp,%hp armor , mr , bonuses as those will grant you huge boost to your survive ability the rest is optional.
as for option C: i don't recommend getting offensive masteries as its going to mean youhave to discard some powerful defensive stat just to get bit more damage , believe me the defensive stat are much more reliable and useful
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so when talking customization option runes plays a large role there too, if you dont like the defensive rune i chose you might change it up adding armor and magic pen with quints and blue
while keeping the yellow runes as armor to ease up the jungle clearing early on.
that however will leave you vulnerable to magical attacks as usualy you would have 10.8 more mr
keep in mid that on most champion(including elise) mr DOES NOT scale so keep an open mind about an early mr item if things get out of hand.
also 1 last rune page that i wanted to share with you guys
THE FULL HP RUNE PAGE!: this is an extremely risky rune page to take keep in mind before viewing that
the rune page consist of :9 %hp yellow rune 3 %hp quint runes, 9 blue SCALING hp and 9 yellow SCALING hp. that setup will allow you to stuck ALOT of hp and i mean A LOT of hp the extra %hp runes will overall increase your hp , also interact with your yellow and blue runes, but that would be WAY more optimized if you are building cindehalk! keep that in mind next time you are looking for a tank rune page!
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so now we are going to explore another spell max option
its option B: max w first as it will allow you to get more burst although it will make your sustain damage weaker and your stun last for much less time . however maxing w will allow you to poke more, having a better damage while W on spider form is active. your e will have to be second since the sustain damage provided by the 100% extra damage is huge and is part of the reason that this build is even viable.
other then those 2 max orders i cant seem to find option that will fit as well,be sure to comment if you think otherwise!
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farming is probably the most important thing you are going to do to get your self where you want to be. you will have to farm all of your camps , while ganking at time opportunity look for overextended enemy or weakened one ,once you gank them throw your stun and the rest of your combo then move into the air , land while getting the damage bonus from repeal then continue to attack them , the base damage alone should be enough to bring them down.
after you got some item, your devourer(first priority)be sure to farm the jungle like crazy participate in team fights as much as possible to get that +2 stacks from kills/assists.
in short / that build is relied heavily on the devourer stacks. avoid getting counter jungled as much as possible.
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Pros / Cons

finally i want to highlight some of the pros of ad elise and some of her cons in that form.
while the burst damage you would usually get while building elise as ap mage will be non existent, your sustain damage wil be HUGE and combine that with the tankiness that ap elise would only dream to archive.even tho that build is quite potent you should avoid getting behind as much as possible as not getting your devourer will make you dead useless almost. so beware of an early invade and counter jungeling, early deaths , handing over your buffs, etc. just don't do that you will suffer even more then an ap elise mage would.
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i thank you all for reading my suggestion/guide/ on how to play elise, just keep in mind its an experimental build and merely a suggestion on a new way to play her. i hope you enjoyed and hope to see some ad elise in the future !.
League of Legends Build Guide Author iamnotyourfoe
iamnotyourfoe Elise Guide

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AD elise roaming the fields!