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League of Legends Build Guide Author Promasternoob

AD Ezreal is good...

Promasternoob Last updated on March 12, 2011
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Hello mobafire users.This is my first build so leave constructive criticism in the comments...Ezreal was pretty much my first champion so i know all his spells... I have tried both AD and AP and I liked more AD.It's a presonal choice but i think AD is better(+ the recent buff in the new patch where RIOT made Trueshot Barrage use either AP or AD) With this build you will not own and will not have 20+ kills every game...You could die alot(and rage alot), but that is the role of Ezreal-deal huge amounts of Damage and somehow survive!!!So let's get started already...

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I chose Greater matk of Desolation because this is an AD build and ArP increases your damage with Mystic shot(your bread and butter...)
I play with Greater Glyph of Magic Resistor Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction ... Both are good.The magic resist is great for Ezreal because he is very squishy but the CD reduction is amazing(especially if u have blue buff on you...)
I use Greater Seal of Critical Chancebecause if u can crit with 200 DMG and have procced Sheen you can do over 800 DMG... Now that is what i call a threat to be wreckened with...
In this build I use Greater Quintessence of Healthbecause if you go to a lane at level 1 you have 420 HP(without runes/masteries)-that can be changed... If u have the HP Quints you can have about 500+ HP which is way better than 400-420 hp...

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Here I will explain all of Ezreal's spells in a way that everyone will understand...

First we have Ezreal's passive - Risisng Spell Force - whenever you hit some1 with 1 of your spells you get a stacking buff(it stacks up to 5 times) which gives you 15% Atack speed... Its good because you do more dmg with auto-atacks= more early game damage

Mystic Shot Mystic Shot-basiclly you fire a projectile(energie shot) which is modified by Aatck damage(at Rank5 it does 115+ your bonus damage)-this will be your bread and butter as AD Ez...

Next we have Essence Flux- this spell is pretty much useless if you are AD Ez... What is does??? It fires energie that does a medium amount of damage + some of your AP and gives an Atack speed increase/decrease to allied/enemy champions... I only take this spell once at level 9 , because its helpfull in team fights... A small AS increase but it does make a diference...

Arcane Shift- this spell is very usefull: "What does it do ??"- you ask... I can describe this only as a Flash which does good damage(at Rank5 275+% of AP) and teleports you a small distance... It's great for escaping and doing some damage without even tryning to... at level 10 it will do reasonable damage and be a great Anti-gank tool-your most fun spell(you can use it to teleport through walls and annoy people that want to catch you ^^)

Finally you get your ultimate abillity - Trueshot Barrage -this is like Ashe's arrow but it does also hit minions and monsters(yes, it is possible to steal Baron or Dragon with it) and it travels through the whole map(in a line) , but what is bad about it is that it does reduced DMG for each target hit(8% reduction per unit- minimum of 30% of the basic DMG)the best thing about it is that u can get practically free kills/asissts with it or just finish runing champions that just barely escaped the fight... Once i killed 1 person about 5-6 times with my ultimate in 1 game and every time he tried to run from me and die he would rage and get really frustrated :D - that is the power of Ezreal...

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I go with the standart AD/fighter masteries but i put in 4 points in CD reduction(to help spam Mystic shot for more DMG).In Utillity I get the normal masteries- more EXP and more mana/HP regen...I guess you could go with 22/8/0 or 21/9/0 but it is a prefference...

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Summoner spells

I use Exhaustand [ignite]]... With these spells, if you are mid at level 1 its almost guaranteed you get first blood if u can time them just right...
Ignite helps alot in early game ganks and for finishing low-HP targets...
Exhaust is great- a slow and it reduces DMG from all sources(spells and auto-atacks)- great anti-gank tool...

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Early game

At level 1 you should buy a Meki Pendantand 2xHP potions... If you are mid you shouldn't be too aggressive but still harrass your enemy.You should return to base when you die or when you have anought money for your boots,Tear of the goddes or long sword...Fast start building your Boots of mobillity and Manamune together and if you farm well you should be able to get Manamune really fast...When you get your Manamune you can buy some Elixir of Fortitude so you will be less squishy...By this time you probably have some kills or maybe have been ganked/you ganked some1 but if the game is going well dont stop farming so you buy you Sheen really fast...
Early game Sheen on Ezreal = Pwnage...

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Mid game

If the game isnt going well so far you should consider buying defensive items- Banshee's Veil ; Hexdrinker AD+ some decent shield... ; any defensive items are always good on Ezreal... so buy something that will help you SURVIVE. My items in the build description are just what I buy, and not the sequince of the items...You can get any kind of boots and experiment with my build as long as you BUY A DEFENSIVE ITEM MID GAME. Mid game has come so now u need to start working on heavy DPS items like Last Whisper(good DPS and 40% Armor penetration); Infinity Edge-THE Best AD item in game(along with The Bloodthirster).At this time you should already be pushing/you are pushed back a few towers and every1 is starting to get better Dps items...Again,I say,that you should buy defensive items...Maybe you could get a Warmog's Armor for that big chunk of survivabillity.If you haven't figured it out you should spam your Q-spell in fights and only use your W-spell to buff your allies...Your E-spell is amazing for escaping ganks and doing good chunks of damage...If you do your spells correctly you should be doing 3/4 of some1's full HP with no trouble and finish them with your ulti= +1 kill for you ^^.Just FARM, KILL, GAIN EXP, WIN, WIN, WIN-thats the best strategy...

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Late game

By now you should have invaded their base or maybe they broke some towers too and there will be many teamfights going on everywhere...
1.Ezreal sucks at killing large packs of minions
2.Ezreal is the king of team fight because of his ult... fire that in the midle of their team and every1's HP will drop like a rock...
3.Ezreal has got 305 movement speed so you need more Movespeed...This is why i get Boots of Mobility...
4.Ezreal is squishy so don't go RAMBO style tower dive with him :D

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End of build/Changelog

I hope you enjoyed my guide and feel free to comment and tell me if you upvote/downvote me...
good luck playing Ezreal and have fun...

1.Changed some icons and wrong typing in the texts ;Runes and items now show with icons...(12.03.11.)