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Kai'Sa Build Guide by xMavis

ADC AD Kai'Sa Build - Burst, DPS & Utility

ADC AD Kai'Sa Build - Burst, DPS & Utility

Updated on December 4, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xMavis Build Guide By xMavis 117 13 356,192 Views 21 Comments
117 13 356,192 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xMavis Kai'Sa Build Guide By xMavis Updated on December 4, 2018
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Win 49%
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ADC Role Ranked #17 in
ADC Role
Win 49%
More Kai'Sa Runes


My name is Mavîs,

Im a gold ADC Kai'Sa OTP from EUW. Kai'Sa and Lucian are my favorite champions. This is my first guide on Mobafire. I wanted to make this mini guide for you, since I have a very good experience with my way of building Kai'Sa.
I dont like the AP/AS builds on Kai'Sa, since you need your team to stick with you and peel for you all the time. So you loose a big chunk of your versatility, too.
These builds are also more focused on lategame, but games end fast atm. Indeed, they do a lot DPS. But in my opinion, these builds just dont fit into her high-rewarding playstyle of fast in, kill, fast out and straight back into teamfights.

At the moment, a strong and versatile midgame build, that is still viable in lategame is needed to have an impact as Kai'Sa.

My build costs less than an AP/AS build. It provides utility, more burst, more survivability, but a bit less DPS. You spike midgame hard. You can act more independently and you are able to peel better for yourself. You are less reliant on Rageblade's stacks, due to the high burst and AD. But if you have the stacks, your damage output becomes insane.

This mini guide wont include Kai'Sa Basics, Matchups, Pro's & Con's and other basics like Orbwalking and Kiting, since there are enough guides that cover these already.

Please mention: Kiting and Orbwalking is absolute necessary, if you want to be good at ADC. Make sure you read my notes in the buildpath and below!

EXTRA : Notes, tips & tricks for this build:

This section is still in progress, ill add more stuff as time goes by. Dont forget to check this guide from time to time. You can also read the comments(I try to explain a lot there) and feel free to ask me anything related to Kai'Sa!

--- Runes :

I like to take Triumph. I feel more comfortable with it and it helped me a lot to win lane and teamfights.

Its helpful, since I dont get any lifesteal. The 8% Lifesteal are just fine for Kai'Sa. With my build you have enough Attack Speed, so Bloodline is my favorite choice.

Coup De Grace:
Its pretty good for Kai'Sa, as it synergyzes with her passive and helps her to execute enemies.

Manaflow Band:
Its pretty decent, since Games end faster now. You will always have Mana to push Lane, to Poke and pressure Botlane. Later, you wont go OOM.

Celerity will add some extra Bonus Movementspeed to your E, making you travel a bit further while casting.

Gathering Storm:
Since most games end faster now, its not that strong anymore, but if the game goes past the 40 Minute mark, Gathering Storm is really good.


After the new Stormrazor release I like to go PRESS-THE-ATTACK or LETHAL TEMPO since Stormrazor's proc gives you a good amount of Movement Speed and you dont need Fleet Footwork anymore. PTA offers a nice DPS boost for you and your team.
However you can take any Precision keystone exept Conqueror (I think its only good on Draven and Miss Fortune). It works all, It just depends on your playstyle.

Lethal Tempo: Make sure you proc it with W, if you have the time. Otherwise you proc it with Q. While Lethal Tempo is activated, you should not cast W without reason, because it hurts your DPS. You can reach 3,00+ Attackspeed with my build(2,00+ without Lethal Tempo, but all AS-steroids).
Mention: Lethal Tempo and Runaan's is a very strong combination against some tanky teamcomps.

Fleet Footwork got nerved, but the extra Movement Speed still works well with Celerity and Stormrazor's Movement Speed boost. In my opinion, PTA or Lethal Tempo are way better on Kai'Sa atm.

--- Items :

Guinsoo's Rageblade:
It synergize very well with Kai'Sa early on and she gets a really good powerspike after finishing it. It also boosts your DPS by a lot. It scales into Mid-Lategame. Since Rageblade has AD ratios aswell, it is definitely a viable buy on her in combination with AD and Attack Speed.

Stormrazor is such a good powerspike, evolving your Q and E very early too. It costs just 2800g, offering so much bang-for-the-buck. It just provides so much burst and an Fleet Footwork-Movement-Speed passive on each Crit.
With this item in combination with Statikk Shiv you can kill targets so easy.

If I play aggressive, I usually Ult or E to the target, then -> AA(Crit), Q, AA, E(if not used), AA(Crits after using E or ULT), W or just AA, till the targeted carry dies.

The Stormrazor's Passive also scales with your Attackspeed, If you are Fullbuild and you use your AS-steroids you can crit every 0,76 seconds with AS-steroids and 1,13 seconds without AS-steroids (the Stormrazor's passive cooldown is even shorter, if you use Lethal Tempo). Imagine Kiting or Chasing with this item: you get a crit and a big Movement Speed boost after every 0,76-1,13 seconds(if you sit on 3 items: every 0,84-1,20 seconds).

Statikk Shiv(More Burst):
Many people dislike this, I love the waveclear and burst of it, as it can crit too. Perfect for outplaying those Meta-Junglers, because you hit em like a truck.
Its very strong in combination with Stormrazor. Mention that Kai'Sa ULT also helps to get your AA engergized. The extra Movement Speed from Stormrazor comes in handy too!

Runaan's(More DPS):
If you prefer Runaan's instead of Statikk Shiv just take Runaan's, they are both excellent choices. In my opinion, Runaan's is only good, if you have to deal with a big & tanky frontline or you have the money to replace your boots with it.

Infinity Edge:
I would not go for 120% Crit Chance, because Zeal-Items are to expensive atm. Riot experiments a lot with IE now and after 8.15 it got viable again.

Black Cleaver:
The 400HP saved me so often! The shred is really good, you press Q just once and max-stacks are applied. 1 rocket = 1 stack. This item offers much utility(CDR, Movement Speed, Armor shred), which is just awesome on Kai'Sa.

--- Supports:

My favorite Supports, when I pick Kai'Sa are: Nami, Morgana, Leona, Lulu, Brand, Soraka, Zilean and Braum.

! Thank You for reading this mini guide !
Try it, tell me your opinions!
Feel free to ask me anything you want related to Kai'Sa, I'll try to answer ASAP.
League of Legends Build Guide Author xMavis
xMavis Kai'Sa Guide
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