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Kassadin Build Guide by IcAPuttyCat

AD Kass Whole-ly for fun

AD Kass Whole-ly for fun

Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IcAPuttyCat Build Guide By IcAPuttyCat 8,913 Views 5 Comments
8,913 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IcAPuttyCat Kassadin Build Guide By IcAPuttyCat Updated on August 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



This is not really a guide because it is purely for fun and theories >:D

I want to link a picture for this but I don't know how... so I am just going to post the link below:

Most people play Kassassin as AP caster/nuker. I can't agree more because his skills are just so powerful that you just want to nuke around and kill squishies in a matter of seconds...

This will be a build on AD Kass, which should be fun to play with all those utility kass has.

Let us begin >:O
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Greater Quintessence of Desolation + Greater Mark of Desolation These babies allows you to shred your enemies to pieces~

Greater Seal of Vitality Lets just say you are not build for AD, so you need more hp to survive :)

All for the sake of spamming skills!
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For masteries, I have 21/0/9, having one point in so I can keep my buffs longer, especially blue golem buff!!! I also have a point in Spatial Accuray just in case I want to use instead of .
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I begin with and 2 . I recommand laning with a partner because unlike AP Kass, your magic pent is low thus your nuke will not cause that big of a deal to squishies in mid.

If you are having no probelm laning, teleporting back to base with around 1000 gold and grab a and a Boot of Speed. If you can farm up to 1600 gold (from farming minions and killing champions), grab too. Then you can start ganking!

This allows you to attack stronger and spam your skills faster. It is a core for most AD champions with spammable skills.

This gives you more HP and attack. It can also slow your prey, making it impossible to escape! For AP Kass, you don't need need more slow items not only because your can slow, but also your nuking ability can kill anyone before they can run away. It is different for AD Kass because you are not going to kill people in 2 seconds. So You will need this.

If you are not killing fast enough or not having a good time ganking, grab a zeal for more speed and attack speed.

This will be a styrong core for you because every time you rift walk to your preys, you will deal an extra 150 damage. This will allow you to kill anyone easily under their tower.

Grab this after you complete Trinity force. This gives you more damage, cool down, and an active that you cna use to chase and flee. Definiately have this >:O

By now, your mana pool should be quite big. Finish this and you will receive quite an amount of damage!

The last two slot is user's choice. I like more damage so I grab a Infinity Edges and The Blood Thirster~! However, you won't be able to go this far in most games.
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Skill Sequence

I choose to max because it deals incredible damage even without AP (I gank at lvl 6 as AP Kass with only 5 AP from masteries and it works wonders). However, the main point of this is to SILENCE your preys for an epicly long 3 seconds. In this 3 seconds, you can do what ever you want with your prey, what ever you want ...

I choose to max this second because with the extra speed boost from Zeal and Trinity, you can do a lot more damage with nether blade. This also helps you with your mana regen so you will never have to use "OOM" ...

Rift Walk
As all builds, always put a point in this when it is available. You can Rift Walk from all danger if needed, You can also chase down any preys. It makes you almost impossible to escape from. I use this not to damage, but to chase or escape >:]

I choose to max this last because you don't really need this. Yes you can slow with this but the damage out put is not really strong for AD Kass.
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Summoner Spells

is a great option for drawing a first blood because you can silense your preys first then exhaust them making them a bunch of sitting ducks.

Many AP Kass builds doesn't like Flash but I really like it because it closes the gaps between you and your prey by THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS Much. Which allows you to Rift walk them easily and silence them at the same time.

This works well for ganking and defending. If you are playing ranked and you know your enemy champions, this might be a go.

Same function as Exhaust but works a lot better on tanks with high armor.
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Laning, Killing

Kass is actually one of the best laning Champion in the game. With the ability to harrass easily ( ) and farm easily.

Here is how to draw first blood easily in a 2v2 lane:
Begin by Null Sphering their face as often as possible. If they are low enough (around 200 hp), Null Sphere again, and jump them with flash. Make sure your teammate is not a retad though ... painful memories. If you have ignite this should be easy.

Once you drawn first blood, this YOU means YOU grabbing a kill, not some random support or tank, you will be get even faster kills because as they respawn you will be grabbing more levels, making you unstoppable.

Try to gank more when your boot is finish and you are lvl 6+. You will gain gold like a crazy once you are on a snowballing action. This reminds me to remind you to grab a if you can and dare to.

In team fights, stay behind your team, in brushes, or under cover. When you see most of their ult gone, Rift walk right into action -> silence their strong nuker -> kill it -> rift walk away -> rift walk back in -> silence some more -> kill some more -> rift walk some more -> ... and win

Under cover means somewhere they can't see you, mostly in the jungle. It is recommanded for you to get around their tanks and off tanks while you are in the jungle. Come in from behind to kill their squishies. This will be a lot more effective and safe if you have a team mate.
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For the pure sake of fun, this is a pretty long build and chat, hope it didn't bored the hairs off of you. Enjoy rifting around you voidlings >:D
League of Legends Build Guide Author IcAPuttyCat
IcAPuttyCat Kassadin Guide
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AD Kass Whole-ly for fun

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