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LeBlanc Build Guide by Rpground

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rpground

AD LeBlanc (Top/Mid/Bot) -*Insert Quote Here*

Rpground Last updated on September 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

What, you're acutally serious and not trolling!? Going over some Pros and C

Why yes I am serious Billy,

Ad Leblanc has some serious Pros to her that can give her a cut above all other adc's currently out. Yes there are also cons but they are miniscule compared to the pros.

#1-Exterme mobility,

She is the placiest of the place when it comes down to adc's, if played to her fullest you almost never be caught! Even in team fights, she can place assassins into terrible positions like Zed or Maokai right into your team or over walls if timed correctly. Or just correctly position for optimal protection from your team while giving maximum damage output.


Due to her ult, she can do anything she needs to do twice when needed. You need a long silence to deal with those pesky AP casters? No problem! Need those extra slows/snares to kill that pesky bruiser? Also no problem! Need to escape ASAP? Triple Flash *****es! (W,Flash,R)

#3-Nice Attack Animation

Most don't realize it but it's EXTREMELY easy to last hit with Leblanc, her AA makes it both easy to calculate that last hit and cancel that auto attack when needed.

#4-Hard to Counter

It's nearly impossible to counter AD LB due to her kit, hard to gank and hard to kill. Even some of her hardest counters gets countered by AD Leblanc! What's even better is that with the Masteries we brought with us, we could always transition to AP LB if needed! AD countered, go AP or vise-versa!

#5-Shiv Gains Stacks with Distortion.

Right what it says on the tin, you gain about 30 from a single way on Distortion and another 30 if you teleport back. If you need some quick stacks that's one way to do it.

Now for the Cons, which are pretty damned obvious I would think anyway.

#1-Her Attack Range

Yes, it's 25 less then the average so you need to be a bit closer to your enemy to even auto them...but IMO her kit due to mobility and kiting makes this not that big an issue,

#2-You're Unable to Burst (to an extent)

You can still burst a bit due to once again Leblanc's new Ult that has base damage now, and our Masteries. But not nearly as much as you could if going full AP.

#3-If caught you are SQUISHY!

So squishy if caught or hit, he may be hard to kill but that doesn't mean she is tanky. She is as brittle as a piece paper, but should also be as hard to hit as one.

#4-Her Attack Speed

Her AS scaling is terrible compared to nearly anyone else in the League, I think only Thresh has worse attack speed scaling...this is why we focus more on flat ad to start instead of AS, that can come later.

#5-Some Champs That Were Countered Now Counter YOU!

Yes, this is the case now. Twisted Fate can now can put a serious damper on your day as well as Lulu...but again our Mastery setup can alleviate this by just going classic AP LB.

#6-Getting Denied Mean You Can be Out of The Game!

DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET TO FAR BEHIND! You snowball hard, but you also fall hard. Do not let this happen, do whatever you can to stay ahead or at least equal to your enemy.

I probably haven't covered all Pros and Cons, I'm sure others can think of some where I couldn't. If you can think of any, just let me know and if I feel it's an actual relevant Pro or Con I'll edit and add that in. Everyone should benefit from each other's knowledge.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells:

Ignite - Always nice to get some extra AD and AP due to mastery as well as that clutch kill when you couldn't finish them off with your last spell or auto attack.

Flash - Triple flash should be quite obvious here, nearly nothing can close that gap, and you can hope over walls for days!

Exhaust - For those lanes that you think you can go without that ignite and opt for reducing the enemy champs damage output against you, very useful against Vaynes...

Useful Spells:

Ghost - If you don't need that extra flash on hand, ghost can be excellent in chasing and escaping. As well as it being on a lower cooldown then Flash, it's useful. But not as clutch saving if you run out of mana or something else goes terribly wrong.

Barrier - Most ADC's take this now adays, I never found it useful but it does give you that extra damage soak in needed.

Cleanse - I have no idea, being on the fence about this one. I never use it but I've seen many players use it to wonderful effect.

Teleport - Backdooring just got even easier, between her insane mobility and her now awesome AD she eats towers for lunch! If enemies come after you, if played to your strengths you can easily escape nearly any situation. Even a 5 man gank no problem!

The "Meh" Spells:

Revive - can be clutch...but in all honesty unless you build into CD for this it's not going to be used all that much or even be useful...

Heal - Again...clutch saves or lane sustain, but over all it's not going to help all that much. Heal Baits has been replaced by Barrier Baits. P:

The "Why Would You Take That" Spells:

Clarity - You are going to primarily be AD here...what possible need do you have for this that Doran's Ring doesn't already solve!?

Clairvoyance - Again...why, if you went top or mid you have wards...USE THEM!

Smite - PFFFFT, that doesn't even need my input...

Guide Top

Early to Mid Game for Top/Mid

You're going to want to farm and harass when you can (obvious I know), due to your kit you can play more risky and thus have a higher chance of getting kills and snowballing into late game.

For Top/Mid:

To harass, simply auto attack whoever in question. But sometimes due to abilities that will be difficult to pull off, most of the time due to your Doran's Ring you can Q,W combo them all while auto attacking. Once they go onto you you can just flash back to your pad this putting the distance between them. If the champ has skill shots you might want to go at them at an angle and then move around them about 90 degrees so they will have to chose to skill shot your pad or you, allowing for easy dodging. Some will not shoot their skill shot and wait, but this just allows you do get in more harass as they wait to use their ability.

Just remember, kills aren't everything. If you can out farm your enemy, you're winning your lane. About 1.5 waves of minions = 1 champ kill, so it's ok to play passive if you want or need to. Just keep your wits about you and don't let them get the upper hand, that spells death.

Guide Top

Bot Lane

Harass when you can, due to your insane ability and physical damage you can demolish the enemy ADC, unless they have a healer. If they have a healer like this, you want to wait until 6 and just farm as much as you can (unless you know you and your support can kill them). When you hit 6 you can burst them from full to half in a simple Q,R,W combo. With your support this should be an easy kill if your support can follow up with you (or initiated the fight).

Very little difference compared to a normal ADC bot lane, only with more of a kill lane vibe instead of a farm lane. Just be wary of who you're fighting against and weather they will be a kill, farm, or poke lane.

Always be cautious and thoughtful about what you are doing.

Guide Top

My Recommended Supports.

My favorite Supports:

Alistar - His insane CC, tankyness, and heal. Nearly perfect in securing kills in lane.

Soraka - Massive heals and armor buff makes you tanky and easier for you to harass, as well as infinite mana! Screw the Doran's Ring, get a Doran's Blade! Or and MR reduction in her Q...what's not to love from this!?

Taric - An Alistar lite in this case. Only a single stun, armor buff, a heal, and an AD/AP steroid buff. Before 6 he's kinda meh...

From these you should get the general idea of the best kind of support that goes with an AD Leblanc.

Guide Top

Late Game

By now you should have some serious damage, hopefully buying an Vamp Scepter, IE and some Attack Speed.

Now you have some major damage going on, you can split push with near impunity and kill nearly anyone that comes your way.

Most ADC's rely on abilities in between their autos, remember this. Most of the time it's best to go for a major silence (Q,R,E or W) and minor snare. This locks the ADC or APC (squishies) down while bursting at least 1/3rd of their hp or more. While you can go nuts on them while all they can do is auto attack back with no help from their abilities.

Varus is a champ that this works well against, he relies on that Blighted Quiver proc to do some major damage. Silence counters that.

Vayne is super squish, so just burst her down quickly with silence and snare makes an easy kill because she cannot ult or tumble during that time.

Almost any caster, silence wreaks their day. Reduces them to their useless auto attacks, allowing you to go to town on them. Orianna, Veigar, etc.

Do your job by not getting caught and killed, stay with your team when they need you. Pay attention to your map, when you think a teamfight is going to happen soon try to stay close to your team. If you're to far away to be of any help, take a tower if you can or do something else useful to the team as a whole. If not, go back to base anyway. You'll be more helpful there then where ever you are now.

Be mindful of the battle field and what's going on, pay attention to your map whenever you can.

Guide Top

Final Notes

AD LB, is not my creation alone. This has been inspired by others that have already done this, I've only added my own knowledge to it to hopefully make it more well known.

This is a VERY powerful build in the right hands, and a master Leblanc player can assuredly wreak and juke almost any team and basically get away with murder while being untouchable.

Even I have not mastered this myself, but I consider myself at least a competent Leblanc player. If you want to check out my account history my League account is "Rpground" on NA. I tend to play LB alot bot AP and AD.

Now I wish to thank everyone that took the time to read this guide, I hope it gives you all as much fun as it gave me, and continues to give.

Have fun, take care, and have a good one.