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Nidalee Build Guide by iPlayNL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iPlayNL

AD Nidalee - The Jungle's Fear

iPlayNL Last updated on April 29, 2013
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AD Nidalee - Top lane

Nidalee Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all!

First of all thanks for reading this guide. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is iPlayNL, i play on EUW and this is my first guide on mobafire. Lately i got into AD Nidalee and since then i can't stop playing her anymore. This is why i'd love to show you how i build her and why i love her. I don't play alot of ranked and i'm not as good as some others, but this doesn't keep me from showing you AD Nidalee.

Have fun reading!


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I have got a few things to say about the items displayed in my build at the top of the page. I will guide you through the entire game and explain why i take the item:

We start the game with a Dorans Blade ( you can also go for boots and pots ). The HP comes in handy as well as the AD, which you definetely need early game for poking your opponent. It's passive is also nice for some good sustain on the lane. Overall a great item. When recalled for the first time you should build or pick up Berserkers Greaves. Now these boots aren't core on nidalee, as you can also take for example Ninja Tabi for the enemy AD Top laner or Mercury's treads for the AP top laner, but for default i take the Berserkers. If you have the money here, also pick up a Vampiric Scepter. This will allow you to stay on lane without recalling as much. When 2nd time back at base, you pick up a BF sword or, if you have the money, finish the Bloodthirter as your second core item. What's not good about 100 AD and a bunch of lifesteal?

From here some teamfights are probably starting. You will start building towards Trinity Force. Let me explain why:

1. The passive goes well with Nida's Cougar Form low cooldowns and Q, the main reason you should take this item.
2. The ability power is not extremely useful, but AD Nidalee still benefits a little bit from the AP.
3. The movement speed is great on nidalee. Ofcourse, she is already fast in cougar form, but this movement speed makes you even greater.
4. Here you get the Crit chance, which is great just as the Attack speed.

Overall, this item is just great for AD Nidalee. Also, as soon as you have this item, you will see the burst coming up in cougar form.

Now you buy the Infinity Edge. The reason you buy this is pretty simple, the AD is great just like the Crit Chance.

Now pick up the Last Whisper. Now, you may ask, why not another Bloodthirster or Blade of The Ruined king? Well, blade of the ruined king doesn't really fit well in what you already have. The Attack speed you don't really need because your trin force and E already give you a **** load of Attack speed. Also the AD is not much and you already have enough lifesteal. Although it's not so bad as i say it is, but in my opinion you just dont need it and LW is the better choice. Also, another BT is not needed because you already have enough of Attack Damage and Life Steal. LW is just great for more dmg on people and that annoying rammus stacking loads of armor.

Now, if you actually came this far, pick up your Guardian Angel. In teamfights this will benefit you extremely well and the Magic Resist comes in handy for the enemy APC.

and if you STILL have more gold than this, get oracles, get double elixirs and win the game!

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I always choose to take your E on Level 1. You can also take your Q, but i think the heal and attack speed on your E is overall beter than the Q. Then go for the Q at level 2 and take the W at level 3.

Keep maxing your Q for the good poking ability on your lane but also get some points in your E for the attack speed and sustain. You should get, as always, your ultimate on Level 6, 11 and 18. Have Q maxed at level 9. Then max your E, and at last your W.

How do you use your abilities and what's so good about them?

Javelin Toss/Takedown (Q):

Great ability to poke in lane, although not as good and rather dissapointing when you're used to playing AP Nidalee ( this doesn't make this a bad ability on AD nida though!). As for your Cougar Form, your Q is your main damage output. It's damage when an enemy is below 40% of HP is amazing. Make sure you use Takedown at low hp enemies though to maximize its damage output.

Bushwhack/Pounce (W) :

Your free ward! How's that for a change! The W ability in cougar form is also really great by the way. You can actually pounce through some small walls with this and this also makes you unchaseable. Overall a decent skill.

Primal Surge/Swipe (E):

The heal on this thing is on AD nidalee just a nice feature to withstand ignites or something, but the attack speed is what it's all about. Late game the attack speed this gives you is amazing and really helps you late game.

The cougar form E is nice for farming but no really good on AD Nida.

Aspect Of The Cougar (R) :

Great ultimate. Poke first, finish in cougar. This ultimate is what makes Nidalee a great champion.

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I hope you liked my guide. I hope this helps you play AD Nidalee better.

See ya in the arena!