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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Karukatsu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karukatsu

[AD] Quick Hit Twisted Fate

Karukatsu Last updated on August 28, 2013
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Hello my name is Karukatsu. I'm a veteran of Dota 2 and League i've been playing mobas for awhile clocking in almost 2000 hours now. I generally stick to my AP characters but, out of all my ADCs available Twisted Fate is my favorite by far. I hope you enjoy this guide and the information I share on how I play Twisted Fate. I'll try to make this guide as quick as possible.

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Pros / Cons

+ Pros
-High burst damage late game
-With a good Tank or Support can snowball
-Highly mobile with ult and late game build
-Amazing stun
-Who doesn't like to watch TF attack things super fast. It's cool.

- Cons
-Easy to poke
-Can get shut down early game if you aren't vigilant
-Very slow early game

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So I understand Runes are always a touchy subject and a lot of people have personal opinions and preferences on what they like to play. I generally pick scaling armor because, Twisted Fate is incredibly squishy and if bottom lane will most likely play against an ADC who will want to poke him. His short range makes him especially vulnerable so scaling armor is a must. Scaling attack damage gives you a great lane presence and stacked with pick a card deals some good damage early game to keep you in lane without being pushed too far. Armor penetration doesn't count for much till mid to late game when by, which time you have the majority of your items and you can dish out the hurt, these also come in handy against tanky foes like Sejuani and Mundo.

On that note if you prefer more move speed, armor, or more attack damage those are completely viable options as well.

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So to start off we have a fairly typical ADC build Doran, BF Blade, Bloodthirster, and Berserker Greaves. Doran for attack damage and some lifesteal. BF for some damage early game. Bloodthirster to stay in lane and give hellatious damage. Berserker Greaves for more attack speed cause it's important on an ADC.

After those items this is where it gets a bit atypical for an ADC. At this point if you have the above items you should buy Avarice blade first. Why Avarice isn't Zeal better? While this is a point you could argue Avarice is nice because you can get Zeal relatively quick afterwords it stacks with TF's passive and gives you a great deal of gold. Afterwords get Zeal then Statikk Shiv.

Statikk Shiv will stack with TF's Stacked Deck, and Pick a Card so it will hit for a good amount of damage and let you knock down minions faster and make more gold off his passive a great deal.

Afterwords, try and get Phage the rework gives TF more movement speed with each hit which lets you chase down and run away faster when the going gets tough. Then Sheen cause it stacks with Statikk Shiv and your passive effect dealing a great burst of damage. Then of course Zeal and finish it with Trinity.

Trinity is by far one of the best items now on ADC TF it provides more health a 200% base damage burst from sheen built in with his passive and Shiv. Zeal built in gives him even more move speed and critical damage. If you've built everything up to this point you should have around 425 move speed.

You should already be knocking heads at this point. With all the gold you're making you should pick up Infinity Edge.

Your sixth item is optional depending on your situation I usually pick Last Whisper it stacks well with his armor pen from his runes.

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Team Work

One of the unique traits about TF is that unlike most ADCs he has 2 very unique abilities that enable his team to get a lot of kills or run away like the wind. His move speed synergizes with this very very well in late game.

In team fights please use your brain I know that sounds harsh but, I see a lot of wasted time and effort from people who build tf adc and don't know what cards to pick in Pick A Card. It is IMPERATIVE you master pick a card the choice between Red or Yellow could very well cost you the fight for your team.

If you teammate getting ambushed by the other team pull that red card throw it into the other team and dash this is where all that move speed you built from your items comes in handy that small amount of slow is enough to create a big enough gap to let you get away or it can help you chase down the other team with your own team.

If you have a particularity unruly player who's wracking up kills and snowballing this is a good time to make use of that yellow card. Always go after the MVP or other carries before a tank if you can. Yellow card can help you take out an enemy very easily or save a team mate from certain death and flip the tables and kill your team mate's stalker. It can also buy you time to make a run for it if you're in a 1 v 1 and getting burned too quick.

Bottom line is. TF makes an excellent ADC but, he's also capable of supporting very well.

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Skill Sequence

Wild Cards isn't all that great on ADC TF don't bother putting points in it till late game.

Max Stacked Deck pronto.

Put at least 1 point in pick a card then max it out after you've maxed stacked deck.

With Destiny put it in on each level it comes up.

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Stacked Deck
I think this is fairly straight forward but, i'll elaborate for those of you who are new. The bulk of what makes Tf a viable ADC is Stacked Deck. This ability affords him a passive speed boost on his attack speed and an extra magic attack tucked in every 4 shots stacking this with Trinity and Statikk Shiv is what makes him terrifying as an adc. Max this ability as soon as possible.

Pick a Card
This compliments his Stacked Deck as an ADC very nicely landing a yellow or red or blue card effectively doubles the amount of damage from an attack and applies on hit effects. Just make sure you know how to use it.

Wild Cards
This skill is largely useless unless the enemy is near death or all your skills are on cooldown and you need to make use of your Trinity.

With a range of 5500 it's not the greatest but used effectively it can save you or it can turn the tides of battle in your team's favor if you're not there. Also timed correctly it'll help you catch fleeing enemies and deal a swift finishing blow.

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This is the way I play TF if you like him some other way that's great but, this works wonders for me even against a very tanky team. If you have any questions or find something i've missed please tell me.
I'd like some criticism as this is my first guide for League.
Thank you for paying attention to my quick guide for ADC TF.