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Sona Build Guide by Mojoboy

AD Carry AD Sona, still playable in S3

AD Carry AD Sona, still playable in S3

Updated on June 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mojoboy Build Guide By Mojoboy 21 12 208,155 Views 39 Comments
21 12 208,155 Views 39 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mojoboy Sona Build Guide By Mojoboy Updated on June 2, 2013
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Intro + Pros & Cons

Hey Guys, at first I wanna thank you that you give "AD Sona" a chance! :)
The most of my Teammates are totally against that, but often I can convince them.
Maybe you already noticed that my english isn´t perfect, because i´m a German 15year old schoolboy... i tried my best, but if you find some mistakes you can improve me.
But, there is 1 request!
Pls, i´m really greatful for every comment,vote or something else but it should have a reason.
Do me that favour and help me to improve my first Guide. =)


+ early Kills (underestimation)
+ fun to play
+ don´t need a heal support
+ able to play with a melee
+ really strong early & mid game
+ speed boost/ nice slow


- Teammates think you troll
- weak late game
- hard to master
- hard to farm
- difficult 1on1s
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The Runes which I chose are easy to explain.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
--> You will go AD, therefore those runes are a must have!

Greater Seal of Armor
--> You won´t buy that much items with armor, so you really need them.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
--> I took Magic Resist because I think you can take out the most benefits with them.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
--> Just some more Damage output.
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I think there is nothing to explain what i chose.
The masteries are the same like every AD Carry should take and therefore they should be plain.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Of course you start with Hymn of Valor, because you are responsible for the Damage and not your Support/ Tank.
Then in the laning phase you need some heal, since your enemy harrass you...if not, you should play a bit more aggressive and skill your Song of Celerity first.

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Summoner Spells

Main Spells


It's a must have for every Champ.


In early game it´s pretty helpful & as I think the best choice.

Viable Spells


You can slow your enemys and can use your passive on Hymn of Valor if you have a support/tank without a hard stun.


You don´t have to spam your Aria of Perseverance and you won´t get very mana hungry.


If you want to spam your abilities and you aren´t allowed to get a blue buff it´s a really nice help for you.
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The Items, which i chose are the same like every AD Carry should take.
The only difference is Trinity Force, i took this Item because of the small cooldown from all of Sona´s abilities.
The Guardian Angel is important if you are focused, if not take a item like Phantom Dancer
It will give you a second life and maybe you have a chance to escape, so it´s the item, which can change the whole game.
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Situational Items

--> A nice Item after Trinity Force you can choose for a heavy fed AD enemy team. I don´t really like it because you have to sell it in late game for a item which you didn´t buy due to Wriggle's Lantern.
--> Instead of the Bloodthirster you can eliminate some hard armored tanks. For example if the enemy has a Rammus in jungle and a Taric as support and both of them buy some armor.
--> Very useful against some AP enemys. i prefer Guardian Angel but if you want, take it.
--> You only can replace Trinity Force through that item if you want more health. I can´t advice it, because you don´t have the damage buff after every spell.
--> Take it if you want to deal faster damage and don´t need the Bloodthirster.
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Choice of Boots

They are great, if you won´t let your enemy skip off.

Not bad, but not the best choice for you.

One of my favourite boots, because you can´t deal damage if you´re stunned.

They are ok if the enemy is spezialiced on AD.

In my eyes the best judgement, because you are responsible for the damage.
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Before you start to buy some things you have to skill your Hymn of Valor in base and do it two times.
After you bought your Doran's Blade you can go with your tank into the bushes and put out a awesome dmg, for first blood.
Until lvl 10, you should farm or maybe if you have a lane parter with stun you should get more kills....for example pantheon, who i really love to play with.
He stun, you can land your Hymn of Valor & Power Chord and the enemy (if squishy) will die.


You should try to do sometimes Dragon & if your Teammates don´t plan a Teamfight you can Jungle and farm your lanes.
When the time comes and you have your Trinity Force & your Blade of the Ruined King you should specify for some teamfights to win.
If I have a nice game at this time i normally have stats between 10/5 & 12/0 (ofc if the game starts bad, i have stats such as 5/5 or 7/7.

And if you´re doing your job good(& have a nice Tank/Support) you can outplay them such as in the video.

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This Chapter is only about my practical knowledge.
--> It don´t have to be right!
And for sure the most depends on your Lane partner.

1. Two damage dealer like Tryndamere & Ashe, will hurt you pretty hard, because both of them will deal lot of damage.
--> So farm, farm, farm & ask your jungler about some ganks.

2. Soraka !!
You can´t deal enough damage to kill your enemy completely & she will heal over and over again.
--> Don´t try to waste your mana, at chasing her.

3. Your lane partner !!
If he won´t play with you or has a bad Champ, which is pointless you will have problems to farm & get kills.
--> Try to go always with your friends at lane and don´t go with randoms, who maybe choose a Carry beacause they think you will support them.

If you convince your lane partner, that you are the carry and he have to support you, nobody can really counter you.

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Lane Partner

--> He tunt them and you have time to kill the enemy.
(With shen i had done my best stats)

--> Great stun and some damage will hurt the enemy really hard.

--> You don´t need to waste mana with some heals & he has a awesome stun which will give you enough time to land your Hymn of Valor & Power Chord.

--> You can slow the enemy and he can pull back so there is no chance to escape.

--> 1 Champ & 2Stuns...OP?! But you have to do the whole damage.

--> Nice stun and a great damage.
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That´s me and my favourite supporter, shen.

That´s me in another game with a item, which is called Sword of the Occult , i bought this because my team and me were so much superior that i never died.(Enemy surrendered at 25:00)
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