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Teemo Build Guide by makapromaka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author makapromaka

AD Tankmo-Top Lane Pwnage

makapromaka Last updated on July 11, 2013
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Welcome to Tankmo Build guide

Hello Guys I am ProTaMaka also known as makapromaka. In this build guide you will learn a lot about Teemo as champion and my play stile with him. Also I want to say when I was level like 7 Teemo was my main with ap but then I quit playing him because he was so squishy and I didnt understand his power as champion untill I got 1 year of playing League of Legends.

So Have fun with this build guide and learn true power of Teemo.

Also Dont forget to read those little notes on top of build I explaind something there. And dont forgot that this guide will also help teemo to become champion that everyone liked before everyone started talking about how squishy he is and how bad champ he is.

P.S. I also made Warwick guide and I spend 1 month making it look grate but now I will just add some of pictures so it is not all about text.

P.S.S I will publish guide so you can see what is going on. I will finish it by time.

Also dont forget to comment, up vote or down vote my guide but if you are going to down vote it please first comment so I can see what was wrong and what can be changed! Ty

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Full build:
Mercury's Treads
Sunfire Cape
Frozen Mallet
Blade of the Ruined King
Wit's End
Randuin's Omen
Enchantment: Captain

Mercury's Treads are here for tenacity. We all know that you dont want your opponents to stop you as a tank.

Sunfire Cape One of my favorite items in game. It is best item for top laners because it gives HP, AR and AoE damage around you. Also I use this Stealth Farming and Invisible damaging your opponents if they try to kill you with their AoE spells. Also Dont hide in bush if your opponents jungler have knock up or you top laner because if they move you you will become visible and then it is not good for you but you can survive because of HP and AR.

Frozen Mallet This is why everyone hate to play top lane agains me. We know that Tankmo deals less damage but with this build lets see Zed cant do anything to you, 0 damage, he cant farm even when he get lifesteal because you must not let him farm for any cost. Tank minions if it necesery to stop him farming. Then when he get low he will have to go in base. This is what i like to do with teemo. Noxian Traps are all over the top so we are ungankible, it their jungler catch you he will have really hard time to kill you. Now we push because zed is at base and we do it not because to do damage to turret. WE Do it because turret can destroy those minions and free xp and money that zed should take. You keep doing this full game until you came to enemy inhibitor. You will just be level 18 and Zed will be level 13. So nice ha?

Blade of the Ruined King Hmm? Tank with super damage and sustain + Active ability that no one can stop you to kill your opponents with heal. There is no better item in the game with lifesteal. Also presantage damage and healing because if your opponent is not building armor or magic resist agains you he will have to buy HP to try to stay at his lane.

Wit's End After we got some damage still we need more MR because opponenst apc can do preaty nice amount of damage to every tank. But not to us! Bonus flat MR + Stuckible bouns MR that stucks 5 times, a lot of attack speed and bonus 42 magic damage per hit. Oh that bonus damage per hit!! So good item for Teemo.

Randuin's Omen First of all I take this item because I lead every charge in game and I go first in fights so if everyone can resist to my global Teemo taunt everyone will attack me and they will try to kill us at any cost. So this slows their attack speed and movement speed every time they hit us + active AoE slow that can has increased duration with combined AR and MR that we have. And Second is that we bought Cloth Armor at start so we dont have to lose our money! :D

Warmog's Armor It is here for change with Wit's End if enemy apc dont do much damage you can go for more HP.

Enchantment: Captain This shows you who is Captain Teemo. Everyone that follows us has bonus movement speed when walking to us. Also this enchantment is really good for adc because it gives you bonus movement speed when you are retreating.