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Jax Build Guide by johntheheavy01

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author johntheheavy01

AD Tanky Jax Top Guide

johntheheavy01 Last updated on February 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiora You can win trades early and dodge her ult with E. pretty easy matchup
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General Info about me

My name is johntheheavy01. i am ranked silver 4 in the EUNE server. I main toplaners, especially jax and fiora. i recently started making guides so please help me out by giving me some advice.

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Champion Info

Jax is a pretty popular and op Toplaner because he has:
1) Very good 1v1 potential
2) A nice autoattack animation
3) Extra attack speed from his passive
4) He can dodge attacks and stun ppl in aoe (with E)
5) He can jump to champs minions or wards (With Q)
6) He has 2 (later 3) autoattack steroids that can surprise the enemy (W+Ult+Sheen later on)
7) He can give himself +armor +magic resist with ult which is great for diving or teamfighting

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Build order

You should start with doran's blade and a pot. At about lvl 6 you should go back and if u have -1000 gold you should buy some lifesteal while at 1200+ buy sheen and boots/dorans if u can. after that buy tri force + botrk + armor/mr boots + randuins + banshees and an item of your choice

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You want to have at least 65 farm (bronze-silver) or 75 (gold +) and 1-2 kills at 10 mins to be able to snowball an advantage. At 20 mins you should have 150-180 farm and a lead over your opponent. you want to complete tri force As Soon as possible to hit that mid game powerspike that you want.

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Guide for Early, Mid, and Late game

Generally Jax is a lane bully. Unless you get counterpicked you have good damage at level 2-3 to get sone harass on your opponent. Then at levels 4-5 you will have to farm well and freeze the lane or push it, depending on what u want (if the enemy is b fastpush go b and teleport back, if he is in lane with -40% hp freeze it so you deny farm from him).
At level 6+ if u have done some dmg you can go for a kill. If not, a good combo is: 2 autoattacks on a minion then W+Q+1 hit. this will do 25-40% hp and will cost you about 120 mana I think. When u want to go all in be sure you have enough mana for Q W E and then go in. Once u got the kill you can get some good damage on the tower. The first core item you wanna buy is sheen and then some lifesteal. that way you will increse your burst potential.
Mid game you wanna sit top farm and get towers while you teleport to teamfights if needed. Just be careful of these 3-man ganks as you will be squishy mid-game before randuins.
At late game try to take advantage of baron dancing and get inhib if possible. After that group and try skirmishes as jax is very good at catching people off-guard.

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Thanx for reading this jax guide. i will try to update it when i have more info on the champion. Write me some suggestions about what u want to see next and some general advice on how to make guides in

Have fun in solo queue