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Teemo Build Guide by jeff12345222

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jeff12345222

AD Teemo cut your enemies in seconds

jeff12345222 Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone this is my first guide so bare with me. I chose Teemo because I thought I was finally getting the hang of him. Then i really started owning! This guide is meant for semi-pro/pro Teemo. I will take all the constructive criticism but please don't troll. Remember don't bash it until you try it out. I enjoy this build and I enjoy Teemo so GLHF! I'm going to try and keep it short and simple. I won't add pictures until I get some from you guys. This will be sweet simple and get you back into the game ASAP!

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Why play AD Teemo

This is actually a controversy amongst myself and my friends. Teemo is really powerful either way. I see AP Teemos doing 1000-1200 damage on there shrooms alone. With that though is the fact that they need to land on a shroom. I like AP Teemo don't get me wrong really good at times. Then we get to AD Teemo he is the dominator of worlds when he is built and played correctly. He does great burst damage and extended damage with his speed and his poison. No one can run. No not even you twitch! You will be doing 350-500 crits every hit, with a 2.0-2.3 attack speed every second, plus 100% crit chance! That means trouble for even tanks. I mean take you have a 5 second window you will do 3500-5000 in that small amount of time. This will make Rammus run in terror at the sight of you. I mean you half the size of almost everyone around you and they will run away as fast as they can.

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Pros / Cons

Fast damage output
Has a freaking blow dart
Poison for those flashers!
Has the powers to conjure shrooms >.>

Really squishy
Mana deprived early game
Is a gerbil! (depends on your like or dislike of rodents)

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The runes. With runes I like two things when i build them: Attack damage and Attack speed. AD will help with your all around attacks and attack speed will destroy there faces! It is That simple. Build in one or the other or even both but you will destroy in the end.

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Ahh masteries. the 21-0-9 build was built for the Teemos who want to get the most bang for there buck. It gives you some mana early game. Movement speed Attack speed and damage. Crit chance and other helpful tools that may vary. Build it the way you like it. Don't stick to everything I do 100% this is a guide not your final destination.

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Ok now then first get your boots of speed then 3 hp pots. Then your boots. Next up are is PD. Now to get blood thirster. Lifesteal and AS are essential to late game survivability. This whole build will cost you approximately 16780 gold. GL on getting it just KS KS KS and kill on your own a little.

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Skill Sequence

I like this skill sequence them most.
This is your priority:
R- Shrooms O' Doom
E- Your own poison apple
Q- Your Silver bullet in a sense of words
W- Your way through anything. To either get a kill or not to die.

Early game you want burst damage so get your Q at level 1.
Slowly work your way to poison then your set when they run at low health.
Get that speed at level 3.
Then work your way on your poison.
Just put your Shrooms down as much as possible at level 6.
Slowly you will get there to own some noobs.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is meant to either run or kill it will slow your oppenent and reduce there AD so win win there.

Flash is to either kill or escape with your helmet on!

you can get ignite for a final kill be it's your decision.

Anything else is really **** late game.
Ghost is ok i guess but you have move quick to get you out of there.

Heal is good for early levels but late game you won't use it as often. Heal is survivability as is your exhaust and flash so it is kind of not needed.

Revive is to spawn earlier which is ok late game but i mean early game you don't need it. Early game you have low spawn time....'Nuff said.

Please never use this I plead to you. As does every other champion in the game. You are NOT a jungler. This move is REDUNDANT for you!

This move isn't bad but it isn't good either. I've used it only a few times while in building of this guide. I don't like it. Unless the other team had stuns traps and snares there is no reason for this.

Clarity isn't even a plausible use for Teemo. You are AD. You don't need any mana. Early game you are mana deprived at a time. Until level 8-18 you don't have a lot of mana but after that. It is smooth sailing.

This move is useless unless you really want to see your enemies pretty little faces. Ok getting real this move is better than a few. You can find your enemies for an Ezreal and Ashe ult. Remember this is to get you fed not them!

This will be ok for some extra gold so I would recommend this to anyone who has a hard to get gold. Other than that there's nothing more to this.

Teleport is also good if you need to help someone. This is one of my recommended for low level summoners.

Surge is FANTASTIC.....for an AP Teemo. If you go AP than i recommend this to you. If not than GL using this.

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What to be wary of

Watch out for any oracle elixers they will be the death of you. Your invisibility is what gives Teemo such great survivability. He is a total haus until the other team smartens up and gets Oracles. Also watch out for Snares, traps, and stuns. When I say those will be the death of you i can't stress that enough. You are to squishy to take the front lines. MMHMM you are not AD nor a tank. You are not a Trololol you are a killer. Born to destroy with a blowgun of love err i mean death.

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Money oh how gold revolves around everything. Now then please don't jungle you will make a fool of yourself it is awkward to watch Teemo die a lot. Your item build will cost a lot like earlier mentioned but get those kills and you will have it in no time.

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Well that's it see no pictures and hopefully you understand what to do. AD Teemo is fun easy to learn Hard as he*l to master and great to own as. This is jeff12345222 sending you his first guide. Bless your face!